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  1. 1. - Different strategies are lution within the old form. Atrequired by different social that point, in despair by theconditions, and a key point we end of the 195Os, those of usshould acknowledge is that, resisting this trend felt it im-by forming a separate sect, perative to separate ourselves LP caught on, its political campaigns succeeded, by the time of the well-financed 1980 campaign, to educate the media and politically inter-the Libertarian Party per- out from a Right-wing that had ested Americans on whatformed an important, neces- been captured from under us. libertarianism" is all about.sary, and laudable function It became vital to separate the So that: by the early 1980%during the 1970s. From the two sharply in our minds and most politically aware Ameri-1930s through the first half of in the minds of the public, and cans could tell you what lib-the 1950s, libertarians func- also to stop giving libertarian ertarianism was, and also,tioned as an important ideo- and limited government cover while they did not necessarilylogical ginger group within the to a movement that had been agree with it, they treated lib-broad coalition that we now transformed into virtually their ertarianism as a creed worthyknow as the Old," or Original, opposite. of respect and attention.Right: a coalition forged in Finally, by the end of the All this was accom-reaction against the horrors 1960s, a split i n Young plished by the Libertarianof the New Deal, both domes- Americans for Freedom over Party, and nothing can taketic and foreign. Libertarians the draft caused the growing those achievements awayfelt themselves to be an ex- libertarian wing of YAF to be from it. But after the earlytreme" and consistent wing of expelled or to get out volun- 1980s, as Kochian moneythe Right, and they functioned tarily. That wing, now ready turned to a soft-core, Corridorswithin the broader coalition for independent libertarian of Power strategy and left thehappily and harmoniously as political action, formed the LP, the Libertarian Party be-friends and as ideological and Libertarian Party in 1971, and gan to become increasinglypolitical allies. Unfortunately, it quickly caught on as a means irrelevant. Even though mostthat Old Right coalition, de- of providing an independent Americans had heard of liber-voted to liberty, private prop- home for libertarians. At first, tarianism and even respectederty, free markets, and an anti- the LP was dominated by a its doctrine, the Party wasnt interventionist, America First neo-Randian, pro-war group, winning adherents, let aloneforeign policy, began to col- distinguishable from the Na- elections. More and more real lapse during the late 1950s, tional Review right largely by world" people left the LP, as death and retirement in favoring civil liberties. At the which therefore became in- leadership ranks (84. Bob 1975 LP convention, however, creasingly flaky, increasinglyTaft, Colonel McCormick), left those of us who were dedi- libertine and culturally leftist, a vacuum at the top that was cated isolationists" captured and above all, increasinglyfilled by the burgeoning "New" the Party, and from then on, irrelevant. The Ron Paul Right, headed by Bill Buckley the LP was able (1) to develop Presidential campaign of 1988 and National Review. That libertarianism as a self-con- was a last, desperate attempt New Right, while in early days scious creed separate and to transform the Libertarian paying lip service to the forms distinct from Buckleyite con- Party into a real-world, real of the Old Right, transformed servatism and a fortiori from people" organization, into a it within a few years into a the increasingly statist, pro- party that middle-class and global-crusading, war-mon- civil rights, and neo-con working-class people could gering, and basically pro-state dominated Right of the late feel at home in. The effort was , movement. Unfortunately, 1970s and after; (2) the LP a noble one that failed; the many libertarians were at that was able to educate its own numbers simply werent there,time sucked in to became ap- members and develop a prin- and when this failure becamependages to this statist revo- cipled cadre," and (3), as the evident, the real world," or January1992 11 LICENSED TO UNZ.ORG ELECTRONIC REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED