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OKR - a guide to objectives and key results

A light-weight and informative overview of "OKR" the Objectives and Key Results goal setting methodology as used by Google and hugely popular with some of the world's most successful startups.

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OKR - a guide to objectives and key results

  1. 1. A  guide  to  OKR   Objec&ves  &  Key  Results   @Benchify    
  2. 2. Origin   •  originated  in  Intel  with  John  Doerr   introducing  to  Google’s  leadership  team  in   1999.  Used  ever  since   Killer  credenAals   •  google,  linkedin,  zynga  &  mind  candy   Rising  methodology   •  now  being  used  by  the  vast  majority  of   startups  in  the  U.S.  and  the  U.K  
  3. 3. Overview   •  an  ObjecAve  is  business  goal  which  is   usually  not  quanAfiable   Key  results   •  objecAves  usually  have  3-­‐5  Key  Results   linked  to  them  with  clear  outcomes     Ratable   •  6-­‐7  grades  out  of  10  viewed  as  a  good   result.  Too  many  10s  seen  as  seTng  too   easy  OKRs!  
  4. 4. OKR     example   ObjecAve   •  write  a  light-­‐weight,  informaAve  overview  of  OKRs   Key  Results     •  explain  the  benefits  of  OKR   •  show  a  case  in  point  example  (that’s  here,  folks!)   •  try  to  squeeze  O,  K  &  R  into  every  bullet  point  header… because  OKRs  are  meant  to  be  fun  too!  
  5. 5. Openness   •  Everyone  can  see  each  others  OKRs   Key  characterisAcs   •  OKRs  tend  to  be  set  quarterly,  can  be  graded  and   are  definitely  not  linked  to  remuneraAon     Result  oriented   •  OKRs  provide  measurable  results  while  improving   team  focus,  communicaAon  and  discipline  
  6. 6. OperaAonal  linked   •  Teams  can  align,  inter-­‐link  and  cascade  their   OKRs  up,  down  and  across  the  company   Kinship   •  should  be  mutually  agreed  upon  within  the   team  and  documented   Regular   •  a  weekly  or  monthly  health  “Check-­‐in”  should   occur  with  incomplete  OKRs  only  conAnued  if   sAll  important  
  7. 7. OKR     summary   Organisable   •  A  goal  seTng  methodology  which  everyone  can  relate  to   and  implement  at  any  level   KineAc     •  Spreads  communicaAon  across  your  company,  inter-­‐linking   teams  and  focusing  the  whole  company     Recordable     •  Gradable,  trackable,  ratable  
  8. 8.   it’s  all  in  OKR!  
  9. 9. Google  Ventures   h#ps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJB83EZtAjc     Business  Insider   h#p://www.businessinsider.com/googles-­‐ranking-­‐system-­‐okr-­‐2014-­‐1     Benchify   www.benchify.com     @Benchify  @KeeganDan