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Webforum a new phase in construction project collaboration

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A Design and Asset Management Project Collaboration platform with advanced features for the building and construction industry.

This presentation gives an overview of the Webforum cloud-based service and how the features can be specifically used to address the needs for managing building or construction projects. In particular how the system is integrated to handle project needs from the design phase right through to commissioning and beyond in the life of the built asset.

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Webforum a new phase in construction project collaboration

  1. 1. A new phase in Construction Project Collaboration www.webforum.com
  2. 2. www.webforum.com A platform suitable to manage projects For: • Asset owners • Construction companies • Sub-contractors
  3. 3. www.webforum.com A Complete Project Dashboard A platform giving more than information management. Not just a one single source of the truth but team collaboration on Quality, Time, Costs, Risks and Progress.
  4. 4. www.webforum.com Document Management for the entire project team Collaborate across the entire team and externally. Manage design approval, documents and bids Advanced permissions and UI customisation by role. Control who uses which functions or can edit Find anything easily through meta data tags. Navigation tree to view or extract data by attribute Personal basket of quick links to original versions Individuals see their own tasks, activities and issues
  5. 5. www.webforum.com Gain visibility and control on all your projects • Clients get everything in one place for later FM • An easy to use collaboration platform for the entire team • Manage risks, costs and progress all in the same platform • Powerful issue workflows on web and mobile • Use social media like Forums for discussions
  6. 6. www.webforum.com Manage all projects from one place Monitor Progress • By Time and project phase • Spent, Budget, Forecast • Run Reports • See all projects
  7. 7. www.webforum.com Manage Project Plans and Resources • Set up activities, dates and dependencies • Allocate and balance labour • Staff or Contractor Time sheets
  8. 8. www.webforum.com Manage Risks, improve efficiency • Create risk analysis, mitigation and manage by project phase • Set up new projects from templates or existing projects • Import the project schedule from MS Project
  9. 9. www.webforum.com All your data for FM in one place O&M Commissioning Tests Test Certs
  10. 10. www.webforum.com Issues collaboration with distributed teams • Create issue workflow. Send and receive RFIs and Changes • Attach photos to snag-lists on smartphones, link issues to the latest version of drawings and models in the archive • Book time against issues for billing or cost management
  11. 11. www.webforum.com Manage All Project Communications Send emails to individuals and role groups and links to original documents in the system. Organise communication Secure audit trail. Messages cannot be deleted Old document versions kept. Updates and access are logged. Add calendar entries for meetings or events. Save to your external calendar. Manage tasks with other users.
  12. 12. www.webforum.com Data Exchange or Approval with clients or regulators Build document transmittals of specific versions of documents for exporting or publishing to clients Export documents and their Metadata to facilitate use in other information management systems Invite external approvers to view documents directly in Webforum and grant access to only a specific area View drawings or models including mark-ups and measurements with the Rasterex viewer add-on
  13. 13. www.webforum.com Create Report Extracts and Charts • Build reports dynamically • Create charts for presentation and analysis • Export to Spreadsheets for further distribution
  14. 14. www.webforum.com Manage Costs, Data and Reports • Run reports on actual versus budget, including EV reports • Staff can submit time sheets, for creating invoice data • Track labour costs against project activities
  15. 15. www.webforum.com Support Knowledge Exchange • Social Media type forums for the whole team to seek answers. Search previous forums for your current problem. • Ideal for building up an internal knowledge base or for managing RFI or tendering processes.
  16. 16. www.webforum.com Create an engaging portal for all your particpants • Your own project or company specific secure extranet with news, events and quick start guides • Build internal web pages with your own images and branding • Keeping everyone on the same page
  17. 17. www.webforum.com Security and Accesibility • SSL-secured connection • Password complexity rules can be set • Optional one time access code via E-mail or SMS • Optional restrictions by IP address • Optional Document Encryption • Uptime of over 99.9% (excl. service windows) • Dual location infrastructure is administrated by Swedish Qbranch AB (ISO/IEC 20000 certified) • constant monitoring and updating • daily backups and fully redundant Security Features Hosting Backup and Redundancy
  18. 18. www.webforum.com Efficient Multiple Workspace Administration • Individual workspaces set up in minutes from templates using:  Project templates or  Imported plans from MS Project  User Groups in place  Default Extranet and Administration settings • New users assigned to relevant Groups and invited to the workspace by email • User permission administrator view to verify access rights and advanced features to manage multiple workspaces • Mass document upload from Zip files or drag and drop
  19. 19. www.webforum.com Set Up and Configuration The Webforum Platform is highly configurable to your own project needs and you can use as little or much as you need. Webforum provides support for set up and training and in our experience you can often be up and running in hours or days rather than weeks or months with other software. Are you are using several systems to get the same result and they don’t integrate at all well together? With Webforum you have one platform where everything is together and data is shared between functions. Catering for Individual Needs A Single Intergrated Platform
  20. 20. www.webforum.com Webforum is a new phase for your Construction projects User friendly yet packed with features • An easy to use and familiar-looking User Interface • Features for Construction Asset Information Management (Viewers, Metadata, Attribute Transmittals) Secure and Accessible • Cloud-based: Access from anywhere via the Internet • All major browsers supported and smartphones • Keep it Simple: Use only the features relevant to your needs • Secure communications and extended security features Scalable • From small collaborations to major projects • An affordable and scalable solution as your demands grow
  21. 21. www.webforum.com Interested to find out how Webforum can help bring the best out of your projects? Email us on sales@webforum.com to discuss your needs and arrange a demo or trial version Call us on: +46 8 527 400 70 - Sweden Head Office +44 (0)845 1 547247 - UK and Ireland +358 400 840 189 - Finland Visit us at www.webforum.com Or Read our Blog: www.webforumblog.com