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Flashtalk david

  1. Building a portable dashboard Ideas for the Bolton triplestore
  2. Bunch of stuff I’ve been messing with • Triple Store – For Data • XSLT -to convert SPARQL XML into something more useful • Crunch! – Rapache server to crunch Data • Apache Rave – Widget Container • Apache Wookie – To run Widgets • OpenAjax Hub – So Widgets can talk to each other
  3. (Using Dbpedia until UoB give me access to the triplestore..)
  4. This Widget sends SPARQL query to rApache which runs them on triplestore and does some crunching. Results are returned to widget and shared with visualisation widgets (hard coded atm- naughty!)
  5. Next stage.. • Communication dashboard • Alert me to things that look worrying • Widgets that contact people who need to know
  6. Problems so far • Cross Domain Javascript – CORS • Incorrect Data in Wikipedia? • My SPARQL is a tad rubbish • Widgets require OpenAjax Hub and are not portable – Unless you port the whole dashboard • Hard getting data into the format a visualisation library wants
  7. TODO • Improve my SPARQL – Easy to mess up and pull back false results • Link to Bolton Triplestore instead of Dbpedia • Write a communication dashboard to send information to people who care • Improve intelligence widgets • Think about Dashboard Portability