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MyFirmsApp Live Product Demo UK

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MyFirmsApp Live Product Demo UK

  1. 1. • The control panel will appear similar to the image on the left Using the control panel • The control panel may disappear, you will need this panel to appear so click the orange button, click ‘View’, then uncheck ‘Auto-hide’. If using a Mac If using Windows
  2. 2. • Please note: Audio is via sound on your PC or device, please ensure speakers are on and audio is turned up. Alternatively you can use the telephone number provided on the system. Sound & Best Webinar Experience • Please turn off any apps or email programmes for the best experience.
  3. 3. Interaction required
  4. 4. Please use the questions box on the right side of your screen Feel free to ask questions anytime I will answer in real time or at the next appropriate slot in the live webinar Please use the dialogue box We love your questions
  5. 5. • 17 years+ serving the profession. • 10,000+ 1:1 consultations • International presenter & thought leader. Your presenter today • £ millions of GRF revenue generated for firms. • Post PC, Mobile expert • Operating globally Daniel Richards Head of Global Sales
  6. 6.  App only global software business  Providing 24 hour global service – dedicated, expert team serving ..  More than 1000+ Accountancy firms  Making us the only Globally approved, endorsed, and accredited solution.  More than a quarter-of-a-million clients of other firms already use their App.  Trusted by national, regional, and small firms alike. The UK’s leader…
  7. 7. Today’s agenda To help you make an informed decision By:  Reviewing market conditions  How accountants are being replaced  What you can expect from your App  How it makes you irreplaceable  And all painlessly easy using proven methodology
  8. 8. Your outcome 1. You make the decision not to launch an App 2. You need an App, but would prefer a follow up call 3. You want an App, and want to get started, you are in a position to buy and want the very best package and price for your firm. Great news, I have an incredible offer for you
  9. 9. Chapter 1 What is an App?
  10. 10.  It’s custom software you download on your phone or tablet and press an icon to use.  For example; Sky, Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, WhatsApp etc  Provides content, tools and messaging capability. What is an App?
  11. 11.  Your own firm’s custom App fully branded as yours, is given to clients and potential clients  Your icon is always on their home-screen and ready for them to press and engage with your firm, your tools, your content and your messages What is a custom App?
  12. 12. How will your clients download your App?
  13. 13. Your icon is always on their home-screen and ready for them to press and engage your firm, your tools, your content and your messages. ‘You’ are always with them…
  14. 14. 1,800+ Total Downloads1,000+ Total Downloads 1,000+ Total Downloads People are searching on the App store
  15. 15. “We chose MyFirmsApp as we wanted to differentiate as a firm and continue to be at the cutting edge of technology with clients and prospects. Along with the App, which has been created for us – we also chose a marketing pack to help us easily promote and distribute our new App. We were particularly pleased that even before we began marketing it, we had won 2 clients who had found our App and enquired through it! This has already paid for the App and we now look forward to marketing it with earnest and enjoying the results from that.” Derek Mitchell Taylor Viney & Marlow
  16. 16. make you irreplaceable You can become irreplaceable increased referrals direct enquiries increased customer loyalty hours of time savedfuture proof
  17. 17. Chapter 2 What if I don’t launch an App?
  18. 18. You are becoming replaceable
  19. 19.  Data is collected and managed today more by mobile and Apps.  It flows easily from the client and their device, to the software provider directly.  Too few firms are building their advisory services to compensate and create greater value. The game has changed! The collection and flow of data has already made firms replaceable; this will continue.
  20. 20. 86% of accountants and bookkeepers could be replaced by robots A report by management consultant McKinsey warned that 86% of bookkeepers, accountants and auditing clerks could see their jobs taken by robots.
  21. 21. Stuart chose to become irreplaceable… The App will certainly transform the way in which we communicate with our clients. Email communication can often be lost in this day and age of swelling mailboxes; the App ensures we can deliver concise and relevant information, straight to their smart phone. More and more clients are performing accounting and tax functions using a mobile device, and the software vendors themselves are spending significant resources developing their mobile Apps. Our new App can blend with this and form a great connection between the client, their accounting software and their advisors. Stuart Brandman 542 Partners
  22. 22. Unless you have your own App… • You cannot be found in the App stores which account for more searches now than Google. • The flow of data, and the communication channel, is direct between your client and the software vendors. • Your clients cannot refer your App, rather a 3rd party software programme they may use. • You have no way to serve your clients in the mobile and digital world they are already operating in. • You are apart from the digital relationship, instead of the central aspect of it. • You lose control of that mobile and software engagement and over complicate life for clients and staff.
  23. 23. Chapter 3 The challenge your firm faces
  24. 24. Your Firm Your Systems Your Clients How you work today
  25. 25. Your clients, their data, their collection. Your Firm? Software companies Are you being replaced by ‘tech’?
  26. 26. Client will find, or be sold, a solution… If you don’t supply to your clients, they will go direct.
