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Choosing New HR Software

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Forget SAP, Oracle HR or PeopleSoft when choosing your new HR software. Modern HR IT solutions are not monolithic, they are web-based, offer HR self-service solutions for employees and managers.

They are cheaper to maintain and they have low implementation costs.

Think twice before selecting a new solution.

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Choosing New HR Software

  1. 1. How to choose a new HR Software Considering HR in the Cloud, Predictive Analytics and HR Big Data
  2. 2. Content 1. About HR Tutorial 2. Old fashioned HR Solutions 3. Modern HR Technology Solutions 4. HR predictive analytics 5. HR in the Cloud 6. HR Big Data 7. More to read …
  3. 3. About HR Tutorial Click and visit
  4. 4. Forget PeopleSoft, Oracle and SAP • Times of monolithic and expensive HR solutions are over; • They offer no flexibilityand changes to standard solutions are extremely expensive; • High implementation and maintenance costs; • Unfriendly reporting and self-service for employeesand managers; • No flexibleworkflow tools; • They look the same everywhere – no employer branding.
  5. 5. Modern HR Technology • HR in the Cloud – web based solution; • Purely focused on a few features leaving the rest to other tools; • Low implementation costs; • Different Pay As You Go schemes; • Standardized Interfaces to connect different systems; • HR Big Data ready; • Interface to any predictiveanalytics tool.
  6. 6. HR predictive analytics • Key tool to build a competitive advantage; • Analyzing past trends and forecasting the future; • Learning tool – from other organizations and units; • Web-basedsolution with the easy data importing interfaces; • Potential real time measurementof key metrics; • Automatic early warnings and recommendations.
  7. 7. HR in the Cloud • Modern HR solution not requiring high maintenance costs; • Fully operated by the external vendorthat: • Operatesthe solution; • Updates the servicesfor all clients; • Keepsall interfaces with other IT solutions operational. • Solution that grows with the company and puts no limits to the growth of the organization
  8. 8. HR Big Data • Currently more a buzzword than a real solution; • Analyzing and predicting information from the real time flow of important datato a centralized solution; • Most organizations do not produce enough real time data(especially about employees); • Connecting business processes, productivity and performance with data from Human Resources; • Choose a solution ready to be connected with HR Big Data
  9. 9. More to read … • Read more about choosingthe HR software • Additional information about HR Big Data • More about the predictive analytics in Human Resources
  10. 10. HR Tutorial Please visit HR Tutorial (click on the picture)