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1Z0-477 Dumps: Always Updated Exam Questions With Our Mobile & Web Simulator

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1Z0-477 dumps at https://www.certification-questions.com/microsoft-exam/1Z0-477-dumps.html are always updated exam question available with our Mobile & Web Simulator.#At https://www.certification-questions.com/microsoft-exam/1Z0-477-dumps.html you can use our Web Simulator to exercises with always updated 1Z0-477 dumps exams.#Our 1Z0-477 dumps are written by experts and they are based on real exam questions.#At www.certification-questions.com we aim to accurately reproduce the exam environment so that you will need only to focus on the questions and you will be ready and confident to pass your actual exam. #If you like our 1Z0-477 dumps Web Simulator don't forget to click on the Like button, as a thank you gift we’ll give you a 50% discount code, that you can use later when buying our products :-)#These are all the features of our 1Z0-477 dumps Web Simulator. #With our 1Z0-477 dumps Web Simulator, you will be able to access a totally free exam simulation, all you need to do is click on the free link https://www.certification-questions.com/microsoft-exam/1Z0-477-dumps.html and you will have access to a set of questions with the answers.#The 1Z0-477 dumps Simulator has been built to imitate the real exam. #At the top here you will read the current question. #Down here you will see all the possible answers you can choose from. #Each question comes in the form of checkboxes. You will have to check one or more of one checkbox in accordance to the question.#Once you will feel comfortable with the answer you can hit next and you can move to the next question.#If you are not 100 percent confident about the answer you can always mark it to review later. Just click on the smart checkbox and a question will be added to the marked review list. You will be able to review all the marked questions by simply clicking on it.#Don't forget to always keep the countdown in mind as this simulation reflects the real exam.#If you need you can also pause the exam clicking on the pause symbol here and start it later.#When the countdown hits zero your test will automatically be submitted, - or if want, when you finish your questions click the Submit result button#You would have been able to check out the solution even during a test but come on that's cheating.#If you like our 1Z0-477 dumps don't forget to click on the Like button, as a thank you gift we’ll give you a 50% discount code, that you can use later when buying our products :-)

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1Z0-477 Dumps: Always Updated Exam Questions With Our Mobile & Web Simulator

