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Analytics for the Big Data Driven Marketer - Smarter Digital Marketing

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Location Hub® Analytics for the Data-Driven Marketer. Meet Heather.  Heather is a data driven marketer who is always looking for better ways to understand customers and prospects.  She knows that having access to more accurate data will allow her to increase conversion rates on her campaigns and drive company revenues.
Recently, Heather was reading up on the emerging field of location analytics – how on average, location can help companies increase the data they are consuming in their analysis from 12% to 85%, and generate demographic information to better define customers and target new prospects.
Heather does get help from her analytics team, but it can be difficult to nail down the results Heather is looking for.  If only there was an easy way to work directly with the data and still create analytical models she can trust, Heather would do more of the analysis on her own.
Meet Location Hub Analytics from DMTI Spatial.  Location Hub Analytics is the only self-service data analytics engine that leverages Canada’s most robust and accurate and location data to create actionable, unbiased results.
Offered as a Saas application, Location Hub Analytics makes it easy for users like Heather to get started in analyzing their data. 
Heather simply uploads a data file and the application automatically cleanses, validates and appends Canadian demographics information.
Location Hub Analytics then processes and analyzes her data, objectively revealing meaningful patterns and trends, and displays them on a map.
Heather can also use Location Hub Analytics to generate new customer prospect lists by infilling addresses within a specific territory that are not in her current database.
Finally, Heather can quickly and easily share customized report with key stakeholders.
Location Hub Analytics makes it fast and easy to run comprehensive analytics using  proven, secure technology.
It works for Heather – and it can work for you!  Try analytics, powered by location - go to: http://www.dmtispatial.com/Software-And-Data/locationhubanalytics.html

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Analytics for the Big Data Driven Marketer - Smarter Digital Marketing