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Infographic - Nine Common Business Challenges of Governing Risk

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Take into consideration these nine common challenges faced by organizations while governing risk, and chose software solutions that can support the risk management journey from planning to execution.

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Infographic - Nine Common Business Challenges of Governing Risk

  1. 1. corporater.com/infographics corporater.com/risk Corporater Inc. All rights reserved 2020 Common Business Challenges of GOVERNING RISK9 Data in disparate systems Lack of clear and updated overview/ status Reactive – not proactive management Time consuming consolidation and reporting Inefficient & ineffective reporting Manual/ Excel based management Excessive operational focus in the reports Lack of quantitative assessments Difficulties in bringing about cultural change 1 5 5 4 3 2 Challenges of Risk Governance 6 7 8 9 Organizations require an agile risk management solution to conduct risk assessments and keep track of risk treatments and controls across projects & portfolios, departments, business units, divisions and countries. Here are nine common challenges faced by the top management while governing risk.