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Everyone is wrong about influence. Except Your Customers

What is influence? For a decade, Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point has served as a touchstone for those who believe that influence resides in the hands of a select few. Not so, says a new generation of marketers. They believe that thanks to the democratizing power of the Internet, anyone can be an Influential. Both camps are wrong. True influence flows from drawing together people with shared interests. This session focuses on the process of identifying areas of relevancy among your customers and prospects, building community, and allowing others to amplify your influence as you meet their needs.

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Everyone is wrong about influence. Except Your Customers

  1. EVERYONE IS WRONG <br />ABOUT INFLUENCE<br />except your customers<br />valeria maltoni, Conversation Agent<br />June 16, 2011 <br />@ConversationAge<br />
  2. =<br />solving<br />TRUE influence <br />problem<br />
  3. what customers do<br />their work<br />
  4. ?<br />why<br />
  5. !<br />IN-FLU-ENCE<br />definition<br />
  6. … stories paint a picture that creates an emotional response to the information you are receiving that influences one to respond.<br />- overthetopaprons@syix.com<br />While careful tracking and analysis can help identify exactly how you're being interpreted by influencers, in all human interaction, there's bound to be a significant level of trial and error and blind luck. The trick is taking advantage of that blind luck-did you learn something from the lucky turn of influence that you can use to improve moving forward?<br />- @tracycgold<br />making a connection<br />meeting opportunity<br />understanding context<br />… influence implies causality (influencer acts, 'influencees' act in return) means that it's not a simple idea that can be summarized by a handful of influencer archetypes or measured by how many followers and retweets you have on Twitter. The main driver for this complexity in our experience is context which should be interpreted as: <br />1) relevance (topical); 2) situational<br />- Pierre-LoicAssayag, CEO @traackr<br />
  7. connector<br />salesman<br />maven<br />SELECT FEW<br />
  8. predicting the qualities of the next hit product or hot company is notoriously difficult<br />
  9. ?<br />who<br />
  10. social trends often seem to have been driven by certain influential people; <br />yet marketers have been unable to identify these “influencers” in advance<br />
  11. execution DISCONNECT<br />
  12. true<br />influence<br />human experience<br />
  13. TRUST<br />
  14. April 13, 2009 – Good as You GLBT activist blog publishes the Domino’s videos for the first time, videos go viral within hours<br />May 19, 2010 – Josh Simpson, comedian, CA creates @BPGlobalPR 188,604 followers at height of interest<br />CATALYST<br />May 13, 2010 – Lee Perkins, videographer, Shreveport, LA creates Boycott BP 841,047 fans<br />
  15. 200,000<br />12,000,000<br />600<br />40 > 5<br />REDEFINING EXPERIENCE<br />
  16. MOMENT OF NEED<br />
  17. PHYSICAL + VIRTUAL<br />
  18. entertain<br />affect opinions <br />exchange important information <br />point out, enforce social rules <br />learn from mistakes <br />
  19. building attention and TRUST<br />
  20. community @ work<br />± 42,000<br />2000<br />127<br />27<br />101<br />2001<br />8<br />375<br />give people a VOICE<br />Image source: Seven Morris<br />
  21. drive ACTION<br />
  22. to react in real life<br />Image source: The Telegraph<br />
  24. wide<br />spread across<br />knowing issues<br />having things on the radar<br />building wide acceptance and buy-in<br />evangelists<br />concentrated<br />credibility and trust <br />from past experience, track record <br />deep<br />t-shaped influence<br />Source: Jess McMullin<br />
  25. ?<br />how<br />
  26. influence<br />attractors<br />generating value<br />
  27. CONNECTING<br />INQUIRING<br />SEEING/SENSING<br />COMMITTING<br />RESPONDING<br />you can make data-driven decisions<br />
  28. 1<br />CONNECTING<br />Image source: joiseyshowaa<br />
  29. television<br />digital<br />experiential & social<br />
