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Top 3 land buying questions you must know before buying a property

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Looking for a land to build your first home seems to be exciting. But, you should be aware of the things before finalizing your buying decision. Do you think you will get the exact land that you are looking for?

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Top 3 land buying questions you must know before buying a property

  1. 1. Top 3 Land Buying Questions You Must Know Before Buying a Property Lookingfora landto buildyourfirsthome seemstobe exciting.But,youshouldbe aware of the thingsbefore finalizingyourbuyingdecision. Doyouthinkyouwill getthe exactland that youare lookingfor? Here are the top 5 questionsyoushouldaskbeforemakingyourpropertybuyingdecision. 1. Are the boundaries accurately markedon site? It’sone of the most crucial facts thatthe propertylinesshouldbe markedonthe site. Youcan find easilythatthe boundariesare markedwithlongflagsorstickswhichcan be seenfroma distance.In mostof the urban areas,youcan understandthe boundarylineseasilywiththe neighborhood structure.Make sure that the real estate consultantmakesyouconvincedof it. 2. Ask about CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions &Restrictions) The most commonlyusedinthe real estate term – CC&R’swhichregulatesthe use,maintenance and appearance of the property.Itoftenreferstothe restrictionswhatthe propertyownercando on the property. The most commonrestrictionsforthe landbuyersincludesminimumhome square footage.The mainrestrictionsmaybe the designof yourhome.If youbut a part of the landwhichare subdivided to manyindividualsmayhave designrestrictionsbythe landowneraboutthe cohesive look. 3. What are all the utilities available inthe particular area? You shouldhave knowledge aboutthe utilitiesexistinginthe areaand whatare all that needtobe providedbyyourend.The mostcommon utilitiesare • Power:Askthe arealocal companyabout the powerconnectionforyourhouse andmake sure that there are no issueswithit. • Gas: If its natural gas fromthe city or country,you shouldknow how togetconnectionsoryou may use propane tanksforyour needs. • Telecom:Findthe available optionslike mobile network,phone,televisioncable,internet connectionsandothers.
  2. 2. There are mostof the otherconsiderationswhichwillbe differedaccordingtothe buyer’sneeds. Make a perfectdecisionbyaskingthese type of questionsbeforemakingupwithyourlandbuying decision.Danelle Hunter,the professional real estate consultantcanhelpyouwithyourperfect decisionmaking. Stay tunedtoget more ideasinthe fieldof real estate andDanelle Hunterisgladtohelpyouwithall of yourreal estate needs.