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Abc book

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final project for my last class TESOL

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Abc book

  2. 2. *ABC INDEX 1. Audiolingual Method 2. Behaviorism 3. Communicative Language Teaching 4. Dialogues Cultures 5. Effective Practices 6. Facilitator 7. Grammar Translation Method 8. Humanistic Approach 9. Interactive Learning 10. Jigsaw 11. Knowledge 12. Lesson Planning 13. Methodology 14. Natural Approach 15.Promote Cooperative Learning 16. Risk Taking 17. Strategies 18. Total Physical Response 19. Visual Aids (resources) 20. Work in Group
  3. 3. *AUDIOLINGUAL METHOD The idea to use audiolingual method is to achieve students practice the language until they can use it spontaneously. In this method students learn through repetition. For this reason I could apply diiferent activities using audiolingual in my class; for example, repetition, inflection, replacement, completion, and drills. Teacher: there is a book on the table. Student: there is a book on the table.
  4. 4. *BEHAVIORISM This is a traditional method and it is when the teacher guides the students. The professor is the only one who speaks in front of the class explaining a lesson and the stuents listen. The class is passive, and the students do not interact between them.
  5. 5. *Communicative Language Teaching CLT emphasizes on learning a language to communicate through interaction between students. I agree with use this method in my classroom because there are different activities such as: role play, interviews, game, information gap. I need students learn how to interact between them productively and receptively outside the classroom.
  6. 6. *DIALOGUES ACTIVITIES Learners need to control speaking practice, in that waystudents can gain confidence in speaking through using scripted dialogues. In my personal opinion, the objective to use this kind of activity in class is that students develop their oral skills by repeating a series of short dialogues and also they can achieve confidence and reinforcement
  7. 7. *English as a Second Language
  8. 8. *FACILITATOR Facilitator is a teacher who assists a group of students in order they can understand an information or an activity. Most of the tiome I act as facilitator in my class activities because I provide information in which my students gain new knowledge at the end of every class. My objective as a good facilitator is involved my students in learning activities in class, and guide them.
  9. 9. *Grammar TranslationMethod Students learn grammatical rules and then apply those rules by translating sentences between target language and native language. I would apply this traditional method in my class but I consider that my students should acquire all different skills not only grammar skills. According to my experiences students need to learn grammar because is a support for the language but it is necessary students interact using grammar in all context and not only reading and translating.
  10. 10. *Humanistic Approach Is how people develop human values, feelings and emotions into the classes. Also students can comprehend what other people think or become aware and respectful of other cultures. For example, I would teach to my students how to behave in a real life situations.
  11. 11. *Interactive Learning The communicative purpose of language is to create opportunities to interact in the classroom. An interactive class for me is doing emphasis in work in pairs, receiving authentic language vcabulary, practicin g oral communication inside and outside classroom. I agree to use interactive learning in my class because it is necessary students feel motivated and enthusiastic to learn.
  12. 12. *Jigsaw Jigsaw activity is a cooperative learning technique that helps students to communicate between them ot only in a common way. I enjoy when I practice jigsaw in classess because it promotes better learning, improves students motivation, and increases enjoyment of the learning experience. I have practiced three times the activity.
  13. 13. *KNOWLEDGE ABOUT ENGLISH Currently some students of this generation are lacking knowledge in English language because most of the teachers do not use the appropriate techniques and strategies for teaching. Students need to be motivated to learn in order to increase their knowledge and they will be able to develop good Enlgish skills.
  14. 14. *LESSON PLANNING A lesson plan is the teacher´s guide of what students need to learn and how should be developed in the class. A good teacher always prepare their own lesson plan and materials for teaching. I have two years of experience in teaching and I always elaborate my lesson plan. In my personal opinion create a lesson plan helps you as teacher to develop a good class environment and to be confident about what you are teaching.
  15. 15. *Methodology Is how teachers organize their ideas and put in practice in the classroom. Nowadays some teachers are lack of use methodology for students learning a new language. In my case I first analize my students and what they like and in this way I prepare different ways to teach a topic. For example I used to apply a particular methodology; sing a song students like and I accomplish with my objective. For example: past tense( listen a music and find verbs in past).
  16. 16. *NATURAL APPROACH Natural approach is not much different from Task- Based-Learning; Natural Approach take more emphasis on comprehension than production. The last year I used to apply Natural Approach because I showed a set of pictures about food and drink, repeating the word that goes with each one; the students simply watch and listen. (compresension- not production)
  17. 17. *PROMOTE COOPERATIVE LEARNING I really like to implement Cooperative Learning this year in my classroom because students divided their labor among them. They interacted face to face. Eac students had their specific role and duties, they had positive attitude and independence and I am sure they learned different things about language. It is not only work in group they have to cooperate with the assignment.
  18. 18. *Question and Answers My perspective about questions and answers in a classroom is that it gives the students the opportunity to reflect about a specific information. I had the opportunity to put in practice this activity and I found some advantages; it can be used in all teaching situations, it helps in developing how students express their ideas, it keeps an interactive class.
  19. 19. *Strategies When I teach 4° grade I applied some strategies for my students to learn some words every day. For example, I tried to teach five new English voabulary items every day. Also I used some lirycs of an English song using the five new words they have learned. I cosider it is a good strategy if you want to your students learn something else than pen and pencil.
  20. 20. *Risk Taking Students have to take risks learning a new language in order to be successful language learners. Risk taking involve students and teachers because in my case some days ago I took the risk to use an interactive class using what I learned in Theoary and Practice class.
  21. 21. *TOTAL PHYSICA RESPONSE I practiced Total Physical Response when I was in my professional practice. For me the teacher place the role of parner; the teacher starts by saying a word (speak) and demonstrating action, the teacher says the command and the students all do the action. This action should be reapiting until sutdents feel confident with the word.
  22. 22. *Visual Aids (resources) Visuals are a great tool for students because they need to process what they are being asked to do. Visuals are very helpful for teachers. My personal experience using visual aids is great because with this resource stdents can comprehend vocabulary, expressions, prhases because belief me they like to learn when they see colorful pictures.
  23. 23. *Work in Group Work in group has many advantages for learning because it is an interactive strategy and also it is cooperative learning. What does not one student, the other one can helps him. My personal experience in work in group is fantastic because group projects can help students develop specific skills and increase productivity and performance. I agree with work in group as long as the teacher sets the rules well.