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From knowledge graph to commonsense knowledge graph brighton seo

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From knowledge graph to commonsense knowledge graph brighton seo

  1. 1. From Knowledge Graphs to Commonsense Knowledge Graphs Dateme Tubotamuno // YOTEL SLIDESHARE.NET/DATEMETUBOTAMUNO @DatemeT
  3. 3. KG vs CKG KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS COMMONSENSE KNOWLEDGE GRAPHS @datemeT #BrightonSEO ● Factual ● Unimodal(text) ● Explicit Knowledge ● Surplus knowledge ● Wikipedia & News ● Neutrality ● Freebase & Yago ● Schema simplicity ● Contextual ● Bimodal(text,video) ● Implicit knowledge ● Scarce knowledge ● Narratives ● Bias ● Cyc & ConceptNet ● Schema complexity
  4. 4. @datemeT #BrightonSEO KNOWLEDGE GRAPH
  5. 5. @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  6. 6. @datemeT #BrightonSEO GOOGLE KG Entities MovieSeries MusicAlbum MusicGroup Organization SportsTeam Event Place Person VideoGame TVSeries TVEpisodePeriodical
  7. 7. @datemeT #BrightonSEO GOOGLE KG Search Demo
  8. 8. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Retrieving the first JSON-LD entry Entity Type: Person
  9. 9. @datemeT #BrightonSEO The second JSON-LD entry Entity Type: Event
  10. 10. @datemeT #BrightonSEO The third JSON-LD entry Entity Type: Organisation
  11. 11. @datemeT #BrightonSEO The fourth JSON-LD entry Entity Type: Movie
  12. 12. @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  13. 13. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Bing Entity Search API Demo
  14. 14. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Bing do not link entities as Google Entity Type: Person
  15. 15. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Bing entity API request - Python Entity Type: Person
  16. 16. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Livestrong Foundation as a place & local business by Bing and Organisation by Google Entity Type: Place and local business
  18. 18. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Marvin Minsky “To build a machine that truly learns by itself will require a commonsense knowledge representing the kinds of things even a small child already knows.” “One problem is much of our commonsense knowledge information has never been recorded at all because it has always seemed so obvious we never thought of describing it.”
  19. 19. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Marvin Minsky Minsky’s architecture of CK representation
  20. 20. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Marvin Minsky Commonsense knowledge is defeasible and context dependent. Blanco, Cankaya and Moldovan The fact that birds have feathers and ice is cold seems trivially true. Yet most machine-readable sources of knowledge either lack such commonsense facts entirely or have limited cover age Tandon, Melo and Weikum There is a strong need for computers having commonsense knowledge to support the interpretation of user input in search, dialogs, etc.. Digital assistants like Amazon Echo, Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri or Google Now would especially benefit from knowledge about human activities. Tandon, Melo, De and Weikum Publicly available knowledge bases (KBs) like DBpedia, Freebase, Wikidata, and Yago and commercial KBs at Google, Microsoft, Bloomberg, etc. focus on facts about individual entities, hardly containing any commonsense knowledge at all. Tandon, Melo, De and Weikum Excerpts on Commonsense Knowledge
  21. 21. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Commonsense Knowledge Bases CYC WEBCHILD CONCEPTNET DESIDERATA
  22. 22. CYC @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  23. 23. CONCEPTNET @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  24. 24. WEBCHILD @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  25. 25. Levels of Commonsense Knowledge relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO Commonsense of Properties E.g: hasProperty two tires Commonsense of Objects bike slower than car Commonsense of Sequence Activities: ride a bike (prev and next)
  27. 27. Graph Theory weights dictate object relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  28. 28. Relations in ConceptNet @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  29. 29. ConceptNet Commonsense entity relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO usedFor partOf hasPrerequisite hasA derivedFrom receivesAction MadeOf typeOf hasSubeventhasFirstSubeventmadeOf motivatedByGoal capableOf causesDesire locatedNear hasLastSubevent E.g of entity relations: Part-Whole and spatial