  27. 27. Clients
  28. 28. + = ? ?(You’ve got fee pressure…)
  29. 29. • Competitive area locally, especially from larger firms • Needed to make the type of quality firm they were, tangible • Needed tools to give clients which they would actually use, to save time for them and the firm + increase retention Increased competition from larger firms…
  30. 30. Where we have noticed the greatest impact is competing with other accountant’s business. For a small firm like ours we have found we gain instant credibility when competing against larger competitors, for example we encourage prospects to download the app prior to the meeting and almost all of them do. As for existing clients they are always keen to point out how useful they have found the app. A great decision for a practice like ours that is ambitious and forward thinking” Robert Marjoram Together Accounting
  31. 31. More than a half increasing spend in IT and marketing
  32. 32. More than a half already implementing mobile technology and a further third planning to implement. How firms are responding
  33. 33. Almost all firms investing in technology, and nearly a third increase in focus on advisory services.
  34. 34. What choice will you make? • Don’t be left behind – there is no need to be anymore… • Remove the threat - and enjoy the advantage.
  35. 35. From a recent Practice Conference: Firms that are warmly embracing new technology are growing more than 5x faster than those who are lukewarm about adopting new technology. Firms embracing new technology are being bought at 1.5 to 5x their firm’s total fees compared with 0.7 to 1.3x for ‘normal’ practices.
  36. 36. Chapter 4 My client won’t use Apps
  37. 37.  4.92 billion mobile users – (two thirds of the enter world!)  3.64 billion online shoppers – (half the entire world!)  1 billion+ mobile banking users  Amazon – 310,000,000+ active users  Uber – 40,000,000+ monthly users  Quickbooks – 2,000,000+ active users  Xero – 1,000,000+ active users Mobile, and App-based data flow, is already normal…
  38. 38. Your clients use smartphones. Today, the smartphone market has reached 90 percent penetration in the mature markets of North America, Western Europe, Japan and Mature Asia/Pacific… “ ” Ms. Roberta Cozza Research Director
  39. 39. Total Hours (bn) Worldwide Total Time Spent in Apps* 1,000 800 600 400 200 0 2014 2015 2016 *Android phone total time, excluding China 25%
  40. 40. Every age group in your client base are using smartphones and Apps. are spending 70 hours+ pm using Apps on smartphones and tablets are spending 180 hours+ pm using Apps on smartphones and tablets 55-64yr olds 35-54yr olds
  41. 41. Clients, their data, their collection. Your App Here Software companies and governmental bodies. You can become irreplaceable
  42. 42. Streamlining on-boarding, increasing adoption. • Great software choices • Fully automated firm • On-boarding challenge for clients and staff
  43. 43.  There are hundreds of Add on Apps  Firms are often left to offer clients 5 – 10 even 15 Apps  Draining significant time and energy from firms  And it’s starting to get very messy and confusing for clients  Diluting control and ownership of customers  Impacting today, tomorrow and in the future for most firms The Cloud and Add-on community are adding to the pain
  44. 44. Your ClientsYour Firm One Place. One App. Your Brand.
  45. 45. • Good software systems but in multiple places, web- links and Apps, means an increasing confused environment for the client, and additional work for the firm to onboard. • MyFirmsApp brought this all together; simplifying life for the firm and for the clients – making the firm irreplaceable. Leading to client confusion…
  46. 46. “One of the big advantages of the App is that everything is in one place as far as the client is concerned. They can go straight to our document portal, they can go straight to Xero, straight to Receipt Bank – all of which we use to make life much easier for our clients.” Kevin Salter Glover Stanbury, 2020 IT Director, ICAEW IT Faculty
  47. 47. Chapter 5 I already have a mobile website
  48. 48. Some firms confuse the role of an App and a mobile friendly website. This is understandable, but does need clarifying. The difference between an App and a mobile website:
  49. 49. For example, a top 4 firm I was on a conference call with, were keen to launch a mobile website to bring everything together, what that was only going to fail to achieve was: -In built GPS mileage and receipt management -Visibility of who has got your App and push notifications capability -Direct logins to 3rd party software providers and future integrations -App interface which is preferred by 90% of users -Profile in the App stores which are searched more often than Google now They do different jobs
  50. 50. Source: Statista Your only way to respond to mobile is your own App. Apps Mobile Web 10%
  51. 51. You’ll see how all your integrations are in one place. We’ll then look at the onboarding process to support you and your clients. We’ll then explore how in one place, your users can access calculator, tax, and articles information – quickly and easily. I’ll show you the data collection tools which are incredibly popular and position centrally into the data world with clients and make your App very, very sticky. And, you’ll see how you can communicate 5x more effectively than email! Here’s how your own App will make you irreplaceable
  52. 52. Let’s take a look together…
  53. 53. One Place. One App. Your Brand. Making you irreplaceable
  54. 54. Removes the least enjoyable part of your job
  55. 55. Your App will help with Marketing Collection Protection Your App Here Communication Collaboration Recruitment
  56. 56. What it does for your clients and their staff Ease of access – One App One Place Save time and Removes painful admin Modernises my relationship in the way that I want Data collection ie- Receipt Management Logbook tracker etc Automatically keeps me up to date Answer questions Your App Here
  57. 57. Penny Breslin Story As I meet business owners, I often show them the MyFirmsApp and what it can help them with. They’re always amazed and positive. When I ask them would they use it, they say ‘yes, how do I get it’. I tell them to ask their Accountant for it, to which they sigh and say ‘well, that won’t happen then’….
