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DATA STAGE Online Training Course With Real time

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Data Period was pared right down to be as unobtrusive as you can. End users can connect to Information Period as a mapped drive on Mac, Linux or Windows machines, and Information Period can be reachable by means of a web interface (the internet interface contains additional annotation/metadata attributes as well as the possibility to submit a data program to Data Bank). An administrator assigns access permissions (generally, the research group leader - multiple administrators are potential). We can't promise to maintain your data. We offer software that is as robust as it can be made by us, but we cannot take responsibility you install it on, or the manner in which you configure it.

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DATA STAGE Online Training Course With Real time

  2. 2. DATA STAGE  Multi-Dimensional Modeling Concepts  What is dimension modeling  ER modeling and dimension modeling  What is a Dimension?  What is a Fact?  Start Schema  Snow Flake Schema  Difference between Star and snow flake schema
  3. 3. DATA STAGE  Data Stage architecture  Difference between Server Jobs  Parallel Jobs  Difference between Pipeline Parallelism  Partition Parallelism  Partition techniques  Configuration File  Difference between SMP/MPP Architecture
  4. 4. DATA STAGE  Difference between filter  External filter and switch stages.  Change Capture stage  Job Parameters & Parameter set  Run time column propagation  Sequencer Jobs
  5. 5. DATA STAGE
  6. 6. DATA STAGE Data Stage has been pared down to the bare essentials, to be as unobtrusive as possible. There is no "client" software to download, very few required metadata fields, and a file system that builds on formats the user should already be familiar with. End-users can connect to Data Stage as a mapped drive on Mac, Linux or Windows machines, and Data Stage is also accessible via a web interface
  7. 7. DATA STAGE
  8. 8. DATA STAGE A tool for designing Extraction, Transformation and Loading An ideal tool for data integration projects system migrations Importing, extracting and creating metadata are within these jobs Data stage allows scheduling, monitoring and running the jobs Allows to administer the development and execution in a single enviro
  9. 9. DATA STAGE BY Smart Mind Online Training Contact: Smart Mind Online Training India:+91 9949599844 USA :+1-347-606-2716 E mail: contact@smartmindonlinetraining.com