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6 We are on vacation formative test thumbs up 4 2016

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4th grade A and B

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6 We are on vacation formative test thumbs up 4 2016

  1. 1. 6TH FORMATIVE ENGLISH TEST FOR 4th GRADE A - B I. Match the English words with their Spanish meaning. Write the number from column A to column B. (Une las palabras en inglés con su significado en español.Escribe el número de la columna A en la columna B) A B 1. OVER 2. BEHIND 3. CAMP 4. LARGE 5. SWIMMING POOL 6. WALK 7. PLAYGROUND 8. SWINGS 9. SLIDES 10. CLIMB 11. BRIDGE 12. CANOEING 13. TENTS ____ GRAN (GRANDE) ____ CAMINAR ____ PATIO DE JUEGOS ____ TOBOGANES ____ CANOTAJE ____ ESCALAR ____ TIENDAS ____ ENCIMA ____ CAMPAMENTO ____ PISCINA ____ DETRÁS ____ COLUMPIOS ____ PUENTE II. Choose the correct alternative. (Elige la alternativa correcta) 1. Across from means in Spanish a) en medio de b) alrededor c) sobre d) en frente 2. Between means in Spanish... a) al lado b) debajo c) entre d) hacia 3. The past of cook is... a) cooked b) cook c) cooks d) cooket 4. The past of dive is... a) diven b) doven c) dive d) dived 5. The past participle of run is... a) ran b) runned c) run d) runed 6. The past participle of fly is... a) flied b) flew c) fly d) flown 7. My students have ____ English. a) studied b) study c) studyied d) studyed 8. My cat has ____ lots of mice. a) ate b) eated c) eat d) eaten ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT TEACHER: Danitza Lazcano Flores
  2. 2. III. Unscramble the questions and match them with their answers. Write the number in the blanks. (ordena las palabras para formar preguntas y unelas a sus repuestas escribiendo el número en los espacios en blanco) 1. you / horse / ever / have / ridden / a ________________________________________________________? ___ No, I don’t believe in them. 2. a / eaten / have / fly / you ________________________________________________________? ___ I’ve played video games. 3. done / what / you / have ________________________________________________________? ___ Yes. When I was on vacation. 4. ever / you / ghost/ have / seen / a ________________________________________________________? ___ Yuck! No. never! 5. worksheet / have / finished / you / this ________________________________________________________? ___ Yes, I have. It was great fun to ride one! VI. Look, read and circle the correct prepositions. (Observa, lee y encierra la preposición correcta) A. The dog is on / under the chair. C. The cat is in front of / behind the computer. D. The dog is in front of / behind the wardrobe. The cat is on / in the wardrobe. E. The cat is next to / under the bed and the dog is on / in the bed. F. the dog is in front of / over the painting. H. The TV set is between / away from the dog and the cat. J. The dog is in / next to the drawers, but the cat is on top of / in of it. K. The bookshelf is above / between the cats. L. The dog is around / next to the radio.