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Microsoft Dynamics 365 xRM4Legal xRM4Accounting Technical Overview

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Data has become the new currency, and firms create and have access to more of it, and faster than ever before. The challenge is how to transform it into intelligence that generates action and drive outcomes. Dynamics 365 allows firms to adopt individual business apps such as Marketing, BD, Client Care and Operations, but as firms adopt more of the apps, synergies will be unleashed in the form of ‘Intelligent Business Processes’.  This will help proactively guide employees & clients to generate optimal outcomes.
As an example – you can adopt Project Service Automation. Project teams can use it as standalone app in close alignment with Office 365, but when combined with Operations, the time and expense reports that project members submit, will automatically go to accounts, HR and Payroll systems, and Project Accounts will be automatically updated for Finance in the Operations App.
It sounds basic… but the fact is that the classic delineation between CRM and ERP has created a separation in data and processes. Dynamics 365 breaks down this separation, and our business platform strategy together with CIT and IOT is centered on enabling this to new levels.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 xRM4Legal xRM4Accounting Technical Overview

  1. 1. Microsoft Business Development Client Care Field Service Project Management Operations Finance Marketing + Adobe (or MailChimp/ ClickDimensions) Purpose-built Productive Adaptable Dynamics 365 Characteristics Intelligent
  2. 2. Before Now Dynamics CRM • Field Service • Project Service Automation • Parature Dynamics AX Project Madeira Dynamics 365 for Business Development Dynamics 365 for Client Care Dynamics 365 for Field Service Dynamics 365 for Project Management Dynamics 365 for Operations NetDocuments Email & Document ManagementSharePoint for Legal Document Management Dynamics 365 for Financials/Gravity Finance
  3. 3. Purpose-built business applications for legal, accounting & finance firms Business Development Opportunity management Social & business networking Content collaboration Mobile access Planning & management Intelligence Client Care Omni-channel Portal Client self service Onsite service Knowledge Intelligence Marketing * (or MailChimp, ClickDimensions, Concep, DotMailer etc.) Field Service Scheduling and dispatch Asset and warranty management Service agreements Inventory management Mobile Intelligence Project Management Opportunity management Resource management Time & expenses Project planning Team collaboration Client billing Intelligence Finance Financials Revenue Purchasing Project accounting Inventory Reports EOS scorecard Intelligence Adobe and Microsoft announced plans for a strategic partnership. Microsoft will make Adobe Marketing Cloud its preferred marketing service for Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition.
  4. 4. Purpose-built end-to-end business processes for Dynamics 365 CONFIGURATION & MANAGEMENT • Admin Portal • Entity Mapping DATA SYNCHRONIZATION • Change Tracking • Templates • Dynamics 365 apps onlyIntegration Services
  5. 5. Empower practice groups to delight clients through an end-to-end view PROCESS BUSINESS VALUE Prioritize clients Custom pitch Provide accurate service (up)dates Timely resource allocation
  6. 6. Empower practice groups to delight clients through an end-to-end view PROCESS PERSONAS Client lifetime value Pricing, discounts, taxation Resource availability Finance information, resource reservations Client needs
  7. 7. Empower practice groups to delight clients through an end-to-end view PROCESS MASTER DATA TRANSACTIONAL DATA Practice Areas  Operations Clients Business Dev.  Operations Business Dev. Time & Billing   Operations Business Dev.
  8. 8. Dynamics 365 Configure and use your out-of-the-box business app Use apps tailored to Professional Services Industry Create and add purpose- built apps for your team with no code required Single Sign-on Access anywhere
  9. 9. Dynamics 365
  10. 10. Dynamics 365 — Intelligence built-in
  11. 11. Microsoft BD Client Care Field Service Project Management Operations Finance Marketing + Adobe
  12. 12. DYNAMICS 365 BUSINESS APPS Other data sources Microsoft AppSource 3rd PARTY APPS PURPOSE BUILT APPS FROM xRM Custom Apps by PowerApps Compose Workflow by Microsoft Flow APPS & DASHBOARDS PRODUCTIVITY
  13. 13. Extensibility Citizen Dev Pro Dev/xRM IT Pro | Power User Developer | System Integrator
  14. 14. Dynamics 365 PowerApps/ MSFT Flow Citizen Dev Pro Dev/xRM new
  15. 15. 1. App Designer Modularized; Task-based apps 2. Visual Process Designer Drag-and-drop interface 3. Workflow Designer Declarative & reusable 4. Security Model Role, Record, and Field-based 5. Learning Guides In-product training CONFIGURABLE DECLARATIVE Applies to: Dynamics 365 for BD, Client Care, Project Management, Field Service
  17. 17. Clients Dynamics 365 Applications Sealed Cloud Platforms or custom Compute Storage Runtime 1 2 3 1. CUSTOM APP SDKs, Odata v4 2. PLUG-IN & CUSTOM WORKFLOW Custom business logic leveraging the transaction pipeline through event handlers 3. CODE EXTENSION & PLUG-IN Compiled assemblies Compute Storage Runtime 1Available for Dynamics 365 2Available for Dynamics 365 for BD, Client Care, Project Management, Field Service 3Available for Dynamics 365 for Operations
