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Sample of instructions

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Sample of instructions

  1. 1. Dear Vendor, Find herein details, specifications and corresponding source file(s) for project of reference. Please proceed by following the next steps:  Submit the project cost using the NPR-FORM template provided.  Please provide the result of your total word count, per language, if different from the one provided within this NTR.  When submitting NPR, Query(s) and any correspondence related to this and/or any specific project, please always do so by replying to this e-mail without changing the subject. * Detail information and the particulars of this project are included below. PLEASE READ THE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS SECTION PROJECT DETAILS AND SPECIFICATIONS Project ID #: [iticket #106962] REDACTED Source language: ENGLISH Target language(s): ARABIC Word Count: TBD File(s) attached: Yes. Date of Request: Monday, April 28, 2014 Project Due: MONDAY MAY 5TH 2014 Vendor confirmation: If you accept the job, please begin work as soon as you receive the new project. You may provide/forward the cost of the project during the project itself or at the same time you deliver the target documents. Review Cycle Instructions: In your cost estimate, please include one linguistic validation cycle. This being said, we do expect the best quality possible from your translations at the time of the first delivery to us. Our validation process is there to help and not to correct grammatical or spelling mistakes. Please do formatting/layout check prior to delivery and linguistic validation DTP Needed: Yes. By desktop publishing needed, we mean that the final translated files must look as much as possible as the original English source files. Good formatting is very important, as these are partner and client facing documents. Translation Memory Instructions: As always, please continue to compile your TMs and be prepared to periodically forward the current TM to REDACTED for integration into the upcoming TMS. Always submit TMs in .tmx format. NOTE Please retain the name of the document, and either add the two letter suffix appropriate for the relevant language to the end of the file name, prior to the suffix or, if the document has “-en” in that spot, please simply replace the “en” with the appropriate two letter suffix. i.e. “translate_file_01-en.doc” becomes “translate_file_01-ru.doc” or “translate_file_01- ar.doc” Special Instructions: PLEASE USE THE ATTACHED TEMPLATE TO TRANSLATE THE DOCUMENT