  1. 1. Oracle Responsys Marketing Platform Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials Oracle 1Z0-477 Dumps Available Here at: https://www.certification-questions.com/oracle-exam/1z0-477-dumps.html Enrolling now you will get access to 71 questions in a unique set of 1Z0- 477 dumps Question 1 What three actions must you take to set up your new IP for deliverability success with your major ISPs? (Choose three.) Options: A. Do everything possible to remove lapsed, bounced, or old email addresses to increase the possibility of getting your emails into the inbox. B. Set up a backup IP address so you will get through to the inbox even if you are blocked by an ISP. C. Automate the daily delivery of Insight Deliverability reports for your warm-up campaigns, especially the Feedback Loop reports to check on true spam complaint rates. D. Ensure that your warm-up audience lists consist of recently opted-in, opened/clicked within the last few months, or are known brand advocates. Answer: A, B, C Question 2 Which three actions will change the EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_ column for a profile list contact from opt- in to opt-out? (Choose three.) Oracle 1Z0-477 https://www.certification-questions.com
  2. 2. Options: A. Recipient deletes a promotional email from the inbox. B. Use Set Data in a Responsys Program to change the EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_ column in a profile list record from I to O. C. Recipient selects a Reply-to unsubscribe in a promotional email. D. Recipient registers a SPAM complaint for an email. E. Recipient inbox is full, so the promotional email is rejected by the server. Answer: C, D, E Question 3 In every email, your client wants to provide a link so customers can download their latest menu. They want to serve this from the Responsys content library, updating the document periodically. How can they accomplish this? Options: A. Upload the document into Manage Hosted Content, then publish. Insert this URL into every email document. To update, unpublish the document, upload the current version with the same name, and publish. B. Upload the document into the Content Library. From the document pull-down menu, select Create Embeddable URL and copy the URL into every email. Upload and overwrite this document with the most current version as needed. C. Your client must host and update the document from their own content server and provide the URL to Responsys. In the Responsys email documents, use the ServeURL function to reference the document as needed. Oracle 1Z0-477 https://www.certification-questions.com
  3. 3. D. Upload the document into the Content Library. Right-click the document and select Copy Link. Insert this link into every email document. Upload and overwrite this document as needed. Answer: B Question 4 You are planning an integration of Salesforce.com and Responsys. You navigate to the Account Administration screen to configure the access to Salesforce.com, but the configuration options are not available. What is the reason for this? Options: A. You need to work with Salesforce.com technical resources to configure the gateway to Responsys from within the Salesforce.com application. B. You need to create a new user specifically for Responsys from within the Salesforce.com application. C. Responsys Customer Support must first enable the Salesforce integration functionality before the Account Administrator can configure the access between Salesforce.com and Responsys. D. You must first create a new Salesforce Connect job to enable the automated data feed between the Salesforce.com and Responsys contacts lists. Answer: C Question 5 While configuring the import of a PET table, you need to match new records to existing records for the data merge. Which two profile fields are options to configure the import to match existing records? (Choose two.) Options: A. PET_ID_ B. EMAIL_ADDRESS_ Oracle 1Z0-477 https://www.certification-questions.com
  4. 4. C. CUSTOMER_ID_ D. ADDRESS_ Answer: B, C Explanation: Reference http://help4.responsys.net/customercenter/riuas/Connect_WizardUpload.htm Question 6 Before moving a campaign to production you need to test whether the links are working properly. What functionality should you use in Responsys? Options: A. In the Testing section of a campaign Workbook, there is a Test links button that can automate this process. B. Using RPL, use the clickthrough() method to iterate through the associated link table and test that they do not retrieve 404 errors. C. In Program, you can use the Test tab because it will display any issues with links according to a campaign. D. You should test all links manually. Answer: C Question 7 You uploaded into the Responsys Content Library an HTML document and three subdocuments personalized with the member level of the subscriber. When you validate the campaign, you get this error: "Email Message preview failed because of template execution runtime error, detailed error: property MEMBER_LEVEL for datasource CONTACTS is not defined in the datasources." How should you correct this error? Options: A. Open each HTML document in the package and declare the MEMBER_LEVEL field by using the RPL directive<#field> in every document. Then reupload the documents into the Content Library. Oracle 1Z0-477 https://www.certification-questions.com
  5. 5. B. You did not select the MEMBER_LEVEL column from the CONTACTS database. In the Datasources Section in the Campaign workbook, select the MEMBER_LEVEL field and make sure the alias matches what is in the HTML code. Responsys will now be able to insert values for that column at run time. C. The MEMBER_LEVEL field is a Responsys reserved word and cannot be used for personalization. D. The HTML coder didn't include the <#data> directive and declare the CONTACTS data source in each document. Enter this into each document, and the error should now be resolved. Answer: B Question 8 For the email campaign you are designing in EMD, the first line of the HTML creative must include the first name of the subscriber. The first name attribute is FNAME and is located in the profile list that is called CONTACTS. Which option displays the correct RPL syntax? Options: A. $CONTACTS.FNAME B. #FNAME. CONTACTS C. $ {CONTACTS.FNAME} D. FNAME ($CONTACTS) Answer: A Explanation: Reference https://community.oracle.com/docs/DOC-982465 Question 9 Your client wants to ensure that their Event Data Feeds are secure while the files are stored on the server. What step should you take to encrypt the files? Options: A. Import a private encryption key the customer created to be used when the export runs. B. Import a public encryption key the customer created to be used when the export runs. Oracle 1Z0-477 https://www.certification-questions.com
  6. 6. C. Create new credentials specifically for the export job that no one knows and that passes the Responsys password integrity checker. D. Create a Responsys security key in the Account Administration screen. Import this key when creating the export. Answer: D Question 10 Your client is interested in using Rapid Retargeter to implement email campaigns based on information about their known customers who have interacted with their website. Which three of these Composite Events are exposed for Rapid Retargeter? (Choose three.) Options: A. products that were purchased B. products added to a shopping cart, where no additional event takes place C. products that were browsed/viewed, where no additional event takes place D. search strings entered into a website more than twice E. pages that were marked as favorite Answer: B, C, D Explanation: Reference http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/2507127 Would you like to see more? Don't miss our 1Z0-477 PDF file at: https://www.certification-questions.com/oracle-pdf/1z0-477-pdf.html Oracle 1Z0-477 https://www.certification-questions.com