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@ConversationAge Quotes

21 quotes about business promises, vision, credibility, imagination, creativity, technology, sincerity, passion, staying true to oneself, and high resolution appreciation.

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@ConversationAge Quotes

  1. 1. GREAT QUOTES @Conversa*onAge  
  2. 2. “it is the time youhave wasted foryour rose thatmakes your roseso important” − Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
  3. 3. MECHANICS beat leadership, talent, and teamwork when itcomes to trading an organization into strength, enduranceand resilience. It’s the I N V I S I B L E ALGORITHM that connects people to theirpromises. And it’s in plain sight if you know how to look.
  4. 4. We  fear  the  things  –  and  people  –  that  we  do  not  understand  far  more  than  the  things  we  do,  even  if  the  la:er  are  much  more  risky.    For  this  reason,  its  not  surprising  that  people  fear  technology.  Its  newness  is  confusing  and  no  ones  quite  certain  what  to  do  with  the  promises  it  offers.  
  5. 5. Almost everybody has Their Thing forwhich they have high resolutionappreciation. The problem is when we want andexpect everyone in our domain to havethe same exact Thing.
  6. 6. CLARITY OF VISION,what youve beenlooking for from thewrong angle and notseeing at all... youlabor, you sweat to SEEwhat you could beseeing from that otherperspective.
  7. 7. Architecture and buildingis about HOW you getaround the obstacles thatare presented to you. That sometimesdetermines how successfulyoull be: How good areyou at going aroundobstacles?
  8. 8. Nowadays, more than anyother time, people are eagerfor inspired ideas that standout and are worth believing in.There’s so much disingenuousnoise in our culture than whenan idea is presented withSINCERITY and passion, it standsout and resonates.
  9. 9. The reviews were terrible. They didntunderstand what wewere doing. They gavethe fourth album a oneparagraph review. Theres a lot ofmaterial on that: BlackDog, When the LevyBreaks, Stairway toHeaven... one paragraph. They didnt have aclue of what was goingon. I just didnt botherreading the papers fromthat point on.
  10. 10. We all think that an exception is going to be madein our case and were going to live forever. Beinga human is actually arriving at the understandingthat thats not going to be. STORY is there toremind us that its just OK.
  11. 11. Unlike any other creature on this planet, humans canlearn and understand, without having experienced.They can THINK themselves into other people’s places.
  12. 12. Remain TRUE to yourselfand your philosophy.Changing in the face ofadversity will in factdiminish your credibilitywith your customers.[…] you can’t becomecredible overnight just onthe basis of hugeadvertising campaigns.[…] To create somethingexceptional, your mindsetmust be relentlesslyfocused on the smallestdetail.
  13. 13. This is an old problem. I suppose it comes frompeople wanting to be correct and not trustingthemselves, fearing they’ll seem like uneducatedcountry bumpkins in his day, if they told what theysaw and how it struck them. I don’t remember everbeing forced to wear those sorts of blinders when Iwas a child. Children do report what they SEE.
  14. 14. The complexity of the problems weface is growing bigger and bigger.And our ability to solve problems ischanging... We have 40 watts ofenergy to work with and what wereally respond to is that differencein that other person...  We  can  be  selec*vely  strange  to  other  people...  Lets reach out tothe STRANGE… When we aretogether, creativity goes up.
  15. 15. Don’t sign on for more problems than you must. Resist thetemptation to involve yourself in other people’s zones ofexpertise and responsibility. Monitor troublesome situationsif you need to, but don’t insert yourself unless you’re runningout of time and a solution is nowhere in sight. In short, stifleyour inner control freak.
  16. 16. I think Ive done okay. I takeresponsibility for my successes aswell as my failures. But when Ilook at my professional mistakes,Im always left with the feelingthat maybe I should have doneMORE.
  17. 17. The things that you BUILDin the next decade aregoing to cost people, likelymillions of people, maybea billion people dependingon the networks whereyou hitch your respectivewagons, they are going tocost a lot of people a lot oftime.
  18. 18. In the end, the biggest risk isnot to take any risks at all. Inscience we find that:•  The opposite of a deep TRUTH can also be true: waves can also be particles, and energy is another form of matter; two mutually exclusive things can be part of the same larger reality•  Every action has a reaction•  Everything is CONNECTED•  Things look different in different reference frames•  Rules change in unfamiliar terrain, often in counterintuitive ways
  19. 19. Image source: Lorenzo Cuppini