  30. creative culture discovery<br />obscure sports<br />digital<br />61% none<br />77% plan to<br />85% sales<br />experiential & social<br />
  31. digital<br />offline<br />
  32. http://solidsoundfestival.com/<br />
  33. investors seek objective sources of information online<br />
  34. tribe<br />
  35. 2<br />INQUIRING<br />
  36. what they SAY<br />what they DO<br />
  37. DATA & information<br />Image source: John Biehler<br />
  38. data-driven feedback loop on goals and motivations<br />
  39. what they EXPECT<br />
  40. mobile platforms in health = ability to access records anytime, anywhere<br />
  41. health care where we live, play, work and pray<br />
  42. 3<br />SEEING / SENSING<br />Image source: Michele Catania<br />
  43. good tools give you<br />good INFORMATION<br />
  44. good communities give you<br />A REASON to come back<br />
  45. College/Campus<br />Experience<br />Distance Learning<br />Education News<br />Education Policy<br />Teaching/Learning<br />Professor Blogs<br />Admissions/<br /> Rankings<br />Technology In <br />Education<br />Homeland Security<br />Career Planning<br />key categories / topics<br />
  46. make them better <br />at what they want to bebetter at<br />Image source: Lane County, OR communications center<br />
  47. are your goals<br />ALIGNED?<br />Image source: Cyril Bosselut<br />
  48. impacts<br />LOYALTY<br />
  49. 4<br />COMMITTING<br />
  50. 1 / 9 / 90<br />
  51. ?<br />a STORY that resonates - emotional triggers are very powerful<br />the ABILITY to SPREAD it - the connections in social networks make it super easy<br />doing something MEANINGFUL - to feel part of something greater than self<br />what<br />
  52. access to REAL OPTIONS<br />
  53. +<br />
  54. social SENSIBILITY<br />
  55. 5<br />RESPONDING<br />Image source: Dawn Hopkins<br />
  56. Image source: David Reece<br />
  57. Image source: star5112<br />
  58. 1 month<br />proactive<br />1 year<br />Jan/Feb, 2010Toyota Recall<br />42 million vehicles are recalled due to faulty breaks. <br />February 14, 2007Customer Service Issues<br />Leaked memo from founder Howard Shultz sets off a series of initiatives that leads to launch of My Starbucks Idea.<br />July 16, 2009Sustainability Index<br />CEO-led, proactive initiative to affect supply chain.<br />July 7, 1977Breast Milk Action Network<br />Company boycott is called in U.S. and expanded in Europe in the ‘80s.<br />1 month<br />1977<br />2007<br />2010<br />30 years<br />March 17, 2010Palm Oil/Greenpeace<br />Facebook wall animosity caused by community manager.<br />August 13, 2009Employee-created YouTube expose’ video<br />Video is viewed by 1 million people.<br />June 2005“Dell Hell”<br />Blogger Jeff Jarvis begins a controversy about company’s customer service issues.<br />2005<br />April 20, 2010Gulf Oil spill<br />BP engages PIER emergency system to communicate internally.<br />2009<br />February 2009Customer Service issue<br />Blue Shirt nation led to TwelpeForce and prompt response.<br />48 hours<br />1 month<br />1 month<br />1 minute<br />social media<br />interACTIONS<br />
  59. ?<br />if it’s not you<br />whowillinfluence<br />your customers<br />
  60. Businesses should treat technology like a special effect. If you’re James Cameron and you’re doing a movie like Avatar, the issue is, “What kind of world am I trying to create?” Then the question is, “So how do I get the technology to do that?” The leading question is not, <br />“Gee, how do I make a cheaper movie faster?”<br />— Michael Schrage<br />Image source: Nic McPhee<br />
  61. =<br />solving<br />influence <br />TRUE problem<br />
  62. ?<br />for more info go to<br />
  63. ConversationAgent<br />http://www.conversationagent.com/<br />http://www.facebook.com/ConversationAgent<br />@ConversationAge<br />http://www.linkedin.com/in/conversationagent<br />
  64. !<br />about me<br />Fresh voice in strategy with 20 years of real-world business experience, 10 of which online. Valeria Maltoni is Principal, Conversation Agent, LLC. <br />Specialized in taking companies to what’s next in their business cycle by planning and building value-creating systems that add momentum and performance to deliver strength, resilience, and endurance to the business. She’s worked at companies from Fortune 500 to small start ups in 5 industries.<br />