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Event specifications, state of the serverless landscape, and other news from the CNCF Serverless Working Group

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Presentation at Serverlessconf Paris on February 15, 2018.

This is an update to the early talk at Serverlessconf NYC at:

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Serverless Working Group - with participation from IBM, AWS, Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware, Nuclio, Serverless Inc., Huawei and many others - has been working on an open eventing specification and mapping the state of the serverless landscape, including the features of public cloud serverless platforms and the capabilities of on premises and open source Functions-as-a-Service projects. In this lightning talk you'll hear about those efforts, see the newly published whitepaper on serverless use cases, and learn how you can help steer serverless adoption through participation in the CNCF.

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Event specifications, state of the serverless landscape, and other news from the CNCF Serverless Working Group

  1. 1. Serverless at the CNCF Daniel Krook • Software Engineer • IBM
  2. 2. @DanielKrook The CNCF supports modern distributed systems Create and drive the adoption of a new computing paradigm that is optimized for modern distributed systems environments capable of scaling to tens of thousands of self healing multi-tenant nodes. • Provide stewardship for projects • Foster growth and evolution of ecosystems • Promote of the underlying technologies • Make the technology accessible and reliable Fast • Open • Fair
  3. 3. @DanielKrook CNCF membership includes serverless leaders
  4. 4. @DanielKrook Sixteen projects are currently in the CNCF
  5. 5. @DanielKrook The Cloud Native Landscape
  6. 6. @DanielKrook Four active CNCF Working Groups Provides infrastructure to hosted projects. Looks to offer integration testing between projects. Providing a Container Networking Interface (CNI) specification. Aims for connectivity and portability in cloud native application networking. Providing a Container Storage Interface (CSI) specification. Aims for portability across cloud orchestration systems. Educate cloud native developers on serverless architectures. Determine what the CNCF should do in this space. Recommend involvement in specifications and projects.
  7. 7. @DanielKrook CNCF Serverless Working Group Formed in June 2017 Participation from: Google, Red Hat, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, SolarWinds, Docker, Oracle, iguazio, SAP Amazon, MasterCard, Pivotal, VMware, Serverless Inc., Clay Labs, The New Stack, A Cloud Guru, Splunk, Honeycomb, Intel Platform9, Bitnami, Auth0, and Hyper. github.com/cncf/wg-serverless
  8. 8. @DanielKrook CNCF Serverless Working Group § Describes serverless platforms as they exist today using a common vocabulary. § Highlights promising use cases and areas where they’ve already proven value. § Differentiates serverless from PaaS and Container Orchestration. § Describes the mechanics of a generic serverless system. github.com/cncf/wg-serverless
  9. 9. @DanielKrook CNCF Serverless Working Group Creating a common model for event data, like CNI and CSI. Rapidly coalescing on a simple common format. github.com/cloudevents/spec cloudevents.org Handle any event from anywhere github.com/cncf/wg-serverless
  10. 10. @DanielKrook CNCF Serverless Working Group github.com/cncf/wg-serverless
  11. 11. @DanielKrook CNCF Serverless Working Group • Produce additional documents and samples that educate users on serverless apps. • Document integration with other CNCF projects, such as how to monitor and observe. • Potential collaboration on a declarative packaging format specification. github.com/cncf/wg-serverless
  12. 12. @DanielKrook Get involved with the CNCF Serverless WG github.com/cncf/wg-serverless github.com/cncf/wg-serverless
  13. 13. Serverless at the CNCF Daniel Krook • Software Engineer • IBM