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What Books Should You Have In Your Preparation and Survival Library

While people focus on food or water or guns, the most valuable commodity in a survival situation, especially a long term one, is knowledge. Both print and eBooks are invaluable. What ones should you have and why?

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What Books Should You Have In Your Preparation and Survival Library

  1. 1. And links to survival gear
  2. 2. When I started my survival library, I focused on print books. After all, books are a valuable resource of knowledge, particularly information not readily available, that I would use most if things got really bad and the grid was down. I’ve found I also use these books on a daily basis because the knowledge contained in them covers a wide spectrum from gardening to medical issues. However, I’ve done a 180 on the print only aspect in the past year as I’ve worked with solar power. I now load my iPhone, iPad and laptop with as many books as I want. With a book like Wild Edibles, having the book on my phone is invaluable. I carry a small lithium battery/solar charger on my Grab-n-Go bag and have one on the dash of my Jeep. I still have these books in print and they are on my grab list to take if I have to bug out, but I like having the Kindle versions loaded on my phone, iPad and laptop. You can find more information about solar power and grab-n-go bags from my other slideshows.
  3. 3. When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability and Surviving the Long Emergency by Matthew Stein. A great resource of information for long term skills.
  4. 4. SAS Survival Handbook by John Wiseman. Redundant to most information in my book, I have it because of the images of plants and it always pays to have a second opinion, especially from our British cousins in the SAS. No one survival manual can cover everything as there are too many variables and possible scenarios.
  5. 5. Peterson Field Guides put out a series of books about plants. Two keys are: Edible Wild Plants Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America Unfortunately those two books aren’t available in eBook and having a plant guide on your cell phone you can easily bring up is very useful. So next slide . . .
  6. 6. Wild Edibles: A Practical Guide to Foraging, with Easy Identification of 60 Edible Plants and 67 Recipes by Sergei Boutenko. This is available in eBook.
  7. 7. Basic Fishing: A Beginner’s Guide by Wade Bourne is very useful. Remember, that the Donner Party never even attempted to fish in the nearby lake, even though it had trout in it and a teenage boy had survived the previous winter in the same area, mainly by fishing. The story of the Donner Party and what went wrong is FREE on Kindle.
  8. 8. The Gift of Fear: And Other Survival Signs That Protect Us From Violence by Gavin de Becker is a classic that applies to more than just survival situations. His company provides security for many notable persons and he shows how to read your environment to avoid trouble.
  9. 9. My Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George is a classic story of survival that is great to read with your kids to introduce them to survival situations and information.
  10. 10. The Ultimate Survival Medicine Guide by Amy Alton. This is the premier book for survival medicine when a doctor or hospital is not available.
  11. 11. I recommend my book, not just because it’s mine, but because I think it’s one of the best out there in terms of preparation and walking a person through how to do it. The Area Study portion, which I haven’t found in other guides, allows you to focus your time and resources.
  12. 12. My Green Beret Guide to Seven Great Disasters series are recommended reading not just because the various events are interesting, but for leaders and organizations to learn how to prevent Cascade Events that lead to disaster, by studying past disasters. Two of the episodes, Donner Party and St Francis Dam Failure are free.
  13. 13. More Free Information I constantly update free, downloadable slideshows like this on my web site for preparation and survival and other topics. www.bobmayer.com/workshops I also have YouTube Survival videos. HERE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfvVDPwOmC-97VgbBe369A Also, I conduct Area Study workshops for those interested in properly preparing for their specific circumstances.
  14. 14. The guide on the left is the complete preparation and survival guide. The one on the right is a pocket-size manual with just the survival portion. Useful in your Grab- n-Go bag, car and kitchen drawer. SURVIVAL GUIDES
  15. 15. New York Times bestselling author, is a graduate of West Point and former Green Beret. He’s had over 80 books published, including the #1 bestselling series Green Berets, Time Patrol, Area 51, and Atlantis. He’s sold over 5 million books. He was born in the Bronx and has traveled the world. He’s lived on an island off the east coast, an island off the west coast, in the Rocky Mountains, the Smoky Mountains and other places, including time in East Asia studying martial arts. He was an instructor and course developer/writer for years at the JFK Special Warfare Center and School which trains Green Berets and also runs the SERE school: Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. www.bobmayer.com