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Moo cs digitalisation_book-mooc_cmg

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MOOCs as catalyst for digital learning experience.
NordBioMedNet meeting in Copenhagen

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Moo cs digitalisation_book-mooc_cmg

  1. 1. cormac.mcgrath@ki.se Cormac McGrath & Lars-Arne Haldosen Karolinska Instituet Using experiences of MOOCs to promote digital learning & virtual mobility.
  2. 2. Why KI offers MOOCs?  Profiling / ”marketing”  Find collaborators  Developing digital/content material  Ethical – educating society cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  3. 3. KI’s different kinds of edX based digital learning interaction cormac.mcgrath@ki.se MOOC Massive Open Online Course National (NOOC) Small Private (SPOC)
  4. 4. How to design and produce a MOOC/SPOC  Video-snippets  Texts  Interactive excercises  Discussion forums cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  5. 5. An example of a MOOC: R Statistics cormac.mcgrath@ki.se Course Statistics R 41 000 participants 197 countries 2726 certificate
  6. 6. cormac.mcgrath@ki.se KI-edx
  7. 7. From Massive Open to Small Private Open  Identifying areas of interest  Developing core material for dissemination  Enhancing collaboration in the Nordic region and beyond cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  8. 8. UNESCO  Open Educational Resources (OERs) are any type of educational materials that are in the public domain or introduced with an open license. The nature of these open materials means that anyone can legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them. OERs range from textbooks to curricula, syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, tests, projects, audio, video and animation. cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  9. 9. Part two: Open Learning Activities  Open learning activities - Based on competency frameworks (Intended Learning Outcomes) & technical standards (Open access software) cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  10. 10. Open Learning Activities: an example of common goals  Bioethics:  Identify ethical problems, positions, and arguments within biomedicine.  Perform an analysis of an ethical problem within biomedicine.  Coherently argue for and against courses of action on how to deal with an ethical problem within biomedicine cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  11. 11. Open Learning Activities- promoting virtual mobility  Competency frameworks that work across borders  Pedagogical content material that is developed with “excellence in mind”  Assessment activities that allow students to test their own knowledge and allow faculty to track that knowledge  Examination conducted in respective school  Data that allows us to follow students learning and figure out what works! cormac.mcgrath@ki.se
  12. 12. Possibilities are obvious and endless but what of the challenges  Time consuming (opportunity: re-use material)  Rethink education – video snippets  Interaction and feedback  Diverse audience - language cormac.mcgrath@ki.se