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Proof of Concept Facility

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Proof of Concept Facility

  1. 1. 5th and Kace Center & BACDC,ONFEKENCE CENTER
  2. 2. & RACE CON DENTIALITYAGREEM FI ENT BETWEENFIRMSAGREEMENT acknowledgement 8nd between Fifth& Rac€Center. herafierthe Company, ano he.eater Undersigned. theWhereas,the Companyagrees to tumisi the Undersioned certain confidential anto.mationrelating the affairsof the Company purposes to for of: Conslruding conferencing a endbusiness broadc€sling facilitywithequipment specializing s€amtess in transferstanda.ds oigitalMdeo^yoice. for computers and Telecommunications.Whe.eas, uMeEigned the aorces rcview, to examine,inspect orobtainsuchinfo.mstion for onlythe purpos€sdesc{ibed above,and to othgrwise holdsuchinfo.mationconfidential Du6qanttothetermsof thisagreement,BE lT KNOWll,thatthe Company or shallfumish theUndersigned has to c€rtain confidentialintormation mayfunhersllowthe onders€ned .ightto inspecf bosiness the and the the ofCompany andor interviq,v employees rgpr€s€ntativestheC;mpany, onOe following or of allconditions:1. TheUndersigned.Orees hotd confidentialproprietary to a or infomdtion trao€ or secretsCinfo.mation) trust @nfidenc€ agrees it shall used in and and that be ontyfo. purpose, notbeused thecontemplated shall foaany otheapurpose disclosed or toany lhi.dpany.2. Noc.pieswillbe made retained or ofanywritten information supplied.3. At theconclusion ourdiscussions,upon of or demand theCompany, information, by all includingwritlen photog.aphs. notes, memoranda.notes or lakgn youshall by be retumed !s. to4. Thisinformation notbedisclosed anyemptoyee consultant shsll to or unless they I2OWEST FIFTHSTREET SUITE I2O5 crNclNNATI,OHIO 45202 513621l00l FAX:513 0ll5 621
  3. 3. agaee o(€cuteandb€ borr.|d theterms thisagreement. to bt of5. lt is underslood the U.ddriOn€d that shallhaveno oblkJalion respedto any with technology oagene|ally known the ua|de|1Eilned by known withintho industry p.iorto thedateof lhis agreement, becomes o. common knolvledge wilhinth€ induslry thereafrer. However, new€pCiztionsdevelop€d all withinthisfscilityfo. res€leand/o. reus€ be c.nsider€d panof thiscoNFlDENTlALlryAGREEMENT. will aOatesigned: Signalure ln Witnsss Name Witness of printcleady) (pleas€
  4. 4. & RACE INTRODUCTIONAs t s undedaking movestofwad - towads becoming profttsble I - Invesiment we aaeherebringing togetherfor yourcqrsitcralionourunde.starding e cooc€pt. We 8re doinothis, not ofonly for your info.matiqr,b|rt 8bo withtho expectation rve may induceyour coop€ration, thatandyes,p€drapc eventu.lt yourpadicipation us,In lmplementlngdan. with aBACXGROUNDTi€ buCness (telecommunications) in thls sres of tie counlty,slthoughapParsntly baso behlndthe curve in apdil|o fcdnology lo onhance pfoduc0vlty,nov€.thgless presentsus rvith Iunhu€oppoiunity, mct bosiness as f.ms (in this rcglon)haveonlyb€gunto consider complexcomputedzation €ohanc€ments thoir sylisms to lmprovoproductivity. o. to Given ti€ proporspproadr(s€emy gEgUIllG-g.UgU E)0, thls shouldF€s€nta majoropgottunitv THE forFIFTH8ndRACE CENIERand(byyoursssociation us)yourbugn€ss wilh flospecG!0o.The wldesp(€d 16r of sl€dronicmediahascrEai€d $J8t€gies the wort placa.wlth the new indovatopment poivertulmicrocompulers thc pssl d€c€d€,sophisiicdedcommunication of insldsms havccom€Intoaommon us€,includir! voicemail,tel€text,foq teleconter9ncim,8Mviteo servic€s. ligl{ of tfies6realities, In rts haveoxamlned conc€d, The Fnh EndRsce ourCenter,with its posslulities, as !-yE!19-!g$t!gg O$bJllgtle!. As 8n outgtowth that and of lmags, Yvouts considerablysiudy, yre hsve coifid€ntly determin€d tiat our locations b€€nhanced smono pot€ntiatuss6. if suddenly p|opelledtorrad high toch. yo!Furth€moro. canh€lpus sffectively Intoduceour ovsrallslrategy.Andsr|ouldyouchoose oppotuni0es,whlch could greatlytg do so. lhis couH rEsuttin the devolopment f.€sh otonhanca yourbrsinessas r€ll as ou.s.Oneexamdo:Effectively ssslmilated our tadlily - intoyourcoopeEtioo alonecouldleadto advancos b{osdcasi in t€chnology Thes€adv.nces(o. it could be us€din any a.ea of th€ wedd- Pmpedydeslgjl€dand nslltou rill, capautitios)hangg€d,our confeoncingcentersnd b|oadc€stitlg gudio wtll p@vid€you with just such am€ans advances @mmunications. foa ln I2OVE:;T FIITH STREET SUTTE I2O5 CINCINNATI, OHIO {5202 513621lml FAX:513 6210115
  5. 5. OBJECTIVESThis region beginning seelhe anfllxof companies are takingadvanlage lowerlabor, is to that ofpaopertt othertax expenses and - not to mention speciflc the geographical imponof Cincinnati and upper southeasi)ihatbnio. For tnis reason.the markeis(in this pa.t of the lvlidwestrepresent best the groMh potenital THE FIFTHand RACECENTERfor the foreseeable forfuiureaae serviceandmanufacturing the rodustnesThe eaflyfocusof our planis to provide a prcsence will begin-to for thal generaleprospects sothat quaiifications prospecttve for business beginvery rapidlyafter slart up We can feel the ot -conferencingavaitaUtity a €ntea shouldpromote assimilation the nerr, the of technologywhich (i; the end) should metamorphosis mutual relationships into The effort will thenconcenirate a welLconceived developed on and identification the marketpotenlial of end theestablishmenl the alliances of lhat will be aequired to gain accessto workableopportuntiesThough theywill be difficult ascedain first il the paoper lo et resources in place,suc€ss