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Concur UX team: how do we design effectively

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Hear from the Concur UX team about how we measure success around designing effectively. http://bit.ly/1RO75Og

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Concur UX team: how do we design effectively

  1. 1. HOW DO WE DESIGN EFFECTIVELY? We count smiles, not clicks We measure how long it takes you to complete a task and how happy you are with your experience. 1 We think globally We design for international audiences and follow industry conventions. We keep it simple We consider the “why?” behind every pixel and deliver the right amount of detail at the right time. button We focus on essentials We make core, frequent tasks simple, and get you back to work quickly. We listen, not assume We listen to you, understand your needs, and deliver solutions that help you get things done. 3 2 4 5 Talk to us at www.concur.com/userexperience