  18. 18. 1. SDK Guide for developers writing solutions, server-side code, client applications and extensions, custom business logic, plug-ins, integration modules, custom workflow assemblies, and code extensions 2. Client-side SDK Client-side events and object models 3. Transaction Pipeline Executes assemblies through execution pipeline events 4. Custom Workflow Activities Workflow assemblies 5. Server-to-server Authentication 3rd party application authentication using Azure AD DEV-DRIVEN Microsoft Azure Pro Dev Customizations Applies to: Dynamics 365 for BD, Client Care, Project Management, Field Service
  19. 19. DEV-DRIVEN Microsoft Azure Pro Dev Customizations Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Operations INTEGRATIONS WORKFLOWS • Logic Apps Connector • OData Service Exposes all the data entities that are marked as IsPublic and supports complete CRUD (create, retrieve, update, and delete) functionality that users can use to insert and retrieve data from the system • Metadata Service Read-only service that provides metadata information for elements • JSON-based Custom Service Enables X++ classes to be consumed as JSON services
  20. 20. 1. ALM Portal Leverage Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services – Implementation Projects 2. Dev in-a-box Customize and extend – includes Visual Studio tools 3. ALM Tools Move code and data across your environments 4. Sandbox Tiers Dev, Test, and Performance Testing DEV-DRIVEN Microsoft Azure Pro Dev Customizations Applies to: Dynamics 365 for Operations
  21. 21. DEV-DRIVEN Microsoft Azure Pro Dev Customizations CUSTOM MSFT Flow PowerApps CONFIGURABLE DECLARATIVE Common Data Model
  22. 22. Simplifies the discovery, trial, and acquisition of line-of-business apps An ecosystem to help business users get started using apps faster An ecosystem to help business users get started using apps faster One destination for business users to discover, trial, and acquire line-of-business SaaS apps
  23. 23. Mobility Citizen Dev Pro Dev/xRM IT Pro | Power User Developer | System Integrator
  25. 25. Implementation Details • State-of-the-art physical security measures. • 24x7 incident response teams to mitigate threats and attacks. • Encryption of data transferred between our data centers and at rest. • Every production deployment has its own Virtual Private Network and dedicated Compute and Storage. • Single sign-on federated through Azure Active Directory. Security goals: • Safeguard data using state-of- the industry security technology and processes. • Use the same identity platform as Office 365, so users have same username and password for all. • Production infrastructure and client data is isolated from other tenants. Security
  26. 26. Implementation Details • Customer chooses Azure DC to deploy to. • All data is classified. Customer Data storage and movement is controlled. • All data in transit and at rest is encrypted. • Role based security puts you in charge. • Documented data handling practices in the Microsoft Online Services in the Microsoft Trust Center. Privacy goals: • You own your data. • You know where your data is located. • You control your client data. Privacy
  27. 27. Implementation Details • Adhere to strict privacy and security practices when building features and when operating the service. • Pass internal / external audits. • Cross Industry Certifications are first Priority. Compliance goals: • Define and document standard operating procedures that meet multiple certification requirements. • Run service in a compliant fashion and collect evidence. • Control and audit access to production environments. Compliance
  28. 28. Implementation Details • Client data not used for advertising. • No third party (including law enforcement, other government entity, or civil litigant) given direct or unfettered access to client data except as you direct. • Client data only used for purposes compatible with providing services (troubleshooting, improving features). • You have access to your data, even if you stop using a service. Transparency goals: • Know how we secure your data. • Choose where your data is stored. • Control who can access your data and on what terms. • Transparent about how we respond to government requests for your data. Transparency
  29. 29. AMERICA UNITED STATES CANADA BRAZIL EAST US EAST US2 CENTRAL US NORTH CENTRAL US SOUTH CENTRAL US WEST CENTRAL US WEST US WEST US2 US-GOV WEST US-GOV EAST CANADA EAST CANADA CENTRAL BRAZIL SOUTH BD ✓ NP NP NP ✓ NP ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Client Care ✓ NP NP NP ✓ NP ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Field Service ✓ NP NP NP ✓ NP ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Project Management ✓ NP NP NP ✓ NP ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Operations ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ - - - ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Data stored in this Data Center NP Not planned - Under consideration
  30. 30. EMEA EUROPE GERMANY UNITED KINGDOM NORTH EUROPE WEST EUROPE GERMANY CENTRAL GERMANY NORTHEAST UK WEST UK SOUTH BD ✓ ✓ H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 Client Care ✓ ✓ H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 Field Service ✓ ✓ H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 Project Management ✓ ✓ H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 H1CY17 Operations ✓ ✓ H1CY17 H1CY17 - - ✓ Data stored in this Data Center NP Not planned - Under consideration
