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Self motivation

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  2. Why do you need self motivation?  You cannot always rely on others to encourage you, if you have positive friends who are always there when you need them then you are indeed lucky and very much in the minority. If you are lonely or have few friends when you face any difficulties in your life you must rely on your own motivation to get you through. Lack of self motivation at that time could lead to depression.  You need self motivation to achieve because if you don't encourage yourself to accept opportunity and challenge who will?  To plan and find direction in your life  To take up a new activity, hobby or challenge  To be enthusiastic about life and living  To have the courage to see things through despite setbacks or negative comments from others
  3.  Set an Aim This is the first and foremost step. Set an aim for yourself. Goal setting is the first step in every field or subject. If you have a purpose - a definite goal - it will keep you going by constantly ‘knocking’ at your mind. Try to be as specific as you can be regarding your goal. After you have set a goal, try to break it into smaller goals. These smaller goals will help you measure how much you have progressed towards your main goal.  Commit Yourself to Your Goals Attitude makes a lot of difference when it comes to self motivation. There is a huge difference between saying “I’ll try my best to achieve my goals” and “I WILL achieve my goals”. You must commit yourself to achieving your goals, no matter what happens. This will make a huge difference to your motivation because your sub-conscious registers this as being an ‘order’. It will change your whole attitude and give you the required motivation whenever you need it.  Take Action Once you have set your goals and committed yourself to them, you need to start taking action. The reason is that when the mind sees things happening around it, it gives you that very essential self motivation drive. It starts radiating the self motivation energy which is required to keep you going no matter what results you get.
  4.  Take Motivation ‘Food’ While you are taking action on your plans, it is important that you keep feeding your mind with some motivation food. Keep challenging yourself. Keep imagining yourself achieving your goals and the positive energy around you once you achieve them. To be self motivated even more, keep reading the success stories of small and big entrepreneurs, artists and other notable people to inspire you to do even better.  Measure Your Performance In the first step, you had set small goals. To get even more motivation; regularly measure your performance against your goals. Don’t be disheartened if you fell short of your goal. It simply means that you have to put in even more hard work till your next ‘measurement exercise’.
  5. Self motivation is a state of mind. It is the condition of the mind where you focus and concentrate on your work so precisely that you lose yourself in the work while doing it. This often happens with various successful professionals in their respective fields. Why do you think doctors are able to work so efficiently in the most critical situations? Or how does an engineer conceive such big and difficult to build buildings in the face of design and technological challenges? Why are they so successful? The reason is simple - they all have a self motivation drive. A self motivation drive is a condition of the mind which makes you so dedicated and focused on your work that you can easily overcome the toughest of challenges that come your way. So, how do you achieve this self motivation drive? This is easy to achieve if you have three major ingredients that contribute to this drive:
  6.  PURPOSE. Do you have a purpose? Do you have an ultimate aim? Do you have something which all your activities are directed towards? This is called your purpose. Your purpose is the main source of motivation. Whether you are in a job, a business or any other profession, your purpose is what makes the difference. For example, making your family happy is a purpose. Or making your mom proud of you is a purpose. What methods you use to achieve this purpose are secondary. To develop your self motivation skills and self understanding, you need to have a primary purpose.  PASSION. Are you passionate about your purpose? Are you willing to do anything for your purpose? Are you ready to face anything and everything that comes your way? This is passion. There exists a big difference between doing a work and doing a work with passion. If you compare the results of the two, you can notice this difference easily. Passion is an important source of the self motivation drive. It keeps you going and doesn’t let you give up even in the most difficult circumstances.  PERSISTENCE. Do you give up easily? Do you keep doing the work until you finish it? Do you persist at everything that you do? Persistence is an important trait of your personality to achieve success. Combined with your purpose, passion and your self motivation drive, persistence will help you achieve any and every goal that you set for yourself. Using your self motivation skills to your benefit, you can make yourself persist in the most challenging situations, no matter how long it takes for you to achieve your goals.
  7. Today’s world is all about ideas. Time and again it has been proved that revolutionary ideas lead to a huge amount of success for their thinkers. An idea is a perfect source of self motivation and a sure shot way to success To be able to generate ideas easily, you can follow a simple 7 step process which will help you brainstorm ideas like a breeze  Set A Goal Define an end that you want to achieve. This would help you know your direction and progress and act as a source of motivation  Generate Ideas Think of ways and methods you can follow to achieve the end you have set. These ideas can be anything and everything that cross your mind. Let your imagination run wild and write down everything you can think of whether it’s practical or not  Filter Ideas From the list you have, strike out the ideas that are not practical. These are ideas which are not executable normally because you are limited by your resources and “social” duties.
  8.  Group Ideas Group similar ideas together. Every time you group the ideas based on some characteristics, some will be left out of any group. Drop the ideas that fall out of the groups the maximum number of times.  Prepare an Action Plan Now that you have ideas, prepare and action plan. This action plan will keep you on track and with your self motivation skills; you can use it to motivate you till you achieve your goals  List Challenges List probably challenges that you may face while executing the plan and also list the ways you are going to deal with them. This would again act as a source of self motivation by acting as a stimulant and making you work harder and better  Take Action You have ideas, you have an action plan and you know how you will deal with the challenges. Now it’s time to actually take action. Execute your plan. Compare your performance to some standards regularly so that you can know how much further you have to go. It works very well for your self motivation.
  9.  1. Do not worry if you make mistakes. Making mistakes is one way we can learn and improve in our life. There is no one that has never made any mistake. The most important thing here is you realize that you have made mistakes and do not repeat the same mistakes again. You learn more from mistakes you have made than any other way.  2. Feel happy about your life. Happiness generates more positive energy within you. This energy is important to keep you more optimistic and enthusiastic about your life. Happy people are always motivated to accomplish something in their life.  3. Get out of your comfort zone. You need to learn to get into unfamiliar surroundings to explore better opportunities. Do not just stick around with the same people, same known places, skills or work. Explore new things that will enhance your ability to achieve your goals and keep you stay motivated.
  10.  4. Think the unthinkable. Nothing will stop you from thinking of goals you want to achieve. You have to dream high in order to set high goals. Everything starts with a dream. Do not limit yourself in your goals and dreams.  5. Read and listen to inspirational materials. You have to start spending time reading motivational books and listening to inspirational tapes. But, you must also implement what you learn from your reading and listening. New things you learn from these exercises will give you excitement and energy to work harder toward achieving your goals.  6. Resolve problems instead of running away. Your ride to success destination will not be smooth all the time. You will face difficulties. Do not quit when you experience predicaments in your quest to achieve your dreams. Frustrations and setbacks naturally form as parts of your success venture.
  11.  7. Appreciate every moment of your life. Think of what your life really is as of now. Appreciate every moment you have currently. Thinking about the past or day dreaming about the future will not bring you anywhere. Appreciating your current conditions makes you feel much better and realize the need to move forward to achieve your goals.  8. Finish what you start. Once you have started something, finish it. Never leave what you do halfway regardless of the end result. This will train you to accomplish something out of things that you do.  9. Face challenges one at a time. Challenges come to us almost all the time. Take up one challenge at a time. Do not try to accumulate and face them at one go. As the challenges accumulate, you will only feel less motivated to face them and finally unable to complete anything.  10. Care less about what people say. You may hear a lot of bad things people say about you. Sometimes those bad comments may come from somebody close to you. As long as you fully know what you are doing to achieve your goals, you can let those comments fall into deaf ears. Thinking too much about what people say will only make you weaker and lose focus on your effort.