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Your Road to Modern Communication Sites

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Presented at SPTechCon DC 2017

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Your Road to Modern Communication Sites

  1. 1. Your Road to Modern Communication Sites By: D’arce Hess SPTechCon – Washington D.C. 2017
  2. 2. Introductions D’arce Hess, MVP President | DH Consulting LLC dhess@dhconsulting.me https://darcehess.com @darcehess https://www.linkedin.com/in/darcehess
  3. 3. Where we came from Intro to Communication Sites Customization Capabilities Where we are going Looking to Migrate? Agenda
  4. 4. Where we came from 2013 • Custom Master Pages • Composed Looks • Display Templates • Custom Page Layouts • jslink • Image Renditions 2010 • Sandbox Solutions • Color Picker Theming • Custom Master Pages • Custom Page Layouts • FAST Search • Deep IA Structures 2007 • Full Trust Code Solutions • Limited theming capabilities • Custom Master Pages • Custom Page Layouts Office365 • Modern Experiences • Delve • Personalized Search • SharePoint Framework • New Web Parts • No more clunky ribbon • No Subsites • Mobile Friendly • SharePoint App
  5. 5. Intro to Communication Sites
  6. 6. How to create one SharePoint Home > Create Site • Self-Service Site Creation: Specified users have the ability to provision new sites. • Future Provisioning will allow for themes to be applied through site script functionality • Choose an OOTB Template • Custom site scripting will allow for custom templating of sites in near future
  7. 7. Your options Start with a blank site and make your design come to life quickly and easily Use this design to showcase a product, team, or event using photos or images. Use this design if you have a lot of information to share such as news, events, and other content
  8. 8. Easy to edit experiences • Auto Saves your work • No more clunky ribbon • Responsive natively • Easy to adjust • Consistent experience
  9. 9. Customization Capabilities
  10. 10. Your Options for Customization Configure Customize Extend Fully Custom Experiences Level of ComplexityNo Code Full Code
  11. 11. • Text • Image • File Viewer • Link • Embed • Highlighted Content • Bing Maps • Document Library • Quick Links • Site Activity • Yammer Feed Out of the Box Web Parts – As of Nov. 8 • Text • Image • File Viewer • Link • Embed • Highlighted Content • Bing Maps • Document Library • Quick Links • Site Activity • Yammer Feed • Divider • Events • Group Calendar • Hero • Image Gallery • List • News • Office 365 Video • People • PowerBI • Quick Chart • Stream • Spacer And growing…
  12. 12. Change the Look - Themes Change the color theme to one of eight out-of- the-box themes. Site Actions > Change the Look
  13. 13. Extensions SharePoint Framework Extensions allow for developers to code additional functionality such as: 1) Custom Navigation 2) Footer 3) List Field Controls. https://docs.microsoft.com/en- us/sharepoint/dev/spfx/extensions/overview- extensions
  14. 14. Deploying a Custom Theme https://docs.microsoft.com/en- us/sharepoint/dev/declarative-customization/site- theming/sharepoint-site-theming-overview Custom Themes can be created using the following methods: • JSON • Powershell • CSOM • REST API
  15. 15. SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Used to create custom webparts that will work in following versions of SharePoint: • SharePoint 2016 • SharePoint Online – Classic Sites • SharePoint Online – Modern Team Sites • SharePoint Online – Communication Sites https://github.com/SPShire/sp-dev- solutions/tree/master/solutions/LinksAndHandlebarsTemplate Use our web parts from Shire
  16. 16. Make a Plan to Migrate
  17. 17. The Dream The Goal Reality if not prepared
  18. 18. 72% 40% 58% 40% of SharePoint Projects Fail.* Most common reasons: • Inadequate user training (67%) • Hard to use (66%) • Lack of senior management support (64%) Don’t become a Statistic 58% of users report change management shortcomings* • What does SharePoint do? 72% lack support for mobile device use, while 40% say mobile access to content is “very important”* * -- AIIM “The Impact of SharePoint” 2016
  19. 19. Possibilities are endless • Don’t pass up the opportunity to make things better. • Can processes be simplified? • Think of what your outcomes should be, not requirements. • Set realistic timelines and expectations. • What can you continue to support?
  20. 20. Communication is Key • Change Management • Governance through Guidance • Training when users need it • IT and Business Stakeholders • Know your goals • Understand your constraints – Technology/Resources • Know your Content • Understand your audience
  21. 21. Governance is a Buzzword not an Outcome • Guide users to make good decisions – Guidance Site • Know you can’t control everything • Will kittens die if ___________ happens? • Get help • Know Roles & Responsibilities • UI/UX – Images, Layouts, mobility • Development Debt/Maintenance Know Where to get Help SharePoint/Office 365 Governance Questions http://tiny.cc/SharePointGovQuestions When to Use What in Office 365 http://whentousewhat.com
  22. 22. Anticipate Bumps in the Road – a 20/20 reflection • Spent a week in a room doing kickoff. • Everyone • DEV/BA breakout • Everyone • Dinners • Leverage outside talent – technical and diverse perspective • Kittens wont die, make decisions aligned with north star, don’t sweat the compromises • Development team includes Designers and Development when building customizations • See around the corner • Regret the classic sites – limit the number of short term compromises you create • Identify quick when someone is in the wrong role or needs more role definition • Know when you won’t make someone happy and cut your losses • Easy to lose momentum on formal training and comms plans. Not a one and done. • When going early, test your assumptions and expect some pain • Search – early • Analytics -- early The Good Opportunity to Change
  23. 23. Where we are going
  24. 24. • Brings together related team sites and communication sites • Roll up news and site activity • Search across related sites • Cross-site navigation • Consistent look-and-feel across sites • Admins create, users adopt and use SharePoint Hub Sites
  25. 25. New Web Parts rolling out • New Web Part Tool Box • Forms • Updated People Webpart • File Viewer – Supporting 270 file types • Highlighted Content – Additional filtering capabilities
  26. 26. Site usage page Out-of-box site theming and branding Custom site themes and site designs News and pages in Microsoft Teams adds reach Personalized search in SharePoint Home Communication sites work with hub sites Additional insights on site and content usage Content categorization More branding options and site design actions New search experiences across web and mobile REST API for remote provisioning (available now) New SharePoint admin UX (preview) Branding in modern web experiences Custom site designs and site theming SharePoint Android for SharePoint 2013 & 2016 SharePoint hub sites New SharePoint admin UX (GA) More branding options and site design actions Roadmap for Communication Site Owners Roadmap for SharePoint Admins End 2017 Q1-Q2 2018
  27. 27. • Please thank our sponsors and staff. Without them, this event would not be possible. • Please fill out your evaluations. We want to know what we can do better. D’arce Hess, MVP President | DH Consulting LLC dhess@dhconsulting.me https://darcehess.com @darcehess https://www.linkedin.com/in/darcehess