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10. Participation Reports

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Crossref LIVE Brazil - Crossref Participation Reports (PREP)

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10. Participation Reports

  1. 1. Participation Reports
  2. 2. author profiling tools
  3. 3. Members —> Crossref Basic metadata: titles; author names; ISSNs/ ISBNs, publication dates, etc but also… References Funding information License information Full-text URLs Significant updates, retractions, corrections ORCID iDs
  4. 4. Benefits for Members Benefits for the Public • Easily find out what metadata they register • See what metadata members register • Compare with others in their field or region • See their progress over time • See how they can improve and be the best that they can be • Understand the quality of members' metadata and find out what needs to be improved
  5. 5. https://www.crossref.org/members/prep/
  6. 6. funders and funding tracking tools
  7. 7. Where is the full text? What can I do with it? Is it in the iThenticate database?
  8. 8. www.crossref.org/participation https://www.crossref.org/members/prep/
  9. 9. Crossref metadata helps research to be found, cited, linked-to, assessed, and re-used
  10. 10. Thank you!