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1Z0-935 Dumps: Always Updated Exam Questions With Our Mobile & Web Simulator

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1Z0-935 dumps at https://www.certification-questions.com/microsoft-exam/1Z0-935-dumps.html are always updated exam question available with our Mobile & Web Simulator.#At https://www.certification-questions.com/microsoft-exam/1Z0-935-dumps.html you can use our Web Simulator to exercises with always updated 1Z0-935 dumps exams.#Our 1Z0-935 dumps are written by experts and they are based on real exam questions.#At www.certification-questions.com we aim to accurately reproduce the exam environment so that you will need only to focus on the questions and you will be ready and confident to pass your actual exam. #If you like our 1Z0-935 dumps Web Simulator don't forget to click on the Like button, as a thank you gift we’ll give you a 50% discount code, that you can use later when buying our products :-)#These are all the features of our 1Z0-935 dumps Web Simulator. #With our 1Z0-935 dumps Web Simulator, you will be able to access a totally free exam simulation, all you need to do is click on the free link https://www.certification-questions.com/microsoft-exam/1Z0-935-dumps.html and you will have access to a set of questions with the answers.#The 1Z0-935 dumps Simulator has been built to imitate the real exam. #At the top here you will read the current question. #Down here you will see all the possible answers you can choose from. #Each question comes in the form of checkboxes. You will have to check one or more of one checkbox in accordance to the question.#Once you will feel comfortable with the answer you can hit next and you can move to the next question.#If you are not 100 percent confident about the answer you can always mark it to review later. Just click on the smart checkbox and a question will be added to the marked review list. You will be able to review all the marked questions by simply clicking on it.#Don't forget to always keep the countdown in mind as this simulation reflects the real exam.#If you need you can also pause the exam clicking on the pause symbol here and start it later.#When the countdown hits zero your test will automatically be submitted, - or if want, when you finish your questions click the Submit result button#You would have been able to check out the solution even during a test but come on that's cheating.#If you like our 1Z0-935 dumps don't forget to click on the Like button, as a thank you gift we’ll give you a 50% discount code, that you can use later when buying our products :-)

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1Z0-935 Dumps: Always Updated Exam Questions With Our Mobile & Web Simulator

  1. 1. Oracle Cloud Platform Data Integration 2018 Associate Oracle 1Z0-935 Dumps Available Here at: https://www.certification-questions.com/oracle-exam/1z0-935-dumps.html Enrolling now you will get access to 70 questions in a unique set of 1Z0- 935 dumps Question 1 Which component of Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) architecture contains configuration information and metadata? Options: A. Run-Time Agents B. Repositories C. Users D. ODI Console Answer: B Explanation: The central component of the architecture is the Oracle Data Integrator Repository. It stores configuration information about the IT infrastructure, metadata of all applications, projects, scenarios, and the execution logs. Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/integrate.1111/e12641/overview.htm#ODIGS421 Question 2 Which two are correct statements about Oracle Data Integrator work repositories? (Choose two.) Options: A. They contain data and security information. B. They contain data model and project information. C. They contain data model and execution information. D. They contain project and security information. Oracle 1Z0-935 https://www.certification-questions.com
  2. 2. Answer: B, D Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17904_01/integrate.1111/e12643/admin_reps.htm#ODIDG154 Question 3 You need to troubleshoot the execution of a Mapping and visualize the data contained in the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Staging tables while the Mapping is being executed. How should you proceed? Options: A. Execute the ODI scenario via the Data Integration Platform Console and query the source database. B. Use variables in a Package to query the Staging tables and evaluate the variable values. C. Modify a KM to dump the staging tables data into log files for review. D. Start a Mapping in Debug mode using the Get Data feature to view the Staging tables. Answer: A Question 4 Which command-line interface should you use when configuring Oracle GoldenGate manually? Options: A. RMAN B. SQLPLUS C. GG_CONFIG D. GGSCI Answer: D Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/data-integration-platform-cloud/using/configure- goldengate.html#GUID-BCCCC99C-78D7-4E31-A660-664B634C2EB4 Question 5 Which Data Integration Platform editions support data replication? Options: A. Enterprise and Governance Oracle 1Z0-935 https://www.certification-questions.com
  3. 3. B. Oracle GoldenGate edition C. Standard and Governance D. Standard and Enterprise Answer: A Question 6 Which is NOT a valid privilege to grant a CDB user? Options: A. exec dbms_goldengate_auth.grant_admin_privileges ('cdbuser','capture',container=>'all'); B. grant create session to cdbuser; C. grant create container to cdbuser; D. grant alter session to cdbuser; Answer: C Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/data-integration-platform-cloud/using/data-source- connection-details.html#GUID-528CF27A-6321-4570-AB4C-98A77777A340 Question 7 From where can you download the Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC) remote agent? Options: A. Oracle Cloud Marketplace B. Data Integration Platform Cloud Console C. Oracle.com D. Oracle edelivery Answer: B Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/data-integration-platform-cloud/using/set- agent.html#GUID- 95C98E0F-BBC9-4A67-822E-A1944F09824E Oracle 1Z0-935 https://www.certification-questions.com
  4. 4. Question 8 Which product do you need to install manually after you have provisioned a Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC) instance? Options: A. None, they're all included when you provision the instance B. Oracle GoldenGate C. Oracle Enterprise Data Quality D. Oracle Data Integrator Answer: B Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/data-integration-platform-cloud/using/get-started-data- integration-platform-cloud.html#GUID-B82DE087-9EC5-4484-8769-23929CF756C8 Question 9 Which two editions can be provisioned for Data Integration Platform Cloud (DIPC)? (Choose two.) Options: A. Governance B. Extreme Performance C. Enterprise D. Data Lake E. Basic F. Real-time Answer: A, C Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/paas/data-integration-platform-cloud/using/get-started-data- integration-platform-cloud.html#GUID-1907B4FF-FD4A-4844-8AFF-FE7C3A053423 Question 10 What style(s) of integration is/are supported by Oracle Data Integrator? Options: Oracle 1Z0-935 https://www.certification-questions.com
  5. 5. A. both ETL and E-LT B. both ETL and Real-Time Data Warehouse C. E-LT D. both E-LT and Real-Time Data Warehouse Answer: A Explanation: Reference: https://docs.oracle.com/middleware/1212/odi/ODIDG/intro.htm#ODIDG118 Would you like to see more? Don't miss our 1Z0-935 PDF file at: https://www.certification-questions.com/oracle-pdf/1z0-935-pdf.html Oracle 1Z0-935 https://www.certification-questions.com