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that resorted to questioning thesincerity of Dukes conversionto Christ ianity-even c hal-lenging him to name his officialc...
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  1. 1. that resorted to questioning thesincerity of Dukes conversionto Christ ianity-even c hal-lenging him to name his officialchurch." Even my old friend picked up 55 percent of the white vote; he lost in the runoff because the fear campaign brought out a massive out- pouring of black voters. But -- an instructive metaphor for what will eventusally the fate be of Establishment Conserva- tism.) A left-wing populist,Doug Bandow par- note the excite- former Governor Edwards is aticipated in this ment; politics in long-time Cajun crook, whosecabal in the Wall Louisiana rose motto has been the rollickingStreet Journal, from the usual laissez les bon temps roulezwhich virtually torpor that we (let the good times roll"). Heflipped its wig in have been used has always been allegedlyanti-Duke hyste- to for decades hated by businsssmen and byria, to the extent of and brought out conservative elites. But thisattacking Duke for a turnout rate- was crisis time; and in crisisbeing governed by 80 percent-that the truth is revealed: there isself-interest(!)- hasnt been seen no fundamental difference be-presumably in since the nine- tween left-wing populism andcontrast to all other teenth century, the system we have now. Left-politicians moti- when party poli- wing populism: rousing thevated by deep de- tics was fierce- masses to attack the rich,"votion to the pub- ly partisan and amounts to more of the same:lic weal?! It took a ideological. high taxes, wild spending,lot of gall for One point massive redistribution ofBandow to do this, that has nowhere working and middle class in-since he is not been noted: pop- comes to the ruling coalitiona sacramental ulism won in of: big government, big busi-Christian (where Louisiana, be- ness, and the New Class ofone can point out cause in the first bureaucrats, technocrats, andthat the person under attack primary the two winners were ideologues and their numerouswas not received into the sac- Duke, a right-wingpopulist, and dependent groups. And so, inramental Church), but a pietist Edwin Edwards, a left-wing the crunch, left-wing popu-one, who is opposed to any populist. Out in the cold were lism-phony populism-disap-sort of official creed or liturgy. th,e two Establishment candi- peared, and all crookery wasSo how can a pietist Christian dates: incumbent Governor forgiven in the mighty Edwardschallenge the bona fides of Buddy Roemer, high-tax, high- coalition. It is instructive thatanother one? And in a world spend "reform" Democrat em- the Establishment professes towhere no one challenges the braced by the Bush Adminis- believe in Edwards tearyChristian credentials of a tration in an attempt to stop the promises of personal reformChuck Colson or a Jeb dread Duke; and the forgotten (Im 65 now; the good times Magruder? But logic went out man, Clyde Holloway, the offi- have mellowetj"), while refus-the window: for the entire Es- cial Republican candidate, a ing to believe in the sinceritytablishment, the ruling elite, good Establishment conserva- of David Dukes conversion.was at stake, and in that sort of tive, who got only five percent They said1in the 60%when battle, all supposedly clashing of the vote. (Poor Human they gently chided the violentwings of the Establishment Events kept complaining dur- Left: stop using violence, workweld together as one unit and ing the campaign: why are the within the system." And surefight with any weapons that media ignoring Clyde enough it worked, as the former might be at hand. Holloway? The simple answer New Left now leads the re- But even so: David Duke is that he never got anywhere: spectable intellectual classes.6 January 1992 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED