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Business Proposal for Fashion Show

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Business Proposal for Fashion Show

  1. 1. 2600325-66675002219325-66675University of ConnecticutWomen in Business Club 00University of ConnecticutWomen in Business Club <br />Danielle Honig<br />WIB Fashion Show Executive Director<br />Mobile: 978-807-8482<br />Email: Danielle.F.Honig@gmail.com<br />April 21, 2011<br />EXPRESS Clothing<br />giving@express.com<br />Dear EXPRESS Clothing,<br />The University of Connecticut Women in Business Club is a relatively new organization on campus. Membership in the club offers access to events such as special lectures, luncheons, and networking workshops. This coming fall, however, Women in Business will be hosting a fall fashion show called Suit to Impress, which will be open to all women on campus. This show will feature business-appropriate attire geared toward young female professionals. I will be directing our first ever fashion show and will be assisted by a special fashion show committee that is also backed by the Women in Business Club. I have been shopping at EXPRESS for several years now and appreciate the quality and class of the brand’s clothing. I believe EXPRESS offers fantastic examples of outfits suitable for college-aged women in the workforce. Thus, the UConn Women in Business Club and I would love for EXPRESS clothing to participate in our upcoming fashion event. Below, I have provided you with a detailed proposal for the fashion show which will also answer any questions or concerns you may have.<br />OBJECTIVE<br />The goal of the Suit to Impress Fall Fashion show is to model business-appropriate apparel for young female professionals. We believe confidence in physical appearance at interviews, internships, or entry-level jobs directly correlates to success in the workforce. Therefore, providing young women with examples of stylish yet appropriate attire will improve their confidence in appearance and improve their success in the business world.<br />COMPONENTS OF THE SHOW<br />I. Date, Time, and Location<br /><ul><li>Tentative date for Suit to Impress: Saturday November 12, 2011
  2. 2. Tentative time for Suit to Impress: mid-morning through late afternoon
  3. 3. Runtime of the event: Approximately 1.5 hours NOTE: may fluctuate depending on participation
  4. 4. Location of the event: Student Union Ballroom</li></ul>II. Production: Featured Clothing, Hair and Makeup<br />The theme of Suit to Impress is business-chic attire for young professional women. It is up to the individual brand to decide which clothing best represents this theme as well as the clothing line. This includes jackets, shirts, blouses, skirts, dresses, shoes, and any accessories. For hair and makeup, we would like to style with business appropriateness in mind. Examples of hair styles used could be straight down, loosely curled and down, half-up, and high or low ponytail. If the brand has other suggestions, we will style according to request. For makeup, we will use a darkened business look to flatter the models on stage, however, as with the hairstyle, brands can suggest other makeup options. <br />III. Production: Models<br />Women in Business will provide 5-10 student models for each brand. If the brand would like to feature a different number of looks, we are willing to negotiate a different number. Options for model fitting include:<br /><ul><li>Emailing the brand a list of model measurements
  5. 5. The brand coming to campus at an arranged date to perform a model fitting session</li></ul>If the brand is looking for certain characteristics in the models, we will assign women accordingly. <br />IV. Choreography and Music<br />Women in Business could work with each brand on a choreography idea. One idea that I have had is to have a row of office chairs on the back of the stage. The lights will be turned off as the models sit down in the chairs. The lights will be turned on to reveal the models sitting sophisticatedly in the chairs with their left legs crossed over their right legs. Each model will then take turns proceeding down the runway while a script is read.<br />Regarding the Script<br />Each brand will be given up to ten minutes to present their fashion line. Within this time frame, a description of what the brand offers will be read aloud to the audience. This description can include the essence of the brand and why the outfits work in the professional world, and where UConn student and staff can find these clothing. The scripts will be written and read by Women in Business members, however, if there is anything specific the brand would like us to mention in the commentary we edit the scripts accordingly.<br />Regarding the Music<br />Options for the brand’s runway music include:<br /><ul><li>The Director (myself) decide the music selection to be later approved by the brand
  6. 6. The brand selecting the music themselves NOTE: runway time of ten minutes maximum</li></ul>CONCLUSION<br />We would be honored to host EXPRESS Clothing in our event. Collaborating with us will not only mean publicity within our 25,000 student campus, but it will also EXPRESS Clothing’s interest in the professional world of women. If you have any further questions or comments, contact Danielle Honig, the Executive Director via email (Danielle.f.honig@gmail.com) or by cell phone (978-807-8482). Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon!<br />Best Regards,<br />The University of Connecticut Women in Business Club<br />http://uconnwib.yolasite.com<br />