in aedetermining canbe realized. themSTRATEGYAlthough communications systems here(in Cincinnati) evealwherc are presentin the business -enhancements" available them at present toenviroiment, singlebusiness utilizing the no is allThe reasonfor thii. . . is no one has attemptecl establish staong to a workingelationshipbetween lhem and lhe companies providing know how devoled to practicalapplications thedemonstraling effectiveness lhe of broadcast technologyAccordingly stategyl0r galnlng ourpotenlialrcve-nueshoulct expecled be to .esultfromassociatino FIF-IHanCRACeCENTER flE;ith the develooment soohisticated of communication lools This will be the main arca ofconcent€Iron.One of the primary charte6of THE FIFTHand RACECENTER be to establish "rapport- will athat will allowrtsclientele involvement the established wiih broadcasttechnologycomm!nityatlhe clevelopmental specificpaoject or level. Our goal will be to encourageinterdependentcoope€tionin slrategic planningprocesses to "formalizethat and participation "balanced" withbus;ness relationshiis.This piocess will allow for the etfective association everyones ofbusiness missionstatement.- with supportfor the facility(whichwill have enhanc€d overallbusiness opportunity everyone lor conceme0).TACflCSThe existing emerging and growth potential revenue of basedon communications technologynDowntown bincinneti ;oub not by itself substantiate involvementHowever.oiven the ourorcoeroenetralion, shouldbe ablelo adequately we supportour revenuebasewith additional -ir._tses be interesied associating6ilir._tsesnrn."l *otd in themselves otherwayswith us One of inlhe mostimportant aspects the planis goingto be the inkoduclion lBEllEfH-e-od-8AQE of ofCgruren t" business presentaiiontheater)into a spaceon the -skywalk.and establisha to lhe location"in cincinnati for "communications" technologyand businessIpuutionasbr0adc€st.Along with this approach,our initial effortswill be focusedon a series of prcsentations to groupsbusin-ess end_useas delermine positioning and potential to ouf Eithera breakfast luncn ormeetingf;r a generil discussion a sedesof seminaEor computershowswill be the best ofvehioel In aoJition,personalcontactsestablished du.ing direct intercommunication be willimoodant.
  6. 6. & NACE CONFIDENTIAL EXECUTIVESUMMARYThis.decade goingto present 6 sometoughchallenges well as oulsianding as opponunities tobuild slrong and prcfitaue retationshrps existingand new clients. Exaaly nha is Ue wiliDu$ness goingto be tikein $e 1990.s, tvortd f,{ieredo $€ wishto be positioned with*hom? ardEven.more imponadly.how ar€ v{e Ooing b€ competitive d divecified and intensely to intechnicalma*et ptace? THE FtFfH and RACECEIITER addresses these questionsandproposes profdable I strategy.Eledronicte€hnology cont,tu€ to represent wi what is the fadesl growingsegmentot thema(er pkrce. the -droitatarenaaloneWallStreeth8sdevetoped fascinstion .pfodud In I tvithcycles, r€cogninzing the introdudion new p|oducts that of leadsto acceleratinqorcwmandmultjplse)eansion. Fifih and Rac. Center wil fools (folow clos€ly;on proju& clcles in Thethis sectertoo, sincene!r/ goduct cycles(siellarperformdrs) cpntinue-to translateinto Oetterpolentialbosiness oppodunity.MorBimponantly (withinthisvisral communication. soctoo.ths intedionis to associato facilityh,ithhigtFlmpact our recoonizing p€Epedivsus6.swill ne€dvisuatp;esentation us€ thst fores a martefng tool.The inc.e€sinodom.ndfor morcinfo.mation inexorebty ts ddvinothis needror mrcnsve orapnacp€ct4es, padiortsrly ti€ scientific, tectnical snd engheoring@mmunities- firsl glance,somewhat At daunting lheir complexity, In n€verth€less, selling th;features forgraphicsErethe sameasfor siandard1|sd pfoo;ams. mainditference tnat The iswithinthatintomation. simpler In temls,s pidull is proOaOty t OpOO worttr rcrUs,Addiuonslly,8nd-nolso coincldentslly, m8*et will notonlyrep.es€nt newssi this th€ technotogy,but ti€ mo€tprgfrtable nell: The forecast as retallvalueof the maRetfor digitalsoft$rare andhadwar€ resollers goftlm a litte over015mi ionln tgEg ,l0O will to miltion by1994.So The Filth and Rsc€Centeris goingto be spoctetizing O|G|TAL in COMMUN|CAT|ON. Tosuppoftpfomotional effottsin this s€gment the bqsiness b€ a confe.encino of will center.tt wlllanclude equip.nentthat p.ovtte:photog.apicimages will atitity speciateffects6nd transitions. gr end tho chartsend grepis, .eal to incorpo€tglive video cam€ra tspe: co;bined withvorysnall ap€dure termin8l (VSAT) televised link anddofi link)andteleconferencing end (up .- availeH-e busa0esses to-8ll in downtown Cincinnatilr,i (atthes€me le time)providingsourcesbfrevenu€ theongoing for operation the.ConfeGnce of Center..Althoughtie pdmarylsers for the facititywifl b€ the clients that need accessto digital (Endcommunication Users): typicey, researcie.s,engtne€6, analystsin universities the .ndscionlifccommunity, corporatons. consurungfirmstovengov€mment agencies; facititywill thisalsob€ available the useot businesses maywantto b€ associated us in our eifods for wto withto assil thesedients in ths tr€parEtion.nd,/orbrcadcast sny viteo basedpres€ntstign ot o.telecommunication requiroment (lrdegratols). I2OWESTNFTH STREE-T SUITE I2O5 OHIO 45m2 51362r lml CINCINNAn, FAX: 6210l15 513
