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Food Allergy Chart by Dad Gone Mad

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My wife and I use this chart to keep track of foods that contain allergens.

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Food Allergy Chart by Dad Gone Mad

  1. 1. Food Allergy List Allergens Read labels on these foods Peanut butter, protein bars, Asian foods, baked goods, Peanuts candy, spaghetti/barbecue sauces Barbecue sauce, crackers, cookies, protein/energy bars, Tree Nuts (Walnuts, Cashews, etc.) Asian foods, baked goods, soap Breads, cereals, pasta, Chinese food, hot dogs, batter- Gluten (Wheat) fried foods, processed meats, ice cream, salad dressing, soups, soy sauce Dairy Ice cream, butter/margarine, cheese, casein, yogurt, chocolate, deli meats, candy, bread
  2. 2. Food Allergy List Eat Sparingly urt, chocolate, deli meats, candy, bread