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"Future outlook: are corporate accelerators a long-term viable approach?

  1. DRIVING CORPORATE INNOVATION Future Outlook: are corporate accelerators a long-term viable approach? 21.06.2018, Berlin
  2. 22 Let’s innovate together! Janos Török Senior Innovation Consultant Pioneers Discover +43 677 627 264 04 Natalia Gricovkanics Senior Innovation Consultant Pioneers Discover +43 676 645 09 21
  3. 3 Pre-seed investor advances the growth of early-stage startups. Leveraging its global network of corporates, industry experts and entrepreneurs. In partnership with Speedinvest. Inspirational, exclusive events for bold, pioneering entrepreneurs. Creating spaces under one roof where innovation can thrive. The consultancy for corporates & public sector internationally. Driving internal & open innovation by introducing entrepreneurial tools, methods and culture. Founded in 2009, Pioneers is the ultimate One-Stop-Platform for global tech innovators to access curated & qualified data of European startups. We establish and facilitate direct and meaningful business relationships to foster growth & innovation: through digital services, consultancy, ventures services and inspirational offline experiences. Pioneers Digital Growing strong digital community of tech innovators: Online access, Reports, Matchmaking for all key stakeholders. COMPANY OVERVIEW
  4. 4 WHAT WE STAND FOR The challenges we tackle: Transform Corporate Culture Anticipate The Future Build New Products We shape the future of corporates: We believe long-term innovation is achieved through a combination of internal and startup-driven innovation. We make this happen by empowering corporate teams with entrepreneurial techniques and by bringing in startups and other experts to inspire, co-create and disrupt businesses.
  5. 5 GET A TASTE OF WHAT WE DO IN-HOUSE ACCELERATOR Guide intrapreneurs from ideation to development of new products in a 4- month, in-house innovation program. INNOVATION DAY Inspire and mobilize the whole organization around startups, technologies and innovation. OPEN INNOVATION PLATFORM Manage new ideas from employees, clients and startups, and implement the best ones into the business, with digital software and an innovation process. INTRAPRENEUR SPRINT WEEK Equip your employees with entrepreneurial tools and methods in a 5-day boot camp. From ideation to pitching. STARTUP ACCELERATOR Match top startups with the company in order to bring innovative solutions to life as part of a guided program. CORPORATE VENTURE CAPITAL Managing CVC Funds for international corporates and family offices for startup investments. STARTUP & TECH REPORTS Get insightful startup profiles and understand the future of your industry. HACKATHON Allow startups to hack your products or solve concrete challenges and develop prototypes within 48 hours. INTERNALINNOVATIONSTARTUP-DRIVENINNOVATION
  6. 6 5 PHASES OF INNOVATION Potential startups and new tech Initial startup-collaboration & prototype Established startup-collaboration & pilot Established business case & roll-out FROM IDEATION TO IMPLEMENTATION 1. Ideation Encourage an entrepreneurial mindset and define innovation opportunities. 2. Intelligence Discover startups, technologies and trends relevant to you. 3. Prototyping Collaborate with startups and create first product prototypes. 4. Pilot Develop a pilot and really kick-start your innovate project. 5. Implementation Launch the new product and start scaling up! Outcomes Startup-innovation strategy & roadmap Potential startups and new tech
  7. 7 A SELECTION OF OUR CLIENTS Pioneers offer the best way to get to know new startups and ideas for our future. The wide variety and quality of Pioneers startups provided an accurate overview of global innovative trends: great value for us. Our project gained traction quickly because Pioneers were able to translate our requirements into the right sourcing targets.