  7. 7. -Slalistically eachday there a.e over 25 mrl|on conferences held in the UniledStatesatone.Addedlo this is the facl that one person.lravetting only two days a week, accumulates anestimated $34,000 year in travelexp€nses . just getting meetingsl a lo with thas mind,we inbegan comprehend possible to the savings(marketing potential) a facilily,with a specialty of suchas ours,whichcouldbe made avaalable lhe generalbusiness to community. The relationships(bus,ness potential)developed. a directaesult, as wouldexceedthe revenuegenerated the byconferencing centerin the tirsl place.Addilionally, constanl by exposure The Fifih and Race toCenter, END USERS (wilh needs for these services)wolld be more apt to encourageINTEGRATORS (who supply these services) associate to with us or considersome specialaflangements.We also need to rememberthal todaysbusiness environmenl one of constantchange. isConsequently, musl posltton we this facilityfof the foreseeablefutuae. musl recognize We thatduainqthis decadewe are gotngto have to get in front of anotherimpending technologic€lTEVOIUTION - IhC CONVERGENCE DIGITAL VIDEO/AUDIO. Of COMPUTERSANdTELECOiTMUNICATIONS Theseseparately operating ienvironments" (soon)scheduled are toestablishseamlesslransfer standads. As these new standards" develop inlo commonstandards,"lhey mustbecome integral an parl of our confercnce cenlelsmissionstatemenl.""Convergence" not anothea is catchwoad a proprietary for operating system- but discriptiveoflhe needfor commoncdterion thal shouldbe advantageous ALL D|G|TALSYSTEMS" it to aswill establishcommonlanguage mutualcommunication. and all. this is anothea for Still aeasondigitaltechnology becomingso complic€ted is thal businesses flndingjn-housesotutions aremuch too inef{lcient. now seems more evidentthan ever - that whenevea lt the complexelectronics pfoblempresenls itsetf,companies invariably are oplang establish lo relationshipswith a partner capable llnding(or still better, of delivering) solulion. a What this meansfor us isthal businessmen hard press€dto find anyone(in-house) manage increasingly to complexsystems akeadvlookino the knowhowsuchas ourfacility provide! are for will (orOUTSOURCING PARTNERING), il is cometo be referred, another,,prefe.red. as is melhodamong companies (with electronac systems), who want io controllheir financialoullay. This"kend",which is driven by corporate cost rationalization, the morc appropriate is melhodoflettingsomeone elsetake lheproblem"and "tun with it", eventakinginto consideration by thatdoingso, thisinherentlyimplies"loss of control.lt will morethan doubtefrcm $5.9 bi ion tastyearto$12.4 billion 1994. in then.by viatue our digitalgateway,il wouldonlyseemreasonable the systemsLogically of lhatavailablein our faciliiy would diclate to the generatbusinesscommunilythe indispensable-primarypanneafor any oulsourcing needwouldbe us. What this meansfor the futureis theabsolutecertainty collateral that business woulddevelop augment ibasicrevenue lo Our base.Accordingly, this outgroMh in new businesscontinues,we should look for mutual asrelationshioswith Value Added Resellers(VARS) oossessino enoineerinoskills in dioitalvideo/audio.comouters telecommunicalions. and Moreover,inasmuch outsourcing goingto as isbe the newest trendconfronting electronic the communi*tlions serviceindustries (andatis goingto be a hugemarket),and sinceour conferencing centea providelhe technology will needed,thentheseVARSshouldcertainly want to consider exchanging favo€ble anangements us withfor proximity our systems.Forthis puapose are setting to we asidesomeshared ofticespaceIn addition, providing by workspacefor qualifled (withthe ingenuity individuals o|ganizations orto contribule our clientsthe expertguidance to lhroughthe maze of new syslems), (thus) wesagnal intention becomeintegral "theii community. relum,our relationship lhem our to to In withwill be predic€ted upon the facl thal our conference business developedand the various isbusanesses needac@ssto are already they coming the Center. to
  8. 8. Afteaall, bothinlegralors end usersrnll needa resource and c€nteasuch as oufs io reachintomarketsthal deliverrevenue. Helprngthem slcceed will be criticalto our succ€ss. With ouaworld-class facility, willgivelhemglobalaccess sellinlo lomorowsbusiness we to enviaonment.Best of all, The Fifth and Race Centerwill leave them in charge.We only complement theiroperations, conkol them! We give to everyone benign expansefor ofllce, semina6, not atechnical malketino and - supporl evendi€ct acc€ss a conferencing lo centerif needbe.Finally, The Fifthand RaceCenterrvillbe ableto mold a stretegic alliancewith otherbuildingsworkingcloselywithinwhatwill becomeaMde AreaNelwork(WAN).All this is a partof futureseNices paovide bestin digitalsolutions Greater to the for Downtown Cincinnatj businesses.What is the futurefor The Finh and Rac€Centeras a focrl pointfor electrcniclechnology"?Perhaps ttuththat everybody lhe knowsbut nobodyspeaks that,while a p.olltable is inveslmentmaght reason, is nevert!gl9?!9!. A louder be it ttuthis thatcompetitivereality become will thereetreason... to to -there is going lo continue be lots of excitingnew capabilities assimilate unlesswechoose ignore lo them.Forthe lechnologic.lhaves,thereis goingto be some partnering". hthe future,it will be difiicult lo competewith a competitor(anotherbusiness) whos usingsomething werenot. Our message a perspec{ive to useror investoashouldbe: "The futureofequippino and doing it yourselfhas shifiedlo associatingvrith someoneelse who is bellerequipped thanyou. . . andThe Fiflh andRaceCenter be the beslequipped helpdo it! will toTheFitthand Racecenter.
