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Rentalcars accelerates online performance with Couchbase caching - Connect Europe 2017

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Learn how RentalCars.com managed to solve their database scaling challenges with help from Couchbase.

Visit our website for more information: https://www.couchbase.com/

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Rentalcars accelerates online performance with Couchbase caching - Connect Europe 2017

  2. 2. CACHES @ RENTALCARS.COM • Year 2013 • Lots of stand-alone caches • Mostly JCS / EHCACHE • Stress on backend systems when the application servers were restarted • Need for a distributed cache? • Two distinct classes of objects in the cache. Shareable & Exclusive. • Memcached??
  3. 3. MEMCACHED • Ketama hashing & Memcached. • Battle tested (Facebook / Livejournal / many more) • Memcached is notorious for the cold cache problem. • Wouldn't have reduced the backend stress in our case. • We kept looking for something better.
  4. 4. EARLY 2014 COUCH BASE EVALUATION • Comparative study with MongoDB etc. • The winning features of Couchbase were: • Better performance characteristics due to the built-in cache • Better built-in monitoring facilities • Easier to scale out • Flexible XDCR features
  6. 6. USE CASES @ RENTALCARS.COM • Multiple Clusters spread across two datacenters, serving customer facing traffic and backend applications. • Search result cache • Website Session store • Document store for Email newsletter system
  7. 7. SEARCH RESULT CACHE • Caches the car search results for short amounts of time. • Uses low TTLs to expire documents • High throughput, high turnover cache • Low latency is of prime importance
  8. 8. WEBSITE SESSIONS CACHE • Sessions need to be shared across multiple application servers. • Ensures that the user always finds a valid session. • Sessions need replicating across data center in case we decide to take one down for maintenance.
  9. 9. AN EMAIL NEWSLETTER SYSTEM A NEW PROJECT • The architects needed a JSON document store. • To keep track of email history and preferences per user. • To allow us to manage semi-structured data / email contents and recipients etc. • Couchbase fit the bill
  10. 10. JOURNEY SO FAR COUCHBASE SUPPORT • On-site training delivered by Couchbase to upskill the team. • Support has been very responsive and always present to help out.