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15 Reasons Why Concur Is Easy To Use

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Yes, travel and spend management really can be that easy.
When was the last time you heard an employee get excited about their expense report? Concur customers get excited when it comes to T&E reporting, they use words like “intuitive,” “freedom,” and “simple.” And their employees are asking to use it. At Concur, we imagine the way the world should work, but our customers describe what that means better than we ever could. See what they’re saying here and learn more about what Concur can do for business travelers.

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15 Reasons Why Concur Is Easy To Use

  1. 1. 15 Reasons Why Concur is Easy to Use
  2. 2. “Many of our employees love Concur. It’s intuitive, mobile, and user-friendly.” - Bon Secours Health System “Employees love Concur for Mobile: travelers submit receipts and reports on the go, accelerating the process and reimbursement. Employees who don’t have the app ask for it as soon as they learn about it.” –PeaceHealth “Employees really like it, especially the Mobile app. Zero complaints. It’s fast, easy to use, and accurate. Concur offers an attractive solution that employees want to use.” - Bourns, Inc. “My employees are impacted by Concur incredibly. They can log on at home, on their laptop, or their phone and approve invoices and expense reports. Not being tied down to their desk at all times is really helpful.” –AmWINS Group “We received emails from the beta test group telling us, ‘This system is great! When can we start using the new system?” – Cengage Learning
  3. 3. “Concur gives our employees more freedom —freedom to book their own travel, submit their expense reports easily, and get their invoices to the accounting department almost effortlessly.” – AmWINS “Our travelers love the convenience of the automated process, and the company benefits from enormous efficiencies.” – DHL “The first thing that jumped out about Concur was the ability to do expense reports online and no longer keep paper receipts. The second was that travel was connected to it and that everything would automatically pop into your expense report for you.” – Cinemark “You know you’ve got a great system when the employees who resisted it in the first place would be devastated if you took it away.” – Ontario Power “Concur Expense is great from the traveler side and great from the accounting side. It’s easy to use and makes submitting reports simple and fast.” - PeaceHealth
  4. 4. “I got a big, happy feeling when I saw how easy Concur was to use. It would not only simplify things for our process- ing staff, but for our travelers, too. Concur is great for everyone.” – Del Mar College “Many users will report that, not only are their vendors happier, because they’re then paid in a more timely fashion, but the users, themselves, aren’t frustrated with the process.” - University of San Francisco “There are times when we bring work home, and I used to carry stacks of paper. Now I carry my laptop. A few clicks and I’m done.” –AmWINS Group “Our adoption rate is over 90%. Because Concur is so easy, we realized we can change our processes. Concur is such a game changer, its almost a no brainer,” –SCRA “When we first introduced Concur, people said, ‘It can’t be that simple.’ Then, they saw the software in action. It really is that simple to use.” – Del Mar College
  5. 5. Looking for an easier way to manage travel and spend? Learn how at Concur.com.