  10. 10. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERCAPTALMPROVEMENTS ft02,161ADDITIONALCAPITAL PROVEM NTS IM E 129,388SUMMARY PHASE OF ONE Theate. EqoipmenlCo€l Summary t94,335 Fumiture.nd EquiFnent Co6tSummary s81,696 Milltro.k Cosl Summary 131,000 Facililies and Syslernslrnegrathn t20,703 FACILITIES TOTAL: 4227,736 Telephones Sysiems $66,769 ComputerSysiems l€,798 SYSTEMSTOTAL: 173,567SUMMARY PHASE OF TWO(lnconplete tttlstlnr€..) 4 Fumitur€ EqulFnei Co6lSummary and 52,695 Facilltles SydemsIntegration and 92,953 FACILITIESTOTAL: 45,6,18 Telephone Syslerns t20,700 ComputerSystems $5E,900 SYSTEMS TOTAL: 179,600ADDnONAL COSTCOiVSTDERATToTVS Ph8s€One t20,1s7 PhaseTvro $i5,134 TOTAL: 155,291
  12. 12. I ;ri !it !i j.-3EIIEe2iFil,ll E*!F ; fri;s.-s ,iiiEE !;!r€E A0 :; ;t tsP 96
  13. 13. t 9a !;Es iEiii; I _lixI !-=J I I .t :i i
  14. 14. Enlry HospllalltyOlsplay Slatton Boar Proj€cllon Scr6€n 6-ll/2rlO-O I n d l c a l a sc o . n p u t o r tlad lnto compute.Lecture/Training S e a t i n gC a p a c i t y : 3 6
  15. 15. Proiectlon Scts€nPanel Discussion S e a t i n gC a p a c i t y 3 4 :
  16. 16. €nlry Hospllallty StatlonOl3play CorporateConference S e a t i n gC a p a c i t y : 1 0
  17. 17. EnlrY ooonmooExecutivePresentation S e a t i n gC a p a c i t y : 4 3
  18. 18. CFNTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCECAPITALMPROyEMENTS|TE OESCRIPTION AITIOUNT I P€rmits f500 2 Pavers(Poindng R€p.h) tnd $n0 3 P8k hg &w.fl cov€rtf t9,000 l Matu€ tl200 5 Psrdtons(R6paa, t2,500 6 Acoustlcst Cdr[s fl0,500 7 Wtoct|m andRdnotrd fl5{n 8 FloorCo|orhgandBe 524,000 I Plumbing flm0 10 Elcctlc 410,065 ll H€sfnesdvcrll.tE 033{Xt 12 Mllltrofi s51t00 13 tlsdw.r! tg3l 11 ljso ofTooB $m 15 Hgltrrg $m 16 LrborG@ fl2,000 17 IEg El5 F.6 al2,aE0 TOTAL flo2,lfi
  19. 19. CENTER FIFTHANdRACECONFERENCEADD/NON CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS ALITEM DESCRIPTION AMOUNT I Demolition $2,127 2 Sealsnts a.|d Calkialg s49E 3 Ooor,Framesand Hadvi6,e s3,724 4 Pa,titions $3,806 5 Sound Insulatiooa.|d C€ilitgs $2,399 6 Psinling 8nd Wallcov.rilg $4,9s9 7 HVAC t990 8 Electic $1,661 9 Signage si,046 10 Conting€ncly $2,35l 1l F8cilitiossnd Inleoraltn 13,527 TOTAL: l2t,3EE
  20. 20. & NACETENTATIVE PRICING I2OItrESTFIFTHSTREET SUITE I2!5 oHlo 4520251362r crNcrNNATr. ror FAX:513621Ol15
  21. 21. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERTentativePricing for ConferenceCenterUsage-Room.entalfor the Conference Center 530000 perday. isThis renta!fee rnay be rvaived.bas€don lie amountof c€teringto be doneor usageof Audio/lyisualEquipment. aedalpaice The includesusage oftheDimming System, Reaa Projection Sc.een, and SoundSystem withmicrophoneon the Lectum.lf the Conference Center Roomis requeded a shortperiod time(oneto hlvo for of hours).the rentalratewouldbe lowered again,basedon c€tering needs. is of rcntal@9s on a peritem basis:Belov, a listing additionallndividual ltem RentalCostComputd. (highsc€n) Projector $750lnterfaces 050ComputerP.oj€cior(low scan) $500VideoPlayback E40{)Super BrightOve,headProjecto. $s0Color LCD ProjectionPad $2s0Cemcorder 5100VHSI/2o" Monito. Comtinalion Unit $100Brite Lite Slide ProjedorWaeless RemoteControl s15WrelessMicophoneSyslem t7sVHS o. 3/,{" Cass€neOeck $50Wireless RemoteControlfoa2 Slide Projectors $20LaseaPointer s30Computer Ovefiead Cart or usStereoCassettePlaybackDeck $25Flipchan $15Easel $10Flipchart(€nra pad) 510
  22. 22. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERlndivictual ltem Reata, Cost4x 6 Whiteboad 525Comput€rTable usHDTVPlaybact sooCoordinalofEquipment Operator 630perhout Breals(nclde Coftce.Catered Tea.&r|s SonDrinks) seeCoordinatotAdditional Cate.ing avei|ruc upo.ttEq|esfComputer Sydomsavailattbtl9ooGquesL
  23. 23. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERTentativePricing for ConferenceCenterUsage- to llemsfor rental, FifthandRaceconferenceln addition Individual theCenter prcvides aange equipment a of padage options whichare tailoredto meetspecific meeting needs.The following a listing prices various is of for Package OptionslPackageOption Package CostHighScanCompute. Projedion (udo 100KHz) Package $700- Includes Projedor. Interfac€s, Scaeen, Remotes anclComputerTable.Low Sc€n ComputerProjedjon Paclage (udo 36 KHz) $500VideoPlayback Packege- Includes Screen, Pojeclo..6x 8ScreenandDeck. $400Ovefiead Poection Package- Includes SuperBrightOverhead Projedor. Table, $95 Sqeen and LaserPdnterLCD ProjeciionPackaoe $375- IncludesSuperBrighlOvefi€d Projedor, Cart,Sc.een, Colo. LCOProieclionPd a.|d Las€rPointer.SlideProjedorPaclage S100- Includes Bright LiteSlile Projedor, WrelessRemote, Scaeen LaserPdnter. andAudioMdeoTadng Packaqe $125- Includes Camco.de, h Tripod, w AudioTapeOeck,Recordrng Micophone, SoundSydem andOoeAudioTapeOeck.Camcorder Mooiloa and Package- IncludesCamcoderwithTripod,VHS/20Monitor Comtination Unitand VHSTape.PressConfeencePackage t105- Includes FoirrTableMidophones. Microphone Stands, SoundSyslem. AudioTapeOeckandPressFeed.
