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Pegasus EX Portable Weather Station Set-Up

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Grand Island Fire Department requested a brief presentation for training on their Pegasus EX Portable Weather Station.
Visit our website for additional details: http://www.columbiaweather.com/products/weather-stations/portable/

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Pegasus EX Portable Weather Station Set-Up

  1. 1. Pegasus EX TM Weather Stationwith Weather Master TM Software Grand Island Fire Department www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  2. 2. Pegasus EX Weather Station System Components • Weather Sensors – Wind speed and direction – Temperature and humidity in shield – Barometric pressure (in control module) • Tripod Mast • Carry Case with battery pack and transceivers • WeatherMaster Software www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  3. 3. System SetUp • Site Selection - level ground, minimal interference • Loosely attach radiation shield with temperature and humidity probes • Place wind sensor atop mast - tighten www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  4. 4. Mast Set Up• Holding tripod vertical, position legs and insert locking pins www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  5. 5. Align Wind Direction • Locate magnetic North on compass • Point front marked tripod leg toward Northwww.ColumbiaWeather.com
  6. 6. Secure with Tie Down Kit• Screw ground auger and attach www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  7. 7. • Connect cable to wind sensors • Raise the mast • Align arrows and insert locking pin. • Secure Radiation Shield www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  8. 8. Install Control Module • Secure Control Module and connect sensor cables • Check battery connections (red/black) www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  9. 9. WeatherMaster Software• Monitor weather conditions• Collect weather data www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  10. 10. Interface CAMEO/ALOHA“Weather Master software is very easy to use. We can see instant weather data on our office mounted display screen or use it with our Air Plume program with the touch of a button.” ~ Lt. Dave Pearson, Oregon Hazmat Team #9 www.ColumbiaWeather.com
  11. 11. Some Other Interesting Applications •David Schultz Airshows •Wildland Firefighting •Resource Center for Homeland Security (shown left at Kentucky Derby)www.ColumbiaWeather.com www.ColumbiaWeather.com