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Think Emoticons are NSFW? Think Again.

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81% of workers struggle to convey emotion in digital communications. So it's no wonder that emoticons are rising at work. If you still think emoticons or emoji are NSFW, these compelling statistics will make you think again.

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Think Emoticons are NSFW? Think Again.

  1. 1. 37% 35% 28% 75% of workers would be willing to use emoji more at work. Emoji could be the key to helping workers convey emotion in digital communication. Think Emoticons are NSFW? Think Again. Workers are turning to emoticons to more clearly express themselves in digital communication. ...there’s little change in how they’re used during or outside of work hours. want a more casual platform (like mobile messaging) want others to do it first want a larger variety of emoticons Emoji use at work Emoji use at home 81% of workers struggle to convey emotion in professional digital communications 25% Agreement 27% Gratitude 27% Excitement 28% Happiness 35% Urgency 39% Disappointment Frustration 57% What Workers Aren’t Saying Despite countless digital communication tools for work, there’s still something missing from the conversation: the tone, inflection and non-verbal cues that help us convey emotion. ! Negative emotions are the most difficult. 71% There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to using emoticons in digital communications. More than a quarter of workers who are willing to use emoji more at work wish there was a wider variety of options. Men and women prefer different emoticons to express themselves at work. Workers choose emoticons most often to express positive emotions in professional communications. 3% 3% 3% 7% 16% 64% Women are more likely than men to use happy face emoticons cotap.com Men are more likely than women to use thumbs up This survey was conducted by Kelton Global between March 21st and April 1st, 2014 among 1,015 employed Americans ages 18 and over who own a smartphone, using an e-mail invitation and an online survey. The margin of error is +/- 3.1%. Percentages of workers who send emoticons in the workplace. Emoji for the win! Though they’ve yet to be fully adopted in work communications... 76% Welcome to the future of work communication. The thumbs up emoticon is used more than twice as much in professional communication than in personal communication. Nearly 1/2 of these workers don’t feel emotionally connected at work. Emoji use outside of work hours Emoji use during work hours But they have a few requests ;) Emotions these workers struggle to express digitally Maybe some of these would be a good start? 88% 75%