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5 Tips to enhance user experience

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It is important to post the content according to the requirement and needs of your subject. Use relevant images, videos, and text to make your design more user-friendly. Also, arrange your content into parts and sections.

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5 Tips to enhance user experience

  1. 1. www.cresttechnosoft.com 5 Tips to Enhance User Experience @ C R E S T T E C H N O S O F T S W I P E >
  2. 2. LESS IS MORE Viewers come to your website with a specific goal. Just provide them the results for what they are looking for. Remove unwanted design from your website. 1 1. @CRESTTECHNOSOFT SWIPE >
  3. 3. ORGANIZE INFORMATION CLEARLY Organise your information into sections or groups so that viewers can easily read it. Your information must be relevant to each other. Use spacing, color, font-styles so that users can easily perceive it. 2. @CRESTTECHNOSOFT SWIPE >
  4. 4. SIMPLE�& CLEAR NAVIGATION Provide simple and Clear Navigation to your viewers. Use hyperlinks in the content so that user can easily access the information. Also use distinct color for the hyper text to highlight it from the rest of the content. 3. @CRESTTECHNOSOFT SWIPE >
  5. 5. DON'T USE DUMMY CONTENT Instead of using dummy content always use real content relevant to your business and services, whether that is text, image and videos. Make it sure that content must be unique. 4. @CRESTTECHNOSOFT SWIPE >
  6. 6. TEST IT WITH REAL USERS Test your design with the real users during the design process to get the targeted viewers on your website. This will help you to make your design more responsive and effective. 5. @CRESTTECHNOSOFT SWIPE >