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  1. 1. CYNTHIA L STOEBICH 414/254-1136 Stoebich_cyndi@yahoo.com SUMMARY Experienced Marketing Professional working to enhance the customer experience, provide direction to Corporate Marketing Functions and move Marketing Programs in new directions. Extensive experience in Manufacturing and Service Industries. Skilled at designing Integrated Market Plans, Budgets, Trade Shows, Sales Support Materials, Product Pricing Guidelines and Quotations. Experienced at Enhancing the Total Customer Experience and working with Field Sales Force Teams. ACCOMPLISHMENTS Wells Fargo Bank November 2008 to July 2015 Research/Remediation Analyst II (3/2014 to present): Primary Function is to research, respond to, and resolve escalated inquiries and complaints that require special handling. The requests may come from Management Committee Members, Government Agencies, or Senior Business Leaders. • Review in-process, closed or canceled single loan/credit exceptions, applications, claims, files or online transaction to determine if processes or documents are in compliance with internal company requirements, contractual terms and conditions, insurer guidelines, investor requirements or government regulations. • Develop relationships with all levels of internal management for complex analysis of high level customer complaints. • Conduct research to fully identify the problems/issues and deliver customer focused business solutions. • Research product information, terms, conditions, contracts as needed • Process complex and or corrective transaction on-line. • Communicate results of analysis with others including customers, merchants, clients, executives, agencies, regulators and bankers to ensure resolution/negotiation of sensitive time critical matters both verbally and through written correspondence. • Provide feedback to internal and external customers including identification of fraud flags, inconsistencies and material deficiencies. • Analyzed transaction quality/deficiencies, risks and offsets and recommend solutions. Loan Adjustor Specialist (11/2008 to 3/2014) (Temp from 6/08 to 11/08): Primary function is to negotiate the best possible solution for customer to obtain a short sale on their property while obtaining the highest possible return on the investment for the investor. I have consistently exceeded the monthly goals and productions expectations of the management team. • Negotiate contract price and closing fees with real estate agents via phone, email and the equator system to obtain the best possible net proceeds for the investor and insure that unnecessary fees are not being charged. • Review all financial information such as tax returns, pay stubs, bank statements, pension or Social Security Award letters to determine if the borrower meets the requirements for a short sale per stated credit policies. • Evaluate credit bureau reports for delinquent accounts, credit scores and fraud indicators. • Exam appraisals to determine if the value is accurate. Prepare disputes for inaccurate values. • Review all documents required by investors for accuracy. Compare against all watch lists to determine buyer eligibility. • Review HAFA Documents for accuracy. • Analyze priority files due to escalations and resolve escalated files within a shortened time frame. Projects worked include – o Development, implementation and training of equator procedures for the proprietary ASC/HCS Negotiator group. o Development, implementation and training of equator procedures for the HAFA group both first and 2nd shift processors and negotiators o Document training for HAFA Processing Team to obtain better QA Scores
  2. 2. Lesaffre Yeast Corporation Market Analyst August 2002-February 2006 The Marketing Department is a one-person operation at Lesaffre Yeast Corporation. I reported directly to the Director of Sales and although the title is Market Analyst, the position is responsible for all aspects of the Marketing Function for the Foodservice, Intermediate Bakery and Wholesale markets. Marketing/Product Management: Create and Implement a Market Plan within the first month at the company. Define a 5 Year Strategic Marketing Plan. Create and implement a pricing strategy to optimize gross margins. Analyze current product line and determine if the product mix is achieving the goals and objectives set forth in the Market Plan. Review package size and customer needs. Recommend discontinuing or changing current configuration. Review with the Sales Force new product ideas. Prioritize new product projects. Conduct market evaluations to determine feasibility, costs, and competitive situations. Analyze sales reports to identify products that are not selling and determine if they should be rejuvenated or discontinued. Introduce new products and product lines including conducting sales training, preparing sales literature, promotions, broker kits, pricing and product rollout. Track profitability of all lines. Budget Preparation: Forecast external costs and recommend expense budget for fiscal year. Define models for forecasting sales for annual budget. Develop and Implement a forecasting database for sales force use. Manage Marketing Budget for advertising, trade shows, promotional materials and literature. Manage budget for direct reports, wage, travel, benefits. Market Research: Track and analyze the Yeast Market. Determine the size of the yeast market Determine Market Share for Lesaffre Yeast Corp and the competition. Track competitive action. Develop and Implement a Sales Database Meeting Planning/Sales Support: Planning, Coordination and Execution of Trades shows. Plan and execute Sales Meetings and Broker meetings including presentation materials, locations, team builder activities, luncheons, dinners and travel. Conduct Sales Training on the Product Line and any computer software updates. Organize and direct telemarketing activities for lead follow-up. Personnel Management: Manage Marketing Assistant and Sample Coordinator daily activities, training, conducting performance reviews, mentoring and job development. EDUCATION Alverno College B.A., Business Management and Communications Specialty in Marketing/Public Relations Strong emphasis on writing and English/language skills UW Madison Executive Education Certificate of Excellence – Marketing UW Milwaukee Adult Education – Certificate Project Management (in progress) Concordia University MBA – Marketing (in progress) COMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft Office Suite- All Equator – both the realtor and the bank side, MSP, LPS, PAS, LIV, GEM