  30. 30. Webchild Commonsense entity relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO hasShape isMightierThan moreDangerous hasTaste evokesEmotion hasSubstance moreSensitive moreExpensive moreEffectivecheaperThanmuchCooler muchSlower betterThan inSpatialProximity lessDense moreAdaptable E.g of entity relations: comparative
  31. 31. Different Types of Graph Weights @datemeT #BrightonSEO FREQUENCY RESISTANCEDISTANCE FLOW
  32. 32. Source for the four types of graph weights @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  33. 33. Weight One - Frequency @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  34. 34. There is frequency in ‘locationOf’ concept relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  35. 35. ...frequency in ‘spatialProximityWith’ relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  36. 36. Transport as a concept that frequently relates with bikes @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  37. 37. NLTK and the Wordnet extension to identify entity relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  38. 38. SpaCy’s entity visualisation to identity relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  39. 39. Google’s NLP entity visualisation to identity bike relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  40. 40. Bike shorts and tricks are entities that frequently occur with a bike @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  41. 41. Weight Two - Flow @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  42. 42. When ‘isA’ relations between objects indicate flow @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  43. 43. ‘effectsOf’ relations highlight flow between concepts @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  44. 44. There is object flow in ‘requires’ relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  45. 45. An object flow in ‘makesYou’ and ‘typeOf’ relations? @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  46. 46. You’ve got object flow in ‘makersOf’ or metonymy relations! @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  47. 47. What bicycle is ‘usedFor’ has flow in relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  48. 48. Some flow in ‘capableOf’ relations for dads @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  49. 49. Skiing flows with risk and challenge @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  50. 50. Weight Three - Distance @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  51. 51. Distance is established in a ‘fasterThan’ relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  52. 52. Distance in ‘muchSmallerThan’ relations @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  53. 53. Riding a bike is distant from obtaining a license @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  54. 54. Weight Four - Resistance @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  55. 55. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Dogs resist fleas in a ‘doesn’tWant’ relations
  56. 56. @datemeT #BrightonSEO More resist weight in ‘doesn’tWant’ relations
  57. 57. @datemeT #BrightonSEO …elements of resistance in ‘capableOf’ relations
  58. 58. @datemeT #BrightonSEO …chunks of resistance in ‘usedOf’ relations
  59. 59. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Riding a bike resists reading a book
  60. 60. @datemeT #BrightonSEO WRAPPING IT ALL UP
  61. 61. @datemeT #BrightonSEO CKGs can be used in your audience strategy
  62. 62. Guides your keyword and content strategy @datemeT #BrightonSEO ...looking at entities that frequently exists alongside your main concept- both words that flow and resists
  63. 63. CKG inspires deeper content structures @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  64. 64. Using wordnet ontology to inform site architecture @datemeT #BrightonSEO Hypernym Hyponym Meronym Class Concept Properties Wheeled Vehicle Bike Bicycle Wheel
  65. 65. @datemeT #BrightonSEO CKG enables culturally relevant ads ● Boxes of corned beef are token of treasure to Samoans ● Popular at main events like weddings, birthdays and funeral ● Also symbols of appreciation ● Alternatives to the extinct treasure of fine mats Corned Beef and Samoans
  66. 66. @datemeT #BrightonSEO
  67. 67. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Movie scripts as great source of CKG
  68. 68. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Sequence of event scripts as great source for CKG
  69. 69. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Narrative journalism as rich source for CKGs
  70. 70. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Text from novels can enrich a CKGs
  71. 71. @datemeT #BrightonSEO Semantic Scholar has great CKG papers
  72. 72. @datemeT #BrightonSEO A great PHD Thesis on Commonsense Knowledge
  73. 73. Thank You! Dateme Tubotamuno // YOTEL SLIDESHARE.NET/DATEMETUBOTAMUNO @DatemeT

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