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  1. Gender Sensitization of School’s Social Media Page
  2. Gender Sensitization - Is the teaching of gender sensitivity and encouragement of behavior through raising awareness of gender equality concerns. The goal is to address issues in gender equality and encourage participants to pursue solutions
  3. Gender Sensitization A B
  4. Gender Sensitization A B
  5. What is Gender Sensitivity and why is it important? Gender sensitivity is behavior that avoids discrimination by understanding and accepting the multiple differences between men and women. It is a way of thinking that fosters respect and compassion for others regardless of these differences.
  6. Avoid Discrimination
  7. Accept Multiple Differences
  8. What is the importance of gender sensitivity in workplace? Because men and women think differently and obviously, have varying perspectives. The first and most important aspect of gender sensitivity is to be open to the perspective and feelings of any colleague of the opposite gender.
  9. What is the role of the teacher in gender sensitization? Provide interventions to ensure that students have equal opportunities to both create and obtain their goals.
  10. What is the role of the teacher in gender sensitization?
  11. How is Gender Sensitization important in educational institutions? It is the basic requirement to understand the sensitive needs of a particular gender. It helps us to examine our personal attitude and beliefs thus questioning the realities that we thought we knew.
  12. What are examples of gender sensitivity?  Refraining from discriminating on the basis of gender  Treating everyone with equal respect  Offering gender sensitivity training to all employees
  13. Activity
  14. Insensitive to Gender Sensitive to Gender policeman chairman businessman wife Gender-Sensitive Language king size police officer chair, chairperson entrepreneur spouse Jumbo, gigantic
  15. DepEd Order No. 63 s. 2012 Guidelines on the Preparation of Gender and Development (GAD) Plans, Utilization of GAD Budgets and Submission of Accomplishment Reports
  16. Observe these Guidelines: a. The GAD Plans incorporating PPAs must be issue-based resulting from gender analysis and research ensuring that different concerns and issues of both women and men are equally addressed in the GAD Plans and Budgets (GBPs)
  17. Observe these Guidelines: b. The GAD Focal Point System members or central and field GAD coordinators shall take lead in the preparation of the GBP; monitor the implementation and results of the PPAs and submission of accomplishment reports to SDSs or RDs.
  18. Observe these Guidelines: c. The existing sex-disaggregated data in the unified information system (UIS) or the Basic Education Information System (BEIS) shall be used for planning, budgeting and policy formulation.
  19. Observe these Guidelines: 4. It is understood that the GAD Budget does not constitute an additional budget over an agency’s total budget appropriations nor a separate five percent (5%) taken from the total agency budget is readily available. The approved issue- based PPAs arising from research and gender analysis, determine the annual GAD Budget.
  20. What can be charged to the GAD Budget?
  21. CAN be charged 1. Approved PPAs included in the PCW- endorsed DepEd GAD Plan with detailed budgetary expenditure requirements. 2. Capacity Development on GAD 3. Activities related to the establishment of enabling mechanisms which support GAD efforts of agencies ex. GAD Focal Point System and VAW Desks
  22. CAN be charged 4. Salaries of agency personnel assigned to plan, implement and monitor GAD PPAs on a full time basis (not applicable to regular employees) 5. Programs to address women’s practical and strategic needs provided these have been previously approved by DepEd Central Office and Philippine Commission on Women (PCW)
  23. CAN be charged 6. Consultation workshops to gather inputs for GAD Plan and other GAD mechanisms and processes 7. Professional fees and honoraria of external GAD experts for trainings and related activities
  24. CAN be charged 8. Development, printing and dissemination of information and education campaign materials which support GAD PPAs. 9. Women’s Month activities which are clearly aligned to the yearly theme determine by the PCW Board and GAD Advocacy
  25. What cannot be charged to the GAD Budget?
  26. CANNOT be charged 1. PPAs which are not in the DepEd GAD Plan and not endorsed by PCW 2. Personal services and honoraria of GAD Focal Point System members and other GAD employees assigned to do GAD work. 3. Physical, mental and health fitness including purchase of equipment, recreation and social activities and others EXCEPT can be justified clearly addressing specific gender issues
  27. Review on Preparing the Annual Gender and Development (GAD) Plan and Budget
  28. (1) Gender issue and / or GAD Mandate Women workers lack access to social protection services and welfare programs (2) Cause of the Gender issue Women workers are not aware of government services on social protection, services and welfare programs
  29. (3) GAD Result Statement/ GAD Objective Increased awareness women workers on government services on social protection services and welfare program (4) Relevant Agency Social protection and welfare services
  30. (5) GAD Activity Purposive information dissemination on government services on social protection services and welfare program (6) Output Performance Indicators and Target At least 10 groups of women workers informed on how to access social protection services and welfare programs
  31. (7) GAD Budget Allocation from 5% (8) Source of Budget School GAD Budget (9) Responsible Unit GAD Focal Point System
  32. Review on Preparing the Annual Gender and Development Accomplishment Report
  33. Columns 1-6 Refer to the GAD Plan (7) Actual Results (Output/Outcome) This column reflects all the results/ outputs of the GAD activities that were conducted and or Implemented. It shall provide a description of the change that has occurred after implementing a particular GAD activity.
  34. (8) Total Agency Approved Budget (9) Actual Cost (10) Remarks
  35. Remember: 1. Prepare the GAD Accomplishment Report For submission (5% allocation for GAD PPAs must be liquidated) 2. Prepare the Annual GAD Plan and Budget For the coming FY.