  25. 25. FIFTHand RACE CONFERENCE CENTER AUDIO-WSUAL(PHASE ONE)CONFERENCE/THEATER Pad1ot 4Prcledors ITEM DESCRIPTION EOUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAL I HDTVVideoProjecior 16,995 2,500 935 020,,130 Barcovision1600 HDW Projectorwith TOX-7Lens€s 2 Slide Projeclo.sfor rear scre,en 2,O47 25o 140 83,043 (2) Kodak EktagraphicAMT 1,106 (2) Brite Lite PackaoesNavitarEX WSJE 688 (2) Lens B.ackets- No. a56362 90 PacificStackerA2TR 2E5 AMX MXl20 RF RemoteConlrol for DualSlideProjectors 478 3 Overhead Projedor LCDPad for 299 16 315 Buhl 29 14LCOOverheadP.o.iecto.PfoJec on Scoens ITEM DESCRIPTION EOUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAL 4 F ont Pro.ie.iionScreen 4,175 350 230 $4,755 O.sperHigh ConlraslOpticalCoating 76"x133xt8 wili Armo.kote 3125 System Alumlnum 300 Frdme 1,050 5 MotorizedFrontProiedioo Screen 994 55 S1,04S OrapetPremiet7tt7Z witr boin-inlensionino 6 SlidingMarkerboadpanels 3,811 53 199 $3,E63 GreensteelFBX(3)E1)(4,1Prolecbr lnpu6 ITEM DESCRIPTION EQUIP. LAAOR TAX TOTAL 7 VHS rccodingi/daybacl Oeck 410 50 23 $4E3 PanasonicAG17,l0rrith remotecontrol I tl" recordingrplaybad( Deck Cavalier $0 Sony Model5600 (t:|,000) I Universal Computer Interface 1,219 0 67 t1,2Eo (2) ExtronRcBl18lntertace 650 (a irAC ll 6 Caues2€-01&02 160 (2)VGI/SVGA6Cables2&162-01 160 Cabling Equipment E9 (2) RGBS12Cables 2421G03 160
  26. 26. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERCONFERENCEIIHEATER AUDIO-VSUAL (PHASEONg pat 2 ot4ProJ r tnpuls(contlnued) ecto ITEM DESCRIPTION EAUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAL 10 ColorLCDProjection Pad 3,695 25 214 54,134 In-Focus 7000FX LCO Pad 1l (8 Swilcher inputs-multiple odpln) 6,2X2 75 343 $6,650 Sony PCl271 Switcher 2,295 (5)lFB1000Composde Eoards Vrdeo 1,500 (3)lFB11 RGBS (BNC)Boa.ds 900 (1)CCQ-2BRS Comm Cable 242 (1)Hotronics Frame Syncironizer 1,295 12 UFDownMdeo Conve.ler 2E,453 200 1.565 $30.217 Chromatek HDTV 9,|35 Convener 13 VideoLaser Player Disk 650 300 36 $9E6 Pioneer CLDM401 Audio Vrdeo ard LrserDlsk PlaverAudlo componenls ITEM DESCRIPTION EOUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAL 14 AmplifierTuner 575 50 32 $657 PioneerVSXSufiourdSourdReceiver Remote with 15 Sterco Cassette Decl 159 50 I $218 Technics RSTR232C€ss€teOec.k 16 Spe.kersysiem 1,365 75 51,440 (4 Ban& Olufsen R|-loq) FrontSpk 350 Boston Acoudics SW10Subvoofer 525 (2)PolkA8610 Rec6s€d Sgeake6 1S0 lostallation 300 17 Microphone Amplifier 25 12 5237 MD 3225Integrated Amdifier 18 Lavalier WrelessMicropioneSyste E55 50 47 S952 ShqreModelLS114639 L258 with (e)dEhandhelo 19 Leciem 985 0 54 5.t.039 Soundcrafr system self-contain€d 300 with microphone light ard
  27. 27. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCECONFERENCE/THEATER AUDIO-WSUAL(PHASEONg Patt3 ol4 EqulpmentAddftIonatITEM DESCRIPTION EOUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAI. 2Oa VideoCamcoderwith tripod 1,200 231 t4,431 (6) Panasonic Tripod PV-79 & coast Fluil Motion 20b Video Equipment 2,700 148 32,848 (6)Magnavox 20Wn /CRwithremote CRN200AT 21 Equipment forComputer Overhead Ca.t and Projedor Vvilson cart Model LcD cT2,l6o 34s 19 $368 Laser - Polntor (2)lnfinitet 17E 10 $188 23 CoaxC6ble Cable & Ties 210 12 5?21 Audio Recoding & Equipment Sp€acialists 24 Insuranc€ Shipping and Cogs 348 $346 25 Fllpciads Easels and 1,200 s1,266 (E)DraperOP450BlackEpoxyPoddercoat 26 ComputerWortslation Can $142 Workstation &22{02.001 Cad Compder Control Sydem 47 $900 386SX33 MicroPlus ComFne, 2A 8 - SurgeProteclo6 52 29 MetalLumber Projedor tor Sa&le 212 s?,3 Stand 8ndProjedor 30 7 - A,/VCarts 1,050 E3 58 51,190 31 Equipment Muzak 3E0 21 0401 TOTAL: $94,335
  28. 28. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERCONFERENCE/THEATER AUDIOVTSUAL (PHASE ONE) Paft4 ot 4,VOIE Centelscapatilitjes Indude: TheConference will - videoPlayback stardaad ot W(S.3/,1ardcamcodetrecotdings - Teleconf€rcncing - Ooclmenl, Ove.hoad Slite Pr(i€ctioo a.d - olred computer LsEe screenHDTV NTsc Display to or - Write-onBo.ds/Screen - FllDctarls - WrelessRemot€ Control all Systems ot - Mdeo Rec.tdlng - Provisions ComFrter tor G€phasryithMultipleReceptacles tear p.ojedion for display Futur€Upgrad€s Plann€d Center forlhe @ofer€nc€ Incllde: - A Complete Integralion Rernote ot Control Sysiems - A Ughtlng Dimmer Sygem(bt P.odrgy) - satellitePlsybsd - VldeoTeleconfeEncing
