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Hyperloop introduction
Power source

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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Revolutionary idea of Elon Musk (Founder of TESLA) : In his words hyperloop is a system to build a tube over or under the ground that contains special environment.  A new way to move people  Eliminates the danger of grade crossing.  The company expects a top speed of 1200 km/hr
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY Hyperloop has four key features Passenger capsule Compressor Air bearings Power source
  4. 4. PASSENGER CAPSULE  Passenger capsule travel through a long tube with a low air pressure or in vacuum.
  5. 5. COMPRESSOR  Compressor help in creating a reduced pressure . Compressor will help to redirect air to the back of capsule.
  6. 6. AIR BEARINGS  Air bearings are paddles that helps to elevate the capsule above the surface of the tube to reduce friction.
  7. 7. POWER SOURCE  This system is powered by solar energy . This helps to run the compressors .
  8. 8. CONCLUSION  New way to move people in Airline speed.  Right now HTT is building a test rack in California.  This creates an impact on transportation side.  This tubes can withstand earth quakes . It can be use in the future.  Globally 800 Engineers working on Hyperloop and 25 are from India.