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Restore and Repair your Roof from Leakage

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For cost effective and reliable roof restoration, cleaning & maintenance and leaking roof repairs in Brisbane, contact Dr Roof. They are aiding to safeguard your house from various climatic conditions.

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Restore and Repair your Roof from Leakage

  1. 1. Dr.Roof Dr. Roof The Name To Trust For Roof Cleaning In Brisbane
  2. 2. About Us We have just the right solution for people keen on roof cleaning in Brisbane. Here at Dr. Roof, we realize that this is the area of a home, which has the maximum exposure to nature. Hence, it is also likely to face the maximum brunt. Therefore, our roofers have been trained to offer the perfect services in regards to roof longevity and durability.
  3. 3. We are a big name amidst people who are regularly keen to have clean roofs. While we provide a range of services, but in the case of leaking roofs, we are extra cautious. The situation can only worsen in the case of a leak. Hence, this falls into the emergency category and we look to complete the work within 24 hours.
  4. 4. Our Services We do everything from roof restoration, re-pointing, cleaning or even construction. It is the patience to listen to the customer, which makes employees of Dr. Roof special. We are aware that not all roofing problems are same. Hence, the stress is on studying the situation carefully and then focusing on solutions.
  5. 5. Whether it is a commercial, residential or even a rented property, we always put out best foot forward. The important point to note is that although we were into roof cleaning, but over the years, we have ventured into other areas of property and vehicle maintenance. We even stress on removing dirt and grease from vehicle exhausts and even painting of the property. There is certainly plenty on offer for the property owner.
  6. 6. Why Us It is the variety on offer, which makes us a favorite amongst property owners here in Brisbane. We may start with the roof, but are ready to look into other aspects of the property in general. Whether it is construction, pre paint cleaning and finally the painting, we look into all.
  7. 7. The cheap prices are other reasons, which have made us a big name amidst roof cleaners here in Brisbane. Property owners all over Brisbane, East Brisbane, Holland Park, Holland Park West, and other areas will relish the fact that a roof check and gutter cleaning starts from something as ridiculously cheap as $99.
  8. 8. Contact Us Contact person – Ron Erez Telephone- 0404 145 828 Email- ron@drroof.com,au Visit - http://www.drroof.com.au