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Social Media Check List

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This is a check list I have created for my clients to help them set up their social media channels and tool. Its simple to use.

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Social Media Check List

  1. 1. Social Media Check List
  2. 2. Set Up Google + Account  Set up the Images (sizes in later slides)  Fully complete story, work, basic info,  Fully complete the Links section  Google + URL  Other profiles  Contributor to  Links NOTE: Setting your Google + account correctly gives Google more information to work with and this will support page ranking in search
  3. 3. Set Up Twitter  Set up images (sizes in later slides)  Compete the description using key words  Create lists to collect target segments  Post and pin a ad tweet  Sign up to http://followerfrenzy.com/
  4. 4. Set Up LinkedIn  Set up images (sizes in later slides)  Compete the summary  Complete experience  Link media to summary and experience  Complete skills  Complete projects  Complete education  Join your target audience groups  Write 3 posts on expert knowledge of subject  Write references and ask for some
  5. 5. Set Up a Buffer Account  Go to https://bufferapp.com  Set up your channels
  6. 6. Use chrome tools to collect content for update sharing. This will save your lots of time. See next slide
  7. 7. Go to tools then extensions – search for Buffer Enable Buffer
  8. 8. Set up using your accounts You can use the suggestions
  9. 9. Go to buzzsumo http://buzzsumo.com/
  10. 10. Step 1 Type in a key word phrase – Construction UK Step 2 - The top content of the key word phrase comes up Notice the shares Step 3 click on Share,
  11. 11. Step 4 click on Buffer Step 5 Add queue
  12. 12. The content is now in a queue ready to go out at an optimum time The content will go to all the channels or just the ones you want to sent it to
  13. 13. Crawl your website to analysis which pages have been shared Export and learn Crawl your competitors websites to analyse There performance – Get ideas https://socialcrawlytics.com
  14. 14. Image Sizes
  15. 15. Image Sizes
  16. 16. Image Sizes
  17. 17. Image Sizes
  18. 18. Image Sizes
  19. 19. Image Sizes
  20. 20. Image Sizes
  21. 21. Image Sizes
  22. 22. Image Sizes
  23. 23. Image Sizes
  24. 24. Image Sizes
  25. 25. For Support Get in Touch www.Constructionmarketing.org