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  1. 1. ~ ~~)e unleashed, and allowed to ental control. In the long run, heir paleo or traditionalist oradminister instant punish- his means ending public ither partners in a populistment, subject of course to li- chools, and replacing them :oalition, For example, onability when they are in error. ~y private schools. But we amily values, take such vexed 5. Take Back the nust realize that voucher and ,roblems as pornography,Streets: Get Rid of the Bums. wen tax credit schemes are wostitution, or abortion. Here,Again: unleash the cops to lot, despite Milton Friedman, iro-legalization and pro-clear the streets of bums and ransitional demands on the :hoice libertarians should bevagrants. Where will they go? lath to privatized education; willing to compromise on aWho cares? Hopefully, they nstead, they will make matters jecentralist stance; that is, towill disappear, that is, move vorse by fastening govern- md the tyranny of the federalfrom the ranks of the petted nent control more totally upon :ourts, and to leave theseand cosseted bum class to the he private schools. Within the Iroblems up to states andranks of the productive mem- Iublic school system, the only jetter yet, localities andbers of society. ;ound alternative is decen- ieighborhoods, that is, to 6. Abolish the Fed; At- ralization, and back to local, community standards."tack the Banksters. Money and :ommunity neighborhoodbanking are recondite issues. :ontrol of the schools. Alternative LibertarianBut the realities can be made Further: We must reject Strategiesvivid: the Fed is an organized mce and for all the Modal A. Corridors of Powercartel of banksters, who are Abertarian view that all gov- There are two alter-creating inflation, ripping off xnment-operated resources native strategies to the fore-the public, destroying the nust be cesspools. We must going for the libertariansavings of the average Ameri- :ry, short of ultimate movement. One is the Koch-can. The hundreds of billions xivatization, to operate gov- Crane strategy, the strategyof taxpayer handouts to S&L xnment facilities in a manner of the Cat0 Institute, Citizensbanksters will be chicken-feed nost conducive to a business, for a Sound Economy, et al. Itcompared to the coming col- 3r to neighborhood control. is the antipode of a right-winglapse of the commercial But that means: that the pub- populist strategy: it is the banks. lic schools must allow prayer, strategy of cozying up to the 7. America First. A key and we must abandon the Corridors of Power, of lobby- point, and not meant to be absurd leit-atheist interpreta- ing and influencing the top seventh i n priority. The tion of the First Amendment elites, of nudging them gently American economy is not only that "establishment of religion" onto a more libertarian path. in recession; it is stagnating. means not allowing prayer in It is clear that this strategy, The average family is worse public schools, or a creche in pursued by Koch, et al. since off now than it was two de- a schoolyard or a public the early 1980s, is precisely cades ago. Come home square at Christmas. We must the analog of the strategy pur- America. Stop supporting return to common sense, and sued by Official Washington bums abroad. Stop all foreign original intent, in constitutional conservatism during this same aid, which is aid to banksters interpretation. era, and starting also at the and their bonds and their ex- So far: every one of these beginning of the Reagan ad- port industries. Stop right-wing populist programs ministration. As in the case of gloabaloney, and lets solve is totally consistent with a Official Conservatism, the our problems at home. hard-core libertarian position. strategy has been successful 8. Defend Family Val- But all real-world politics is in terms of acquiring respect- ues. Which means, get the coalition politics, and there are ability, official contacts, jobs State out of the family, and other areas where libertarians in Washington, and in gen- replace State control by pa- might well compromise with eral, pleasant associations January1992 9 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED