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10 lessons to become a successful entrepreneur

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Wise words from a Silicon Valley CEO.
Read more here: blog.cooliris.com

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10 lessons to become a successful entrepreneur

  1. 10 lessonsto become a successful entrepreneurSoujanya BhumkarCo-Founder & CEO Cooliris
  2. All slides confidentialHaving a great idea is only 5% ofwhat it takes. Execution is 95%.
  3. All slides confidentialIt’s not the what and the why, it’s thehow that’s the game changer.
  4. All slides confidentialUser feedback will help you navigateyour entrepreneurial journey.
  5. All slides confidentialKnow what the user is thinking 10 secondsbefore they click your app.If you achieve that, you are golden.
  6. All slides confidentialConditions around you change.Be aware and be ready to change with it.
  7. All slides confidentialLook in the mirror. That’s often whereyou see your biggest competitor.
  8. All slides confidentialKnow how much to invest for today,AND how much for tomorrow.
  9. All slides confidentialThese days, achieving high user engagement ismore valuable than high broadcast.
  10. All slides confidentialShamelessly ask all the time. The worst you can get is ano. A no is just as cool as a yes. It doesn’t matter.
  11. All slides confidentialStartups can push a product release in the same amountof time it takes a big company to schedule a meeting.That means something, and you need to leverage that.