  29. 29. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTERFURNITUREand EQUIPMENTCOSTS(PHASE ONE) ITEM DESCRIPTION EAUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAL 1 LedureSeating Tables and 13,676 1.160 $15,58E 36Krugor. V€rtebGUniversity Seatir€ 4 CurvedTables ModecyPanels and Stacking ChaiF 3,276 180 03,45€ EThonetlnterlock Armchairs Chalrs Executlve 2,473 |36 s2,609 ClubTub(large 6 Thonet ve6ion) Cont./F,ont Leciure Table 2,686 148 52,E34 4 KrugerEaronFohing Tables 2 - 30 x 60 red and 2 - 30 x 60 half round ReceptlonislsChair ,{97 27 $524 1 - lcuger OorsalOp€rational Chair Oi€h) CompaclRefiigerata.and lcemaker 730 120 $850 (LLINE75Rand BG98 MeetingRoomTables 12,674 708 $13,562 (15) Baron Plus FoldingGargade Tables36x72" (3) Earon Plus Fohir€ GarEade Tables2472 MootingRoomChai6 12,250 o74 t12p24 (64)Kruger VersaConfe.ence Chairs CompadRef,il. andMic.owave 79l $791 75FF GEJEM311 tlllne Combo ard 10 Moderator OfficesDesks Seating & 9,300 512 $9,812 (5)Oesks (5)Chairs (9)SideChaiE t1 Additjonal Tabl6 & S€aling 8,552 170 $9,022 (26)VersaConferenceChairs (5) BaronPlusTables 12 WaitingAr6aFumiture Accessory & 8,000 330 $6,330 GrableSeating Carlwright Gmup 13 operations Oflice 3,200 176 93,376 (8)ConferenceChairs TOTAL lEl,698
  30. 30. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE COSTSMTLLWORK (PHASEONgITEM DESCRIPTION EQUIP. LABOR TAX TOTAL 1 MalnReceptlon UnA Desf s|d Storaos RefurblsllRelamlnste $2,s00 St.Uon Hosisss Coun[ertog ToD Rel6mlnate $5(D Telephone (1.2O 2-1O) Shelve E t2,500 1 Ne{{stoEgo Shelv6 ard l:Iors (Upgr8de Storag€ of Clc€o $1,000 FinishCarpentry Miffi 8rd (FloorBloddng Tdr r*E qf PrEh) to $21,500 Rad( Equlp|nent 93,000 CudomMad€, Hing€d Eq.lFst Rad( l3l,00o
  31. 31. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTER PHASE ONE Telephone and Computer Systems
  32. 32. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCETELEPHONE (PHASE SYSTEMS ONqITEM DESCRIPTION SUPPUER UNITCOST TOTAL I 37 - Teleohone Lines Bell Cincinnati 54,791 27 - Central Ofiice2-wayGrourdStartLines 10 Diredlnward Lines - Dial Telephone Equipment NorlhemTelecom $53,4E8 SL-1Se.ies Meridian 21E Additjonal Phone Equipment General 2,907 2,907 Computer/Printer S€riallnterface ComMer Wo*station Systems Integration 4,500 64,500 Subtotal: $66,769 (PHASEcoMPUfER SYSTEMS ONqITEM DESCRIPTION SUPPUER uNtT cosT TOTAL I 2 - 386SX33 Comqrters MicroPlus 911 t1,E23 (RAM4MB/HD EoMgcolo.Monitor) Pdnteas Panasonic 860 E€O 3 - 24 Pin DotMalrixPrinters Softlvare Microsoft Oflice tor Wirdorys/TakeNoteJPCFiler 7.0 Laser Printer Panasonic 690 690 4E6OX33 CSROM with MlcroPlus 2,O79 2,O79 (RAM6M&HO 2soMvsvcA/SoondBlasieo Systems Setup Inslallation and $618 Subtotal: 16,798
  34. 34. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE andFURNmURE EQUIPTIENT (PttASETWO) COSTSITEITI DESCRIPNON EOt lP. TAX TOTAL 1 I - KngerDorsal ogcrdo||d ct - (bt 38,1 21 9405 2 FoldingTabl€Rs d 24 t00 13 $353 2 AdditionalSonago I,gl7 tl,937 TOTAL: f2,595
  35. 35. FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE CENTER PHASE TWO Telephoneand ComputerSysfems
  36. 36. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCETELEPHONE (PHASE SYSTEMS TWO) ITEM DESCRIPTION SUPPLIER UNITCOST TOTAL I 27- Telephone Unes Eell Cincjnnali |00 s2.700 2 PhoneSystemUpgrades Northem Telecom $t8.000 3 Point-to-Point Line lsDN Cincinnati8ell unmown (BetweenCenter MutiMedia NTS) & to. Subtotal: 120.700CoMPUTER SySTEitrS(PHASETVYO)rrEM DESCRIPTION SUPPLIER UNITCOST TOTAL 1 2 - Quadra Series950 Apple Computers 6,600 s13,200 (RAM10MB/HO M8) 230 2 - Keybo€ds 200 $400 2 - 320M8Enemaltlafd t)ric Microtek t,300 $2,€00 I 2 - PrecislonColorO6Cat Radius 3,000 $6,000 Monitor(20S) 5 CD.ROM Orives OpticalAcc€sslrtemationsl - Access CDrO Odw (Burd|€) Pak t,500 sl,500 - Access (Br,rlte) CD/Allegro 5E50 2 - Tap€Orives (120MA) 500 51,000 Sofrivarg Quadrds for Various Vendo6 2,000 S,f,000 MgPon€rpolnt MgExc€l Mgwo.d Telecommunlcatioo System Ird Sofrrare usrT Northem Telecom 4.000 $8,(x)0 (MdeoConfe.encing System) VldeoF/X Digital F/X 15,995 t15,995 (Off-line MdeoEdilingSyslem) l0 Systems Setlp andInstallaton t5,355 3ub(otal: s5E,900
  38. 38. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCE |FASEONg COSrCOrVSrDERlrToflSADDmoNAL|TEM DESCRIPTION EOIIP. LABOR TOTAL I Ughtlng Additional $2,5s5 2 General El€drlcUpgrades $10,000 3 TollotRoomAccessorios $999 ,a Refurbish PubllcToll€t Rooms Cooto( and 94,553 5 Frdlili€s andSystoms lntegratioil $2,050 sm,rd
