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Where are they now

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A catch up with some of our successful students from last year

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Where are they now

  1. 1. WHERE ARETHEY NOW? Luke – Studying Computer Science at the University of Warwick. Luke joinedthe Community Schools in September 2016 in order to enable him to study AS Further Mathematics, a course his school was unable to offer. He found that the tuition went at a pace that suited his style of learning and was focussed on the topics he initiallystruggled on. Whenever he had a question, a clear explanation was given to him on how to approach the problems. He said ‘the tuition at the Community Schools helpedme to achieve a grade A in the AS Further Maths and also an A* in Maths A Level which enabled me to take up a place on the Computing Science Degree course at Warwick University. ‘ Luke has ambitions to complete a PhD in Computer Science and progress into lecturing Computer Science. It was a privilege to helpsupport Luke with his studies and we wish him every success in his future.
  2. 2. WHERE ARETHEY NOW? Jamie - studyingArchitecture at the UniversityofSheffield In Novemberof 2016 Jamie joinedthe CommunitySchools tohelphimimprove the standardof his Maths A Level fromASgrade B to grade A. He said‘I foundthe tutoringatthe CommunitySchoolsessential tohelpclarifyconceptsIbarely understood inclass.Ithelpedme torealise new andmore effectiveproblemsolvingtechniques. I was encouragedtorevisitchallengingtopicsratherthan justignoringthem.’ The supporthe receivedforhisMathsgave himthe confidence andopportunitytosuccessfullyfocus on all of his A Level subjectsenablinghim achieve the gradeshe needed,includingMathsgrade A, to take up hisplace to studyArchitecture atthe Universityof Sheffield. We wishhimeverysuccessinhis careerpathto become an Architect andare delightedtolearn that he has signedupto be an online mathstutorinhisspare time at Uni !
  3. 3. WHERE ARETHEY NOW? Millie – studyingBiomedical Science at Nottingham University. Millie joinedthe CommunitySchoolsinSeptember2016 to helpherpass herA Level Maths.She had failedherASMaths and neededhelpwith boththe resitmodulesandthe new A2modules. She said‘ I foundthe 1 to 1 supportwithinthe small teachinggroups reallysupportive and appreciated the time toworkthroughthe problems andconceptsindependently withoutbeing pressurisedbythe tutor.’ She foundboththe weeklysessionsandthe EasterGrade BoosterMasterclassesinvaluable in helpinghertopassher Maths and to achieve aplace on a Biomedical Science degreecourse at NottinghamUniversity. Millie now hasplansto applyfora PhD inBiological PhotographyandImagingwithaview of followingacareerin scientificwriting. We were privilegedtobe able tosupporther withherMaths and wouldlike towishherevery successinher future studiesandcareer– whoknowswhenwe mightsee herworkpublished.