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Early contact and resistance 2

Intro resources - Aust History - from NMA

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Early contact and resistance 2

  1. 1. First contacts andresistance betweenIndigenous Australiansand early settlers.Source Analysis
  2. 2. A selection of source material from the National Museum of Australia (NMA) NMA Collections Search - Film negative - Different ways of wearing the hair, Petermann Ranges, Northern Territory, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1926
  3. 3. Fanny Balbuk The lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples were profoundly changed by the arrival of BritishYagan’s colonists in 1788… Bilin Bilin Story Indigenous people responded in a variety of ways… Here we present four of these stories The Coniston Massacre
  4. 4. Yagan’s storyRead a brief summary ofYagan’s story then readCressida Fforde’s detailedoverview of what happened toYagan and how Ken Colburnhelped to bring Yagan’s headback to Australia.Ken Colburn talks about the Note, depending on your Internet service, the videopart he played in this may take a few minutes to download.remarkable story and how hefelt about it Click on theimage to the right and watchthe short video.More background on Yagancan be found in Wikipedia
  5. 5. The Coniston MassacreThis is a story from 1928 atConiston Station in CentralAustralia. Read an overview ofthis historical event to gain aninsight into why it happened.Theresa Napurrula Ross is theholder of this story through herfamily line. Listen to her story Note, depending on your Internet service, the video may take a few minutes to download.in the video by clicking on theimage to the right.
  6. 6. Bilin BilinBilin Bilin was a leader inhis community and took onthe responsibility of liaisingwith the early settlers.Read a short overview ofhis story.Some items found that arerelated to Bilin Bilin and thetime he lived can be viewedhere
  7. 7. Fanny BalbukFanny Balbuk is remembered for her protests against theoccupation of her traditional lands by white settlers.Information passed on through the Noongar people wasinfluential in gaining native title rights to metropolitan Perthand surrounding areas in 2006.The traditional lands that Fanny Balbuk used to walk acrossno longer exist – see an example here.More information about Fanny Balbuk and the period shelived in was recorded by Daisy Bates, an Irish migrant toAustralia in 1884. Bates published her observations of lifeat that time in ‘The Passing of the Aborigines’ (London1938). Chapter 7: Last of the Bibbulmun Race refers toBalbuk.