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Emotional intellegence

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Emotional intellegence

  1. 1. Emotional Intelligence CREATE BRAND MARKET www.creatingdemand.org Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Identifying emotions
  2. 2. •“The ability to monitor one’s own and other’s feeling and emotions , to discriminate among them and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and emotion” by Mayer Salovey(1990) •Identifying emotions :the ability to recognize how you and those around you are feeling •Use emotions to facilitate thoughts •Understanding Emotions: the ability to understand complex emotions and emotional “chains", how emotions transition from one stage to another •Managing Emotions: the ability that allows you to manage emotions in yourself and in others The New Buzz WordEmotional Intelligence www.creatingdemand.org Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Emotional Intelligence Identifying emotions
  3. 3. EI consists of four fundamental capabilities: 1.Self-awareness: Emotional self awareness, Accurate self assessment and self confidence 2.Self –Management: Self Control, Trustworthiness, Conscientiousness, Adaptability, Achievement orientation and Initiative 3.Social –Awareness: Empathy, Organizational awareness, Service Orientation 4.Social -Skill : Visionary Leadership, Influence, Developing others, Communication, Change Catalyst, Conflict Management, Building Bonds, Teamwork and collaboration EI is an umbrella term that captures a broad collection of individual skills and dispositions , called soft skills or inter and intra personal skills Emotional Intelligence www.creatingdemand.org Emotional Intelligence Awareness Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal
  4. 4. EI accounts for 80% of success in work, school and relationships EI is twice as important as IQ plus technical skills for outstanding performance. Studies attribute 90% of leadership effectiveness to developable EI competencies EI raises quality of service transactions and reduces customer defections The glue which holds teams together may be supplied by EI EI can be built and learned . Companies can test and teach EI Welcoming emotions into the work place is critical to the success of our organizations Importance www.creatingdemand.org Importance Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal
  5. 5. Reputation to overall gains www.creatingdemand.org Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Strategically connected with clients, engaging and involving them: •How to get closer to customers? •To build brand awareness and enhance loyalty? •To position new products and services for the effective market penetration? •To fulfill what customers really desire? Specialties Brand Strategy, business entry & planning, product development, internet marketing, trade distribution, public private partnerships, sustainable tourism management and investment promotion. Crafting, Operationalizing and Implementing Growth Strategies to maximize opportunities in emerging geographies; experience as my strong resource and capability Sachin Bansal Enhancing business profitability
  6. 6. SACHIN BANSAL- Chief Explorer INDIA : +91 97111 90192 sb@creatingdemand.org www.creatingdemand.org facebook.com/creatingdemand DELHI LONDON MELBOURNE NEW YORK ITALY www.creatingdemand.org Copyright 2013-2014 Presentation by: Sachin Bansal Enhancing business profitability….