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FFCON19: What's in your IP Toolbox Startups? (Tony Sabeta, Patent Agent and Partner, Aird McBurney)

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April 4-Day 2 Lunch & Learn at the 2019 Fintech & Financing Conference in Toronto at Bram and Bluma Appel Salon in downtown Toronto. Tony Sabeta, Patent Agent and Partner, at Aird McBurney presents IP strategies, roadmap and use cases for startups.


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FFCON19: What's in your IP Toolbox Startups? (Tony Sabeta, Patent Agent and Partner, Aird McBurney)

  1. 1. What’s in your IP Toolkit? April 4, 2019 @sabetaip Tony Sabeta, B.Eng. (Elec.)
  2. 2. 33%
  3. 3. 7 of the 104 startups acquired by Apple
  4. 4. A tale of 2 Canadian Startups billion dollar lost opportunity Border Network Technologies
  5. 5. Typical reasons NOT to patent unpatentability of the invention rapid pace of technology costs of obtaining patents ~ $30k costs of enforcing patents ~ $1m +
  6. 6. A tale of 2 Canadian Startups awarded $300m in damages i4i Inc.
  7. 7. Best reasons to patent increase valuation / secure investment increase leverage over a partner deter patent infringement & suits improve the likelihood of an exit
  8. 8. So you think you don’t have IP? 9 patent trade secret trademark copyright
  9. 9. Developing an IP Strategy 10 IP audit // business goals // market // monetization
  10. 10. IP Filing Strategy 11 July ‘14Jan ‘13 non-provisional / PCTprovisional + TM Jan ‘14 1st public disclosure Sep ‘13‘12 + provisionals continuations + designs Sept ‘16 $120mlaunch patents issued July ‘16
  11. 11. Common IP Mistakes forgetting key dates premature disclosure overlooking IP ownership doing it yourself re-inventing the wheel
  12. 12. Best Practices 13 stealth mode search & file early own your IP
  13. 13. Thank you. tsabeta@airdmcburney.com 416.865.7711 | @sabetaip Tony Sabeta, B.Eng. (Elec.)