  39. 39. CENTER FIFTHand RACECONFERENCEADDtTtoNAL (PHASE COSI COlVSrDERAllOflS TWO)|TEM DESCRIPNON EOUIP. TAX TOTAL 1 Llghting Controls t15,6Sl 2 SkywalkLlghting/SlonageUpordes $2,s00 3 Skyw.lkStails(GlilzandGlarllolo 15,000 ,l Ceillng Rewo* Skyvralk $8,000 5 OtticaPaditions Moveable unknown 6 AccessFlooring $793 7 Facilities Syslems egrdlito and l s3,150 f35,t34
  40. 40. Ol r+ - !i9.P !) E;iYJ. D F -x H.3xo A3fEix!t tF>R l. dI5H S)(,| r+ a a.oaY!) T o trD) id cL -(h v, L^J o o E -t C+ o f.t
  41. 41. Ol II tE i Y x D r+ - t+ I o z o FI $ x {| | r I u.!RX.9 =39:!l.qtro U)! o Fl 21 o a - =-79 gE v) rl^ U9 z= v D /ro. o o o =a999 5 oJ-ll -F.1 a) iJ ^r J P .F 5 ,/ !) FI o F I o E"35 iiF.i - E -i t JI - !) a r+ {6 F! <><u 95E= G58t It * I o tt
  42. 42. Telephone Computer and$ysfems & BACE COMPUTER WORKSTATIONS GATEWAY (Mulliplexer)Multimedia Digital Phone Control System Syslems Moniloring/Conlrol PROJECTIOlI SYSTEMS LCDProieclion Pad HDTV Proiector Graphics Computer Animalion AUDIO SYSTEMS Due therequirements Fitth Race to ofthe and Center, various the workstations beconnected must viaa Fiber Netivork. optic Additionally, the 0utput system provide telephone must llexibility, modularity, Devices functionality, connectivity computer and with systems.
  43. 43. FutuEInslallalion & RACI Converter Scan VHS 0ecl Projeclion Conkol 3/4Video Player SCREENS & EOARDS Video 0isl Laser 0ocumenl Camera HoTV Proiector fmnlSlealErs ilic.oIhone andSub-woolGr Receiver PowerAm0lilier lor SIealeF Surround Sound -s m: C0ludio Player silePm6on Lco ll : Pad {zt sffii cam-cml€r IAudio/ l[--]l IVisual t------llEquipment tilmPmiector Laserrolnlet I Computer SYstomsI Additionat , EquiPnent
  44. 44. !l I I I { g F,5 s €-. --= ,.! E€ a, eE EeE F<tE- 992 FE= 3E.=E A- J E<E=6 +=r ,ar7O- | s .* 6E .s e5 -: ,a,el .B o: t g -g:3 F S F l p< S 5-- <^2 AE @
  45. 45. L q) g*l e - E rd - E 0) {I q) D I 5 G a GE Iv ) r) tg 6,;.E: 1 o 3J - rr a a i *4E:EF= ;;tE - xa,- Fj i- ; p - U ^ = E_ -,S o E e T o; =.=-e $l .! i;3i = g 9fii:rgir:- ; - G rr) F .Y ;tr F: 3sgie8afix! !Eiq fi4 ., i ?; :1 E 2 D P Euins::: P :: u r dg,,EE€ E "!Y -fr F E .:s:eF>:,!= -€EE- i.g€:E ;.gEEP iE =ig:g;ri Ei -i;i: 3-in,Brr r r H.EEn U ul#idoi.iJ< Ui OrYrrr r) 6
  46. 46. FIFTHand RACE CONFERENCE CENTERI NTE GENT B UILDING LEVELS LLILevel lvNon-Traditional Television bution DistflModular ComputerNetworkingHighSpeed DataCommunicationsBroadband CableSystem CommunicationsSatellite- Uplinkand DownlinkLevel lllConciergeExerciseFacilityCentralConferenceRoomSuiteL2EUCentralPhotocopyFacilityWord Processing Center- Document Development Servic€s FAXServiceCentralizedLevel IEnergyManagement SystemPrivately OperatedTelephoneSystem SystemLife/SafetyLongDistance TelephoneServiceSecuritySystem
  47. 47. L q) !+tI U rj q) - H q(J 7, :r lJ (J J L, J o qyqn !l oo q) Z U F, NN (o- N:N N :i {a lr] o) n <D TJ N I rrl {E .lY = G rr a-E Zo: A t-t xg a Atr E -::+: x> 2.9tr - ir-l El /. = rd i-6 I irl 6 aE6 6: tt Z -+ - f-A J Oc!., H e5: 9^ G Z = 9 h,Y: +i"6 x !l :! b,.. E (, lEa o F! Rg a E .E:9 il! f x 6*= 9 ./(! Z .g:P d !? pF=yE ,-. E /l =- 2+ r EF,a n = u+ y ir-o= ^ Y o!;:i |J<r(- -; - -,= ( I XNX J*) I Or-)Io 6 d;fl-t r/ !d .:r v ," rr- il >oF n T,
  48. 48. & It.tcf, DECEMBER 1992 1, 1125/60SMPTE24OMHDTV NON.TRADITIONAL BROADCASTGENTLEMEN:I have beenbusyfor sometime regadingthe feasibility transmining HIGH RESOLUTION of aimage, movingor still,frompointto pointanydrerearound globe. Furthermore, perfeaied, the ifthisapplic€tioncouldcreate climateof newpossibilities a reqaadinO time business real broadcast- equivalent an ELECTRONIC (VIDEO) to V MAILsimilarto E-Mail. To facilitate projed I theam foMading to you my undeastanding whatwill probably needed- but from an END of beUSERS point of view. I will have lo rcly on your background I professional the as intelecommunications industry helpu5flndthe necessary to equipment.S0, v.iththis in mind,| 8m more speciflcillyrequesting to assess you lhis inquirywith a viewtoward identitying whalway I may integrate in yourcompanys technology a systemsolution intoranging aqoss multiple applic€tions capable reco.dino transmitting high delinition and of and intelevision/highresolutionimaging (HOTV/HRU.SACKGROUND.Technologies not collide- they ovedapwithin emergingmarketplace dodynamics. Vrdeocommercials slill pictures a c€se in point),p.es€ntlyshot in 35mm o. (8snegative film, are not aproposfor immediate viervingbecause the rouoh shot mud bedeveloped fir$ Coailies-orFirst Rushes). Thereupon, commontransportmethodis to lhedeliverthe masterana box lhat is caniedor shipped trom placeto place. In a