  8. 8 WORKSHOP GOALS DISCUSS: Exchange experience regarding the success factors and barriers of acceleration programs LEARN: Get insights to the formats and concepts of corporate acceleration programs DEFINE: Develop a future outlook of acceleration programs and their success factors
  10. 10 Vast Technological Trends Fast developments require steady innovation to be competitive VR & AR BLOCKCHAIN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ROBOTICS PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS INDUSTRY 4.0 BIG DATA DIGITALIZATION
  12. 12 Average age of S&P 500 steadily decreasing Disruption in every Industry 100 million new companies / year The majority of innovation and disruption comes from new competitors. Years 1960 Years 2015 High Speed Growth Growth of new entrants accelerates 59 19
  13. 13 Powerful new entrants The number of new unicorns increases year by year Source: CB Insights, 2018
  14. 14 Open Innovation From dark room to open mindset
  15. 15 Competitors Universities Clients Suppliers Employees Retailer OPEN Innovation Partner A broad set of potential innovation partners
  16. 16 New Innovation Partner Startups are increasingly involved in collaboration models. Competitors Universities Clients Suppliers Employees Retailer
  17. 17 COLLABORATION FRAMEWORK How do we cooperate with startups Ø Innovation strategy (process optimization vs. product enhancement) Ø Goals of collaboration (inspiration, research, challenge solving etc.) Ø Collaboration outcomes (e.g. ROI, new business models, positioning and branding) Ø Availability of resources (financial, time, human) Ø Dedication to cooperation (short-term vs. long-term)
  19. 19 CONCEPT OVERVIEW Why do an accelerator c Ø Foster internal culture change and learning by engaging employees as mentors. Ø Position company as a provider of innovative services. Ø Gain important insights that can be monetized into tangible business benefits and create value for customers. Ø Support and gain exclusive access to the top startups in your ecosystem and benefit from their innovations. GOALS: ACCELERATOR Provides a structure within which innovation and business-building can occur at a rapid pace and economical cost. c Ø Partnership: Credibility, references, client database, customer/supplier, R&D Ø Funding: Equity stake, credit support Ø Resources: Talent, data, licenses, IT infrastructure Ø Exposure: Branding, PR activity, support services OUTCOMES:
  20. 20 FRAMEWORK Key Information LOCATION: Remote with 2 - 3 on-site weeks/ full time on site DURATION: from 3 weeks to 4 - 6 months INVOLVEMENT: Part-time/ Full-time NUMBER OF STARTUPS: 5 – 15 startups per batch KEY PARTICIPANTS: Startups, Ambassadors, Program Directors, BU Partners, Customers BOOTCAMP: Guided PoC development around fundamental topics that vary GROWTH CURRICULUM: Events that supplement the Bootcamp and are intended to drive startup growth and development DEMO DAY: A final showcase day where the presentation of the PoCs occurs ELEMENTS: SCOUTING: Selection of the top startups to join the acceleration program
  21. 21 SETUP Roles & Responsibilities PROGRAM DIRECTORS Pioneers Discover consultants responsible for leading Bootcamp, Growth Curriculum and Demo Day. Ø Organize and facilitate all on-site activities Ø Develop match-making tool to identify BU Partners to serve as mentors Ø Provide week-by-week content plan Ø Leverage partner, media and investor network Ø Serve as intermediary between startups and Program Directors Ø Organize and facilitate Demo Day PIONEERS AMBASSADORS RESPONSIBILITIES Company representatives responsible for day-to-day execution of accelerator. Ø Identify BU Partners to participate in program Ø Support facilitation of and lead some activities Ø Promote acceleration internally Ø Provide hands-on assistance to startups Ø Serve as bridge between startups and a company BU PARTNERS Internal subject matter experts, representing all business units, available on an ad hoc basis. Ø Lead Academy workshops and master classes Ø Serve as mentors Ø Evaluate progress of PoCs Ø Provide practical feedback to be implemented by startups Ø Participate in other Growth Curriculum events CUSTOMERS Hand-selected customers who provide feedback on PoCs during certain interval points. Ø Evaluate progress of PoCs Ø Provide practical feedback to be implemented by startups
  22. 22 SCOUTING Selection of the top-notch startups ALL STARTUP SUBMISSIONS (1 - 2 months) TOP 50 - 80 (1 - 2 weeks) TOP 30 - 50 (1 – 2 weeks/month) TOP 10-15 APPLICATION PERIOD Active scouting & promoting the project to receive submissions via online application form EVALUATION LONGLIST Evaluation of startups based on pre-defined criteria and their fit for the program + invite them to the pitching session. REMOTE PITCHING/ ON-SITE PITCHING Based on the evaluation, invitation of the top fits for interviews in pre-defined format. SELECTION OF THE TOP STARTUPS After the pitching, jury evaluates startups and selects 10-15 top fits that join acceleration program.
