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  1. 1. Portfolio.perwiracynthia@gmail.com Interior Design
  2. 2. FEATURED PROJECTS ‘Serasa’ Indonesian Culture Center & Cafe Airstream Wooster city school Artisan hotel Residential drawing Ergonomic office
  3. 3. SERASA Indonesian Culture Center & Cafe ‘Serasa’ is an Indonesian culture center and cafe which offer a wide range of cultural art classes as well as a cafe which serves Indonesian signature dish and coffee. The first floor focuses on interactive and casual space where food and coffee are ordered and served, whereas on the second floor, it focuses on educational aspect where classes are held, and space are reserved for meetings. Combining the traditional and modern eastern aspects, as well as western influence into the design will not only bridge the difference, but will encourage everyone to embrace their culture and bring a new concept to hospitality design. 1782 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201 classrooms assembly space kitchen and cooking class cafe and seating area courtyard interior patio outdoor patio toilet and equipment room First floor Second floor Hand Sketch; Marker; SketchUp; Photoshop; AutoCAD; 3DS Max
  4. 4. SERASA Indonesian Culture Center & Cafe Hand Sketch; Marker; SketchUp; Photoshop; AutoCAD; 3DS Max Ideas and elevation sketches This room is designed for people who need more quiet place. Although it is not visually enclosed, the glass still gives them privacy. The seatings are arranged close to each other so that it can facilitate a larger group. Outdoor Patio Ideas and final deliverables Indoor Patio Additional outdoor seatings give option for people who wants to enjoy nice weather and romantvic dine atmosphere at night. The pattern of the windows imitate the shape of bird cage fixture inside the cafe.
  5. 5. SERASA Indonesian Culture Center & Cafe Hand Sketch; Marker; SketchUp; Photoshop; AutoCAD; 3DS Max Ideas and kitchen view Cafe The intersection of metal and wood beam on the ceiling create an attractive juxtaposition of western and eastern culture. The metal gives the rustic feel of Columbus while the wood represents traditional Indonesian architecture. Communal seatings are designed to accomodate people who come in group. Ideas and final delivarable Front patio The front yard is significant for spiritual practices and social gathering in Indonesia, especially Bali. The main elements are water and stone which also support the ritual.
  6. 6. AIRSTREAM Airstream recruited me and three other interior and industrial CCAD students to make a design concept for their office expansion. We did a site visit, space planning, and on-site interview. One of the objectives was to allocate a space for cafeteria and break spaces. I was responsible for designing those areas to be refreshing, friendly, multifunction and clean through space planning, choice of color and furniture, other facilities. Hand Rendering; Photoshop
  7. 7. Hand Rendering; Photoshop WOOSTER CITY SCHOOL A project between CCAD Mind Market and Wooster City School to develop ideas for their ekemantary school lobby. The photos on the top were their existing lobby. The design approach wats to create a lobby that is welcoming, calming, and works as functional space for students, families, and groups around the school..
  8. 8. BOUTIQUE HOTEL The concept for this project was to design a boutique hotel in New York based on the work of the artist I chose that is Julian Schnabel. I interpreted his artwork (on the top) as a space and implemented those colors and patterns in my design. The customized carpet and the bathroom also incorporate the aesthetic aspect of the artwork and further support my design through color and materials. Customized carpet Customized curtain Elevation Hand Rendering; Marker; Photoshop Floor plan
  9. 9. BOUTIQUE HOTEL Bathroom elevations. The entire wall and floor are constructed with ceramic tiles. Hand Rendering; Marker
  10. 10. RESIDENTIAL DRAWING AutoCAD; Revit A complete set of a residential drawing using Revit program. The drawing set includes floor plan, reflected ceiling plan, casework elevations, finish plan, furniture plan and schedule, colored floor plan, and B/W perspective views. Furniture Plan Furniture Schedule Kitchen Casework
  11. 11. ERGONOMIC OFFICE ERGONOMIC OFFICE A design research about workplace ergonomics interviewed a range of people from ages 20 to 40. out of 74 people choose as the most important element in the workspace. 33% Furniture Decoration Open Layout Temperature Specific Style Visual Interaction Space Primary research : Interviews Height adjustable screen display Fixed height Height adjustable workspace Adaptive tools to support comfort and worker’s wellbeing. ERGONOMIC OFFICE A design research about workplace ergonomics interviewed a range of people from ages 20 to 40. Secondary research : 360 Whitepaper – Buuilding Wellbeing Into Workpalce A complete set of commercial design project for a company called experiment.com, where I had to do research to address the issue I found during the interview with clients and finally came up with a concept of my own. My concept was to address the ergonomic issue within the user and create a healthy and comfortable environment in the office, whose design is inspired by the structure of human spine. Hand Sketching; Photoshop
  13. 13. ERGONOMIC OFFICE Sketch Up; Photoshop Rendering Reception area Hallway
  14. 14. Thank you.