  31. 31. APAC ASIA AUSTRALIA INDIA JAPAN CHINA SOUTHEAST ASIA EAST ASIA AUSTRALIA EAST AUSTRALIA SOUTHEAST CENTRAL INDIA* WEST INDIA* SOUTH INDIA* JAPAN EAST JAPAN WEST CHINA WEST CHINA EAST BD NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ - - Client Care NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ - - Field Service NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ - - Project Management NP ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ NP ✓ ✓ ✓ - - Operations ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ H1CY17 H1CY17 * India DCs are only available to organizations with a business presence in India ✓ Data stored in this Data Center NP Not planned - Under consideration
  32. 32. Deployed Services Integration Services BD Load Balancing Azure Active Directory Multifactor Authentication Express Route* IoT Suite Azure IoT Hub1 Notification Hubs BizTalk Services2 Visual Studio Team Services3 Azure Site Recovery4 Client Care Field Service Project Management Operations ✓ Available globally unless noted. * ExpressRoute connection points: US (Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Silicon Valley, Washington DC), Canada (Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto), South America (Sao Paulo), Europe (Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, London, Newport (Wales, UK)), Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), India (Chennai, Mumbai), Japan (Osaka, Tokyo), Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt), China (Beijing, Shanghai) 1Available in East US, West US, Europe, Germany, Asia, Australia, Japan 3Available in North Central US, South Central US, Brazil, West Europe, Australia East, South India 2Available East US, East US 2, Central US, North Central US, South Central US, West US, Brazil, Europe, Asia, Australia, Japan 4Available for Operations in private preview Q4CY2016 serviced from West Central US, West US 2, Canada, Germany, UK, West India, China
  33. 33. Reliable and resilient service delivery
  34. 34. SERVICE AVAILABILITY Monthly DISASTER RECOVERY Failover/RPO/RTO SUPPORT INCIDENT RESPONSE TIMES PLANNED MAINTENANCE Notice/Schedule MONTHLY SERVICE CREDIT BD 99.9% <15 minutes/ < 20 minutes 24x7* < 1 hour* 5 days < 99.5%–25% < 99%–50% < 95%–100% Client Care 99.9% < 15 minutes/ < 20 minutes 5 days Field Service 99.9% < 15 minutes/ < 20 minutes 5 days Project Management 99.9% <15 minutes/ < 20 minutes 5 days Operations 99.5% <5 s/2 days 5 days/weekend Customer controls timeslot
  35. 35.  100+ datacenters  Top 3 networks in the world  2.5x AWS, 7x Google DC Regions  G Series – Largest VM in World, 32 cores, 448GB Ram, SSD… Operational Announced/Not Operational Central US Iowa West US California East US Virginia US Gov Virginia North Central US Illinois US Gov Iowa South Central US Texas Brazil South Sao Paulo State West Europe Netherlands China North * Beijing China South * Shanghai Japan East Tokyo, Saitama Japan West Osaka India South Chennai East Asia Hong Kong SE Asia Singapore Australia South East Victoria Australia East New South Wales India Central Pune Canada East Quebec City Canada Central Toronto India West Mumbai Germany North East ** Magdeburg Germany Central ** Frankfurt North Europe Ireland East US 2 Virginia United Kingdom Regions (2) US DoD East TBD US DoD West TBD * Operated by 21Vianet ** Data Stewardship by Deutsche Telekom West US2 California 36 Regions Worldwide, 24 Generally Available… Global datacenter footprint France Regions (2) South Korea Regions (2)
  36. 36. Networking Security & Management Active Directory Store / Marketplace AD Privileged Identity Management Azure telemetry Pipeline Dynamics Lifecycle Services Hybrid Operations Backup Site Recovery Automation Storage & DataBI & Analytics Application platform Business application suite Retail Manufacturing Services SCM HRM Administration Global ecosystem Customers Partners ISV’s
  37. 37. 24x7 prioritized resolution support & critical situation escalation management For Med/Large business, operating a 24/7 production environment and requires access to experts for lite advisory and escalation services For large enterprise >250 people operating a 24/7 complex environment and requires immediate access to experts and full range of proactive services
  38. 38. Per user, PAYG Microsoft Dynamics 365 (1) Price for disaster recovery solution per year based on 5-year lifetime for Dynamics 365 for Operations On-premises H/W & S/W upfront Included Included Not included Included Included Included (2) Not included Not included Not included License price (enterprise user) i.e., how much a user pays for rights to access the solution Disaster recovery i.e., hardware, software, networking Sandbox environment Servicing production environment i.e., provisioning, updates, pro-active monitoring Additional usage rights software i.e., embedded Power BI High-availability infrastructure i.e., hardware, software, networking, energy, housing $21,486 (1) (2) Included for Dynamics 365 for Operations only
  39. 39. Next steps Schedule a “live” demo – 30 minutes Organize a “proof of concept” – 1 week to 1 month Run a pilot – including light-house practice group Rollout firm-wide – targeting wider audience of professional and support staff
  40. 40. Thank you! www.xRM4Legal.com www.xRM4Accounting.com www.xRM4Finance.com www.xRM.website