  23. 23 BOOTCAMP Overview 1 Problem / Solution Fit 3 Business Model Exploration 2 Product & Customer Development 4 Agile Development 5 Pitch Training 6 Funding PoC/ USE CASE DEVELOPMENT Each period of the accelerator is dedicated to PoC development around a particular, fundamental topic. Sample topics
  24. 24 GROWTH CURRICULUM Overview Networking events to engage with and learn from important influencers. EVENTS Individual office hours scheduled with BU Partners and program directors to discuss progress. OFFICE HOURS Days in which customers and BU Partners are brought in to evaluate progress made on PoCs and offer useful feedback. FEEDBACK DAYS Series of workshops and master classes around bootcamp topics and delivered by BU Partners. ACADEMY Complementing the Bootcamp are events designed to promote the growth and development of the startups by giving them the tools, resources and insights they need for success. On-site On-site & Remote On-site On-site & Remote
  25. 25 STARTUP PACKAGE What participating startups get OFFICE SPACE Access to office space during on-site weeks. MENTORSHIP & TRAININGS Coaching, business feedback and financial advice from top subject matter and industry experts. NETWORK Introduction to key internal and external partners and investors. EVENTS A calendar of networking events to learn from the best-and-brightest. SEED MONEY Sufficient capital to promote necessary research, development and production. IT & BUSINESS SUPPORT Access to dedicated banking support and technology/services.
  27. 27 BOOKING.COM Successful Programs Goal: Make sure that tourism is a force for good by supporting a select group of scale-ups, thus working together toward a more sustainable future for the global tourism industry Framework: 3-week startup physical accelerator and mentorship program Value: € 2 million grant fund, 6 month mentorship and network of organizations working to make the travel industry more sustainable Fields: Scale-ups in sustainable tourism (over crowdedness, environment, local communities)
  28. 28 AIRBUS BIZLAB Successful Programs Goal: Speed up the transformation of innovative ideas into valuable businesses. We closely collaborate with startups to allow smaller organizations to better understand needs and ways of working of large groups. Framework: 6-month acceleration program on site Value: Up to €50.000 for PoC, Mentors & experts, free office space, Amazon Web Service credit, prototyping facilities, Demo Day Fields: Early stage startups not limited to aerospace domain: Data analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Digital Design & Manufacturing, Autonomy & Robotics, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Urban Air Mobility, Electrification & Connectivity, VR & AR, New Space solutions & SmartCity, Blockchain & Cybersecurity
  29. 29 Raiffeisen Bank International Successful Programs Goal: Jointly inspire and convince more than 16,6 million customers across our widespread banking network. Framework: Bootcamps, three co-working weeks in Vienna, Pitching Day and the Demo Day Value: Budget of up to €200,000 for PoC, exposure to executives and external investors, 20 mentoring sessions Fields: Proven innovative fintech products and technologies in Advanced Analytics, RegTech, Corporate Banking, Investing and Trading, Open Banking, New Branch Experience
  30. 30 PROGRAM ELEMENTS Success Factors MISSION: What will your accelerator do? FOCUS: What is a specialization of your accelerator? STRUCTURE: How are internal structures organized? SCOUTING: How to attract the best startups? SELECTION: How do you ensure the successful selection? PACKAGE: What support will you offer startups? PROGRAM: How is your program arranged before, during and after? PERFORMANCE How will you track the impact of your program?
  32. Technology needs visionaries to make it fly. Be Bold. Be a Pioneer. DRIVING CORPORATE INNOVATION