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CBE16 - Quality: The Cornerstone of Craft

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Quality is the element upon which all others are built. From careful production to reliable distribution to consistent flavors, quality flows throughout the business of craft. Join our panel of producers as they examine what constitutes quality and how they have defined themselves within this element of craft.

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CBE16 - Quality: The Cornerstone of Craft

  1. 1. Quality The Cornerstone of Craft
  2. 2. Quality… And diversity  Who’s here?  Beer  Wine  Spirits  Cider  Mead?  Hard Soda…?  The concept of quality relates to the cross-sectorial, craft-defined production segments of alcoholic beverages industries  Is Craft’s quality just an expression of a consistent expectation?  What is the quality image that ‘Craft’ implies across alcoholic beverages?
  3. 3. Alcoholic beverage category is fragmenting  Even Craft is facing competition  Do these innovations represent new categories, or existing craft extensions?  Wine, Beer, Spirits, Cider - New flavorings, like grapefruit  Hard Soda - Not your Father’s Root Beer!  Alcoholic Iced Tea, or maybe even hard, sparkling Kambucha!  Does quality craftspersonship reflect a growing diversity of choices within a category, or is there more to craft’s appeal? Quality in the face of a dynamic market
  4. 4. Russian River Brewery - A few words on craft By Vinnie Cilurzo 1. Establishing quality in crafted beers 2. Contemporary Craftsmanship 3. The future of craft in the beer market
  5. 5. Calera Winery - A few words on craft By Josh Jensen 1. Establishing crafted wines 2. Contemporary Craftsmanship 3. The future of craft in the wine market
  6. 6. Westland Distillery - A few words on craft By Matt Hofmann 1. Establishing crafted spirits 2. Contemporary Craftsmanship 3. The future of craft in the spirits market
  7. 7. Jester and Judge - A few words on craft By Bruce Nissen 1. Establishing crafted ciders 2. Contemporary Craftsmanship 3. The future of craft in the cider market
  8. 8. Quality and the Craft Evolution 1. Establishing a Crafted Product a. Producer’s pre-craft life - Career prior to the life of craft b. Moments in history - Established timeline from idea epiphany, commencing production, recognition among peers, to acknowledgement by consumers, to the legacy in reputation c. Highlight milestones: people, products and events coinciding with these moments in history 2. The Contemporary Craft a. What characteristic regarding each craft is a KSP in the current environment b. How this KSP is recognized within each sector, and c. How each Craftsperson measures and monitors feedback on the idea, product and brand d. Specify the measurements and metrics used to promote each execution of their craft 3. What the future holds according to these Beacons of Craftspersonship 4. Craft product, and its appeal through strategic communication and distribution