perfectwoddlrdnsportwouldnot be a problem.But in the real world,franticlast minutecianges are morethe rule than the erc€ption. Coflsequently, inte.valof time which elapsesbefore the thatresultscan be seen (for edit) may be viewedas cfitical.In addition the time losl waitingto vie..r, to film cannotbe readilybroadcasled.The requiredprocedure doingso mustfi.st converl mediato NTSC(whichmedia),not only inc.ea*s for the (ifthe time,but unfortunately broadcast) wguldprovide uns€tisfactory an resolution edit. (On forthe otherhsnd)a shot in HDTV/HRI instead 35mm,even whenbroadcasted. of could p.ovidesufficient resolution editing.Adjoinlo thisthe objediveof simultaneous for multipoint b.oadc€slend we couldconc€ivably revolutionize poduciionprocess the itselfby creatingbolh real timeandrealcostsavings.eBql€g[. Plansc€llfor the selection an advanced of televisionkansmission standard 1993. inHowever, transmission the systemfor the UnitedStateswill be in placebeforemany progEmproduc€rs afford c€n true HighDefinition equipment. the interim So, sirategy, lt relates the as torequirements "enhanc€d for viewing, proposesresources pooled from those available I2OWESTFIFTHSTREET SUITEI2O5 ctNcINNAn,OHrO45202 5D 621rml F A X : 5 1 36 2 1 O l l 5
  49. 49. throughout the country. The e@momicadvantageof the interim System,is lO provideenhancedviewingwithoutundertaking cJippling a tlnancialburden. lt would also provideacourse su:led business well lo brcadc€s1 needsfor the immediate future.BROADCAST PROOUCTION HDTV/HR|. Producer lN must be able to slay in his officeandcoordinate supeNise and recording, sconng ediling, and mixingin distant studios.To facilitate p.oduclion, unediled the his whenfilmed(and recorded.must be masterversion,encoded shipped and (digital satellite telephony) rernote or to sitesimmedialety(ie, NewYork,Cincinnati,L.A.,Europe Japan.etc). Uponreceiptof the signaleachof theseremote and sitesmustbe capable decodinga complele of copylo NTSCtor editingplrposes. ln addition,thecopyof the original(maste.) HOTV/tlRl in mustbe recorded eachsiteand be avaitabte off- at forIineviewing.Withinminutes (not hours), prcducer the and his edit coteriemust be able to assemble its inrespective(remote) Iocationsand be preparedwith such additional equipment .equired as toview the shol (off-line HDTV/flRlmonitors) on and discussthe shot (on-linein NTSC)smongthemselves. produclion All equipment mustbe govemedby the samecriteria that of present asmethods using35mm(1125/60 SMPTE240MHOTV). But, moreimportantly, addition th€ in tohigh resolutionquality.this method must demonstratereal tine produclion savings looffset lhe cost ot filming in HOW/HRI and b.oadcasling those images to rcmotelocations.TRANSMISSION SYSTEM. Establish protocol a that is truly open in its architeclure.lt mustsupportnewlydeveloping standa.ds HDTV and HRI - but at the sarnetime must fully inaccommodate "existing digital standads for televisionand computea geneEted imagery.Specifically mustsccommodate it CCIRRec 601 Oigital Standadfor 525/625 television well asas fhe slreadyestablished dispa.ateHDry slandards- and those shortlyexpectedto beestablished.An importantsteptowardachieving goal (and s specialchsllenge the design)is that a this tocommonprotocol be needed facilitate will to image/dataexchange trom each location(vJhlchcould be createdfrom differentstandads). Theretoreall equipmentmust adhereto thepresence a "Headef whichwouldhavethe c€pability unambiguously of lo identify digital theinfo.mation relevance. Secondly, of full interpretation the digital bil strearn(facllitatlno ofseledionof variouslevelsof info.mation) .equiresa "Descriptor," whichadually detallslieimplementationofthe dataimage/video standadfirst identitied the header. byThus, the task at hand becomesone of slruduring intelligent, versatile,digital transport (andmechanisms associated protocot) can encompass of the digita!needsof televlsion, that allHOTV andHRl. The largesl will overcoming perc€ived challenoe lie in mentally the roadblock ofdealing withso muchthat ls akeadydefinedtoday - ratherthan havingtotalfreedom desion toan all-encompassingsystem fromscratch.The thingto remember this projed comeslooether, as however, the great potential thls is thatsyslem have - wilh its possibilities ihe covegrence the business will for of interedsof television,computers and telecommunicationswhere they all share somethingvital: The need totransportand exchangeimages,sound and dat..Michael B.McGrawThe FifthandRaceCenter