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InsideSales Overview 2016

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InsideSales Overview 2016

  1. 1. Today’s leading companies trust InsideSales.com SALES ACCELERATION TECHNOLOGY
  2. 2. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. SALES COMMUNICATIONS PowerDialer™ helps sales reps communicate with the right prospects at the right time with the right message. Integrated with the InsideSales Neuralytics® self-learning engine, PowerDialer leverages data intelligence to power inbound/outbound phone communications for sales teams with single-click dialing, local caller-id display, dynamically prioritized lists and automatic data capture to CRM. “Delivering the right leads at the right time increased our efficiency. It has increased our connect rate from 12% to 27%.” Wanda Pansky, Direct of Sales Development, Intacct Key Benefits • Increase contact rates up to 38% with automatic display of local phone numbers • Improve team performance with enhanced visibility and reporting of sales activities • Respond to new web leads immediately and increase qualification 4x • Manage workflows with dynamically sorted dialing lists Contact the right prospects, in the right way, at the right time
  3. 3. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. Gamification PowerStandings™ increases the productivity and performance of sales teams. PowerStandings makes the sales process visual, competitive and fun by motivating sales reps with game mechanics, data intelligence and broadcasted results. Integrated with the InsideSales Neuralytics® self- learning platform, PowerStandings leverages machine learning to tailor the experience to the ideal motivations of each rep. “InsideSales.com is our hero. Its sales acceleration platform has helped us increase morale, the level of sales and most importantly, our sales revenue.” Lisa Brotzler, Director of Sales, LifeTouch Key Features • Up to 15% increase in closed deals • Increase effort and dials by up to 73% • Improve rep performance by up to 40% and transform your sales floor into an intensely competitive arena • Leverage predictive analytics to motivate sales team performance Motivate your sales team by making the sales process visual, competitive and fun
  4. 4. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. Key Benefits • Real-time alerts for email opens, forwards, link clicks, attachment opens and website visits • Up to 28% increase in closed deals • Improve quality of messaging with managed templates and attachments • Automated email logging and detailed reporting “Vision gives us insights into our customers’ interests and that helps us close deals. Without it, there are deals I would still be chasing.” Jason McKendrick, Senior Manager, Inside Sales, Seagate Email & Web Tracking Vision™ tracks website and email engagement, provides real-time alerts directly to sales reps and automatically syncs all email communication to your CRM. Template and attachment management saves reps hours every week while improving the quality and consistency of messages. Integrated with the InsideSales Neuralytics® self-learning platform, Vision leverages data intelligence to prescribe who to email, when to email and what message to deliver. Close more deals faster with engagement tracking for email and web interactions
  5. 5. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. “Our sales machine is highly tuned, and yet we still saw an immediate lift in closed business due to improved contact rates and close rates.” Scott Leese, Senior Vice President of Sales, Outbound Engine Lead Scoring & Prioritization NeuralView™ targets sales rep efforts to the opportunities most likely to engage and close. Cutomized for each business, NeuralView seemlessly injects big data predictions into each rep’s workflow deliving not just insight but action and results. NeuralView’s data- driven prescriptions are backed by the InsideSales Neuralytics® self-learning system and tailored to each company’s data and industry. Key Features • Target the best leads with separate scores for contactability and closeability • Align sales rep effort and increase close rates by up to 30% • Build dynamic predictive dialing lists • Take lead scoring from predictive to prescriptive - making insights actionable Work smarter by predicting exactly which leads are most likely to contact, qualify and close
  6. 6. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. Predictive Forecasting HD Forecast™ provides a panoramic pipeline overview to help sales teams zero in on what’s changed, identify risk and determine what it will take to save deals on the bubble. Time-consuming sales processes, like planning and forecast submission, are automated with custom roll-ups to accelerate revenue for even the most complex sales organizations. Machine learning with Neuralytics® catapults forecast accuracy 90 days out to help the whole company beat the number. Key Benefits • Start the quarter with forecast accuracy of 80% or higher • Trace every deal change across any time period • Visualize pipeline changes and mitigate risks in advance • Make the “call” for in-pipe deals that will close and anticipate new deals • Support complex forecast elements like custom units, intervals and pivot views “HD Forecast gives me predictability for the quarter and predictability is what every CFO craves.” Bob Finley, CFO, Redseal Bulletproof visibility into your forecast and pipeline to help you exceed your revenue goals
  7. 7. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. Opportunity Scoring Sales Advisor™ leverages the Neuralytics® self-learning platform to help reps know which deals are likely to close and even more importantly, whether they’ll close in the current quarter. Every deal is scored so that reps and their managers know which deals are winnable, which deals are on the bubble and which deals are not likely to close. Sales teams are now better equipped to manage sales activities and discounting strategies to exceed their number. Key Benefits: • Prioritize reps’ time based on which deals will close and which won’t to shorten your sales cycle by 20% or more • Get more reps to quota by focusing them on the deals they’re most likely to close. • Know your likelihood of winning an opportunity in the current quarter • Find out the top prescriptive actions you can take to get the deal done “InsideSales allows our entire sales organization to see the forecast in the same way and gives us visibility and detail all the way up to the CEO.” Bob Kruzner, Director of Sales Enablement, Servicemax Prescribe sales actions that close deals faster and accelerate success
  8. 8. Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc. “ISDC was amazing. They were responsive, proactive, and knew exactly how to make us successful. They had a proven methodology and were with us every step of the way.” Centage Sales Acceleration  Get the most out of the sales acceleration platform from InsideSales with expert advice and custom configuration. Rely on the InsideSales consultants to identify key needs in across the sales organization and then customize the platform to meet those needs. With expertise from across the industry, sales acceleration experts help improve business processes, teach best practices and serve as key partners for change management. Key Features • Dedicated discovery session to design customized implementation • Technical consultation to build system to specifications • Comprehensive testing with the customer before launch • Supervised launch with user and administrative trainings Customize your InsideSales.com deployment for quicker deployment and faster results Design Test Launch
  9. 9. About InsideSales.com has emerged as a leader in the rapidly growing sales acceleration market through the application of cloud-based communications technologies and innovative breakthroughs in predictive analytics. Contact (877) 210–0342 www.insidesales.com sales@insidesales.com Copyright © 2016 InsideSales.com Inc.