  58. 58.  Mileage & Expenses  Quickly, consistently, accurately, & ready for immediate use on Excel or your software such as QB etc  Saves 15 mins per month per client  250 clients = 750 hours pa  500 clients = 1500 hours pa Giving you significant operational improvements and benefits
  59. 59. 2 User then gets full access to the App 1 The user fills in the expertly designed form 3 You get the data - personalised message to the user
  60. 60. Push notifications have an average open rate of 80%, email is 15%. MFA clients who use one-to-all push notifications get an average 50% greater engagement each month. One client who used ‘segmented’ push notifications saw a 132% increase in engagement. 5x more effective than email “ ”
  61. 61. Built into your current habits  You send an email  Add to it a BCC address we give you  It sends the email as a push message
  62. 62. You avoid the overflowing email inbox We deliver your message direct, personally, to their phone. Awesome
  63. 63.  At download an automated ‘welcome’ push is sent 1:1  A month later a second Push is sent  12 automated ‘Push’ notifications sent for you  What all that means is even if you get ultra busy, new users get a 1:1 personalised Push, a follow up, and all users get a minimum of 12 notifications in the year Automated push messages sent for you
  64. 64. Chapter 6 Looks great, but complex & time consuming to build!
  65. 65. “The process for setting up the App was incredibly easy. I can see that a lot of effort and investment has gone into the technology used to build it, which means for a very time-poor director like myself it was very easy to use. The whole process was taken out of my hands so with minimal input we were able to get it up and running quickly.” Allan Wilson Wilson and Partners “Incredibly easy to set up”
  66. 66. Chapter 7 Okay great, but it looks expensive
  67. 67.  Communicate 5x better than email  Attract quality new clients; increase referrals  Save time; yours, your teams and your clients Makes you Irreplaceable No other single investment can do so much for your firm, at such low cost, and with so little effort!  Differentiate your firm  Simplify clients lives  Protecting your firms future in this digitally mobile world
  68. 68. All the thought leaders have been bringing up lately about how a CPA, Accounting firm or bookkeeping service could really streamline efficiencies with their own App. What MyFirmsApp has built for accountants is something very special. What I am so excited about is obviously strengthening your client relationship and deepening it, but I’m excited about the marketing aspect of it. But it’s not just that it’s going to save you time and money, it’s going to save your client a lot of time and money. I’m honest, and when I first saw this I thought wow that price is high. That was my first reaction! But that was before I took a moment to think it through. I would encourage any firm to think about how much money and time, what dollar amount would it actually save – even as far as a place for that client to go download their portals, logins and software access. I mean I started thinking about the organisation, the workflow and the efficiencies that it brings to a firm and when I started thinking, it seems to me that this thing more than pays for itself even before the marketing etc. Reader might have same reaction I did, but I think it’s something that you should really think through. It’s really a good deal, and you’re not charged per client.” Kim Fedore, CEO QB Express
  69. 69. Chapter 8 Your special offer today
  70. 70. "I knew having an App would differentiate us. What I underestimated was by how much and in how many different ways. We have had PR articles and people sharing feedback with us on the App stores. It’s strengthened our message of being proactive, forward thinking innovators and helped us become even more visibly different than our competitors. Clients love it. I mean not just downloading it or using it once or twice. They are engaging with it, some of them multiple times each day. And each time they do, our branding and name is in front of them. And all for such a small investment of money. And best of all it doesn’t require any of my time to manage it." Aynsley Damery, CEO Tayabali Tomlin I underestimated it!
  71. 71. Your special offer:  Save 15%  The equivalent of £1,152 simply by going ahead today  £319pm, reduced to £271pm; no lumpsum fee’s, unlimited usage Here’s why…
  72. 72. Here’s why:  Follow up is costly for MyFirmsApp – just as it is for yours, and any business  Research shows that it can take 20 or more contacts to win a client  Following the webinar, the action you wish to take can be disrupted or delayed by the demands of each day By going ahead today you save us: Days of time & hours of follow up activity and we are honest about this, up front, and want to pass all of those savings directly onto those of you ready to rock and roll today… Yes! Please choose the first poll option I’m about to show you. danielr@myfirmsapp.com